About membership registration

Why should I register for membership? By registering as a member, you will be able to apply for events listed on this website. You will also be able to save events that interest you in your Favorites.
How do I register as a member? To register as a member, you will need an email address(we recommend an address you can view on a PC or smartphone). You will be asked to enter personal information such as your address and contact information when registering.
What is the procedure for membership registration? To start member registration procedures, select “New Member Registration” from the login button at the upper right of the screen.
Does membership registration come with a fee? No, membership registration is free of charge. There will be a charge for participation fees when applying to events, along with usage fees for the JSS system.
Can I change my registered information? Registered information can be changed at any time. After logging in to My Page, select Change Member Information located at the bottom of My Page, and proceed change your information
Can I cancel my membership? We ask that members wanting to cancel their membership and delete personal information contact us through the Inquiries Form. Email addresses (=your login ID) can be changed from “Change Member Information” found in your My Page at any time.

How to change participant information

What should I do if I want to correct participant information after submitting an application? [For events accepting applications]
You may correct participant information from “Upcoming Events” in My Page.
[For events past application deadlines]
Please contact us via the Inquiries Form with the information you would like to correct.
What type of participant information can be corrected after application? Information that can be corrected is the date of birth, gender, address, contact telephone number, and nationality. Other information (such as participating categories, etc.) may not be corrected.
Can you check whether my entry (application) has been correctly accepted? You can view information on entries within application details found at “Upcoming Events” in My Page. If the date and time of payment is displayed as “Pending Payment,” payment has not been completed and your participation rights have not been confirmed. Please complete the payment procedure by the due date.

If you forget your login information

What should I do if I forget my password? Please reset your password from the password reissue page.
What should I do if I forget both my email and password? We ask that you register a new account.
If there is an upcoming event you have applied for, contact us via the Inquiries Form. Do not forget to enter your name, contact telephone number, date of birth, and name of the event.

If you do not receive emails

I have not received the email containing the login authorization code. Please check your junk email folder. If the email is not in your junk email folder, it could be due to the following:.
(1) The email address entered when you registered for membership was incorrect.
→ Please contact us via the Inquiries FormInquiries Form. (2) The email address entered when you registered for membership was incorrect.
  (1) Your junk email filtering settings prevent the email from being delivered to your inbox.
  → If you are using junk email filters, please change your configurations to accept email from the domains “@jtbsports.jp” and “@jtb.com”. Please check with your cell phone company or provider for details on how to configure these filters.

Applications and payment

Is it possible to enter an event together with other people participating with me? It is possible to enter an event together with registered family and friends.
Register members who you want to enter at 、Family and Friend Registration, found at the bottom of My Page.
Family Members are family living with you, and Friend Members are family members and friends living at different addresses.
Is it possible to enter a friend or acquaintance on their behalf, even though I will not be participating? It is possible for a member to enter a family or friend registered in advance on their behalf, even if the member is not participating in an event.
What methods of payment are available for participation fees? Select from credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club) and convenience store payment.
I do not know (forgot) my convenience store payment number The number is in the email automatically sent to you after completing entry procedures (temporary receipt).
In the rare event you do not receive the email, please check the following.
“My Page” → “Upcoming Events” → “Application Details”
When is the due date for payment? [For credit cards]
Payment is made immediately at application. [For convenience store payment] The due date is23:59 (Japan Standard Time) two days after the day of application. However, be aware that the payment due date specified by the event organizer takes priority.
What is the JSS system usage fee? This is a fee we collect for using JTB Sports Station. Each participant is charged a fee(=the total including participation fees and various purchased options) as shown in the table below. Please note that there are events in which, at the organizer’s request, the JSS system usage fees are paid entirely or partly by the organizer.

JSS system usage fee (per participant)

Running/walking competitions
・0-4,000 yen (amount due including tax): 330 yen
・4,001 yen or more (amount due including tax): 5.5%of the participation fee Competitions excluding running/walking
・0-6,000 yen (amount due including tax): 220 yen
・6,001 yen or more (amount due including tax): 5.5% of the participation fee
Common for all events
・0-4,000 yen (amount due including tax): 440 yen
・4,001 yen or more (amount due including tax): 11%of the participation fee
Is it possible to cancel my entry? For most events, cancellations after completing payment for participation fees will not be accepted in accordance with the rules and regulations of events (Event Rules and Regulations) that you agree to at the time of application. Furthermore, cancellations due to event and category changes made by the customer, and duplicate applications made in error within the same event, are also not accepted. Please be aware of this when using our services.
I was not able to pay by the due date, but I would still like to participate in the event. Applications made after the due date for payment are automatically cancelled, and the said application will not be restored. If the event is still accepting applications, please apply once again.
To avoid such issues, select immediate payment by credit card at checkout.
What are JSS points? Members receive 1 JSS point per 200 yen of the amount paid when entering an event. One point is equivalent to 1 yen , which can be used when applying to future events.
Do the JSS points have an expiry date? The points are valid for two years after acquisition.
I would like to have a receipt issued. Receipts under the JTB Corp. name can be issued for members paying by credit card. Please contact us via the Inquiries Form with all of following five items.
(1) Event name
(2) Participant name
(3) Name of receipt recipient
(4) Amount for receipt to be issued
(5) Delivery address for the receipt