Date of event Sun Feb 18 2024
Location of event KyotoCity
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Application method First come, first served
The course that visits the vicinity of seven World Heritage Sites allows you to enjoy the beauty of Kyoto, an international cultural and tourist city, while experiencing the natural landscapes of Arashiyama, Kamogawa, and other picturesque areas. From the course, you can also admire the panoramic views of the five mountains, known for their "Okuribi" (bonfire) tradition.
Date of event Sun Feb 18 2024
Date & Time
◆Runner Check-In

Friday, February 16,2024: 11:30-20:00 (last entry)
Saturday, February 17,2024: 10:30-19:00 (last entry)

  • The above times are subject to change.
    Place: Miyako-Messe (Kyoto International Exhibition Hall)
    9-1, Okazaki Seishoji-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City
    11 minutes’ walk from Higashiyama Station on the Kyoto Municipal Subway Tozai Line



  • Each runner must show up in person for check-in during the two days prior to the day of the event to receive a race bib, etc. Please note that no check-ins will be accepted on the day of the event or at any time other than the periods specified above.
  • A document for identity verification(original) is required to receive a race bib. Runners must register in person (no proxies allowed).
  • Any participant with a disability who intends to run with an escort runner is required to bring an official document certifying their physical disability and must be accompanied by the escort runner when checking in.
◆Day of the Marathon
Sunday, February 18, 2024 (rain or shine)
09:00: Marathon start
15:00: Marathon finish

The race course will start at TAKEBISHI Stadium Kyoto(Nishikyogoku Athletic Park) and finish in front of Heian-jingu Shrine (course certified by JAAF, IAAF, and AIMS)

※The course includes unpaved riverbanks. Please note that the course includes riverside paths which may be difficult to run on in rainy weather.
Closing Times at Each Closing point(CP) 8 Checkpoints will be set for the purpose of security of traffic and smooth progress of the event.
Runners who fail to pass the checkpoint are not allowed to continue the race.
Also, besides the checkpoints, they are not allowed to continue the race if they apparently dropped behind from the running group.

※The course includes unpaved riverbanks. Please note that the course includes riverside paths which may be difficult to run on in rainy weather.

Eligibility Participants must:

①Have been born before April 1, 2005; and

②Be able to complete the race within 6 hours.
※Participation in wheelchairs is not permitted.
※Any disabled runner who finds it difficult to run alone may have an escort runner (guide dogs not allowed).
Awards ①Men and women: First 20 runners for each
②Men and women by age group (5-year increments): First 3 runners for each
③”Miyako Top8”,men and women by residents of Kyoto City:First8 runners for each

At the awards ceremony, awards will be presented to the top 8 runners in the categories under① described above. Certificates will be sent to other award-winning runners at a later date.

※The award ceremony is undecided.
Records 1.Up-to-the-minute reports on the race (“Ouen-navi”) will be available online, which may be used by runners to check their times and for spectators to cheer on the runners.
2.On the day of the race you can download a flash version of the Web finisher certificate from race official website.
3.Regarding the official record, the completion certificate will available for download in early March.
Commemorative Gifts

For every participant: Kyoto Marathon 2024 original Multi-way cover*
For finishers: Finisher’s towel and medal

※This item can be used in several ways; for example, as a headband or as a neck warmer.
Lining Up at the Start 1.For smooth and safe start, regardless of JAAF registered, individual or group, starting block will be assigned to runners according to the submitted time. Those who didn’t submit the time will start from the last block.
[The priority of starting block]
①Runners who submitted their personal best in 4 years (The starting block will be assigned according to their records)
②Runners who submitted estimated time (The starting block will be assigned after the blocks for ① is determined)
③Runners without any record
2.As a protective measure against cold weather before the signal gun goes off, a runner may wear a sweater, jacket or any other garment that they will no longer need.These items of clothing will be collected and reused/recycled.
Important issue 1.Health Management
In the event of an accident occurring during the race, the organizers will take emergency measures and compensate for damages under the coverage of the organizers’ insurance. However, the organizers assume no responsibility for any damages that may be incurred thereafter. Participants are requested to take responsibility for managing their own health and refrain from participating if they are not in good health. It is recommended that participants check their condition beforehand by having a medical checkup.
2.Possible Interruptions
Should any emergency, such as an accident or fire, occur during the race, emergency vehicles may pass through on the course. In such cases, runners are asked to follow instructions from event staff and may be requested to stop temporarily.
3.Costumes Prohibited
①Because the Kyoto Marathon course includes narrow stretches, running in costumes is prohibited in order to ensure safe negotiation of the course by the runners.
②Runners will not be permitted to wear and/or display any designs, trademarks, etc. that indicate the names of companies or products for advertising purposes at any event venue (including on the course).
4.Portrait Rights
The organizers will retain the rights to broadcast, publish, and post images/photos and video of and articles about the race, the names, ages, addresses (country, prefecture or city/town), and finishing times of applicants, etc. via TV programs, newspapers, magazines, web sites, and other media. The organizers may use third parties to sell photos and other goods related to the event as deemed appropriate.
5.Privacy Policy
The organizers fully recognize the importance of personal information, comply with General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR), the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related laws of Japan, and handle such information in accordance with the organizers’ policy to protect personal information.
In order to offer better services to the participants, the organizers will use such personal information for the purposes of sending participation guidelines, giving notification of time records and related information, providing services by co-sponsoring, cooperating, and supporting organizations and other related organizations, and announcing race records (rankings, etc.).
①Runners’ personal information, including name, age demographic, affiliation, and time records, will be published online.
②The organizers or Kyoto Marathon Entry Center may contact applicants to confirm application details.
6.In addition to the above, participants are requested to follow the organizers’ instructions on any and all matters concerning the event.
  • Marathon (42.195 km)
    ①Participants must have been born before April 1, 2005.
    ②Participants must be able to complete the race within 6 hours. (Participation by wheelchair is not permitted.)
Entry Office JTB Sports Station
Email address