<General Entry> Cycling Shimanami 2024 G:OMISHIMA100

Date of event Sun Oct 27 2024
Location of event ONOMICHI/IMABARI
  • Cycling
Official website CYCLING SHIMANAMI 2024
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Application method Lottery
◆‘CYCLING Shimanami 2024’is allowed to ride on the main line of expressway, etc. with special permission. Please be sure to read and observe the event rules and regulations.
◆How to apply for participant transportation (shuttle buses, cycle trains, and charter boats) (fee-based, advance application required)
The dedicated application website will be provided to participants. Please apply within the period 《Friday, June 21 - Monday, July 22》. Please be sure to register for the event. 
Date of event Sun Oct 27 2024

★Please check the following information required for entry.

《About Lottery Entry》
◆If you wish to apply individually, please complete one application for each person. If one group lottery is held,  some entries may be canceled during the lottery.
◆The lottery will be conducted on a group basis. Groups of up to 5 people are eligible for the lottery. Groups of 6 or more cannot apply.
◆If you wish to apply as a group, please make sure that the representative applies for all members at once. Please note that separate applications (with separate application numbers) will not be eligible for the group lottery.
◆If it is discovered that multiple applications have been made by the same person, all members of the group will be disqualified (no refunds).
Example) One person out of a group of 5 also applied individually.
Example) Applied for both Course A and Course B.

※Changes to the course, members, or number of participants are not allowed after lottery entry.
※The right to participate cannot be transferred. Please be careful not to make any mistakes when entering your information, as changes to the registered information made at the time of entry will not be accepted.

《Group Application Procedure》
1.New membership registeration of the delegate in advance.
2.Members can register by clicking the "Register Family/Friends" button on "My Page".
Please make sure to register the correct address, as it will be used for sending the participation information.
3.Click the [Apply] button, confirm the "Event Rules," and check the box for "Agree to the Event Rules."
4.On the participant selection screen, check all members who wish to participate in the group lottery.
5.Select [Category] and enter [Application Information]for each participant,. Once registration for all members is complete, please confirm the application details and click the [Confirm] button.
6.After completing the application, your application number will be displayed. Please make sure to keep it for your records.

《Baggage Storage》
Baggage storage from this event requires advance application (for a fee).
If you wish to use baggage storage, please be sure to apply during the lottery application.

※Please note that changes such as additions or cancellations cannot be made.

《Sale-Shimanami Jerseys and Shimanami Cycling Set》
Official Shimanami Jerseys and Shimanami Cycling Set will be on sale at the event.
Participants (winners) to purchase these items will be offered a special price:
•    Shimanami Jersey: ¥11,500 (tax included, free shipping, limit 1 per person)
•    Shimanami Cycling Set: ¥9,600 (tax included, free shipping, limit 1 set per person)
We anticipate shipping the items around End of September - beginning of October.
If you would like to make a purchase, please register during the lottery application process. Please note that no additions, cancellations, or size changes can be made after registration is completed.

◯Details of Shimanami jersey and Shimanami Cycling Set

◯Jersey Size

◯Details of Shimanami Cycling Set 


Date & Time: October 26th (Sat) 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Registration is only available the day before)
VVenue: Imabari (Minato Koryu Center "Habari")
     Onomichi (Shimanami koryukan "Theatro Shell-rune")

【Event Day】
Date & Time: October 27th (Sun)
Cycling Courses AC (1,750 participants)
The first course assembly time / Mukaishima Sports Park: 6:15 AM~
Cycling Courses DH (1,750 participants)
The first course assembly time / Imabari IC: 7:35 AM~
Please confirm the event at URL below.

Please confirm the application rules at URL below.

Participant Eligibility 【All courses】
● Participants must judge themselves to be in good health and  the abillty to complete their selected course within the time limit.
● Participants ackonwledge the "Event Rules"and "Bicyle Class Rules".
【Course A.B.C.D.E.F.G】
● High school students or older, capable of riding at their own risk, and who have completed a cycling event of about the same distance as the course to be raced.
【Course H】
● Applicants must be 4th grade elementary school students or older and able to ride at their own risk. However, elementary and junior high school students must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or other responsible person.
  • G:OMISHIMA100(Japanese nationals residing Japan)
    Participants must be high school students or older, capable of running at their own risk, and have completed cycling events of similar distance to the race course.
  • G:OMISHIMA100(Foreignnationality&residenceabroad)
    Participants must be high school students or older, capable of running at their own risk, and have completed cycling events of similar distance to the race course.
Event Organizer’s Office Cycling Shimanami 2024 Entry Center
TEL 0570-031900 WorkDays:10:00 - 17:00
Email address shimanami-cycling@jtb.com