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NEWThe 27th Kasumigaura Marathon and International Blind Marathon 2017

Event Date16 April 2017
Application deadline11 January 2017

The new concept of the event "OneSky. Same light, wind, thoughts.

  • Running

NEWTottori Marathon 2017

Event Date12 March 2017
Application deadline10 February 2017 

Please enjoy 42.195km from Tottori Sand Dunes Oasis Square to Coca-Cola Track and Field Stadium.

  • Running

NEWTokushima Marathon 2017

Event DateMarch 26, 2017 (Sunday)
Application deadline22 December 2016

We have changed to March in a more comfortable climate. Please enjoy Tokushima in March!

  • Running

NEW2017 Kagawa Marugame International Half Marathon

Event Date04 Feb 2017 ~ 05 Feb 2017
Application deadline15 Sep 2016 ~ 25 Nov 2016

Naoko Takahashi, a Japanese popular marathon runner is joining too!

  • Running

NEWShizuoka Marathon 2017

Event Date05 March 2017
Application deadline24 November 2016

You can watch a glorious view over looking Mt.Fuji and Ieyasu Tokugawa famous point too.

  • Running

NEWThe 24th Senshu International City Marathon

Event Date19 February 2017
Application deadline15 November, 2016

Let's try "The 24th Senshu International City Marathon"!

  • Running

NEWTohoku Food Marathon 2017

Event Date18 Mar 2017 ~ 19 Mar 2017
Application deadline17 Feb 2017

The biggest “FUN RUN” ever in Tohoku!

  • Running

NEWKochi Ryoma Marathon 2017

Event Date19 Feb 2017
Application deadline31 Oct 2016

Let's try to complete it even if you are a beginner!

  • Running

NEWOsaka Great Santa Run 2016

Event DateNovember 27, 2016
Application deadlineNovember 15, 2016

The Osaka Great Santa Run is the charity event started in 2009.

  • Running

NEWEhime Marathon 2017

Event DateFebruary 12th (Sun), 2017
Application deadlinethe 2nd Sep

"Let’s run at Ehime Marathon 2017!

  • Running

Registration are open/ Event informations

The 27th Kasumigaura Marathon and International Blind Marathon 2017

Event Date16 Apr 2017
~16 Apr 2017
VenueKanto  Ibaraki
  • Running


Event Date12 Mar 2017
~12 Mar 2017
VenueChugoku  Tottori
  • Running

Tokushima Marathon 2017

Event Date26 Mar 2017
~26 Mar 2017
VenueShikoku  Tokushima
  • Running

Tohoku Food Marathon 2017

Event Date18 Mar 2017
~19 Mar 2017
VenueTohoku  Miyagi
  • Running

8th Chura Shima OKINAWA Century Run 2017

Event Date14 Jan 2017
~15 Jan 2017
VenueOkinawa  Okinawa
  • Cycling
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