Date of event Sun Feb 11 2024
Location of event HIMEJI City
  • Running
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Application method First come, first served
〔Note〕:Application via JTB Sports station
Please  confirm the entry qualifications from the following URL before applying.
selection method: First come, First basis

If this is the first time you are using JTB Sports Station, you need to complete the process of new membership registration in advance.
*please click following URL for Entry and Application Procedures.

〔Course characteristics〕
You can fully enjoy Himeji, including the World Heritage Himeji Castle, historic sites, cityscape, abundant nature, and local features. There is also a fun run available, suitable for participants of all ages.
Date of event Sun Feb 11 2024
Date and Time

◆Runner Registration
(1) Date and Time: February 10, 2024 (Saturday) from 10:30 to 20:00 (last entry at 19:30)
(2) Location: EGLE Himeji (68-290 Honmachi, Himeji City)
※ Participation information, athlete bib exchange vouchers, and other documents will be available for download from the participant's My Page or sent via email starting from late January to early February (tentative).
※ Runners must complete the registration process to participate. Please note that there will be no registration on the day of the event (February 11, Sunday, public holiday).
※ During registration, a personal identification document (original copy for Japanese nationals, residence card or passport for foreign nationals) will be required for identity verification.
※ Registration by proxy is not allowed.
※ Accompaniment by others is not necessary during registration, but please submit the accompanying person registration form provided in advance.

◆Event Day Marathon (42.195km)
Start: 9:00 (Mass start) on Otemae-dori Avenue
Finish: 15:00 at Himeji Castle Sannomaru Hiroba

Born before April 1, 2005
◆ General Category: Applicable to individuals who are not registered with the Japan Association of Athletics Federations, etc.
※ For individuals with disabilities (holding a Physical Disability Certificate or Special Education Certificate, etc.), if running alone is difficult, they are generally allowed to have one accompanying person. If you wish to change the accompanying person during the race, please contact the event office by phone after your participation is confirmed. (Accompaniment by guide dogs is not permitted. Please arrange your own accompanying person.)
※ Due to narrow sections and elevation differences along the course, participation with a wheelchair is not possible.
Starting lines ◆The designated start corral will be assigned based on the declared time provided during registration.
◆After the start corral assembly begins, please line up in the designated corral in the order of arrival.
Awards ① Overall: Top 8 finishers for both men and women.
② Age Group: Top 3 finishers for both men and women in each age category (Under 29, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s).
③ Finishers aged 80 and above (Recognition will be given regardless of ranking).
※ Awards will be based on gross time.
※ Excludes participants eligible for category ① in category ②.
※ No awards ceremony will be held for categories ② and ③. (Certificates will be mailed later).
Participation Award ◆Free admission ticket to Himeji Castle (valid for one year from the event)
◆Commemorative T-shirt
(*Please note that size changes are not allowed after registration).
Finisher's Award ◆Finishers will receive a finisher medal and a finisher towel.
Runner Stop/End During the event, in the event of an accident, fire, or other emergency situation, you may be instructed by staff to stop running or to accompany emergency vehicles or event vehicles (including bicycles) passing through.
Personal Information The organizer will comply with the laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information and adhere to the organizer's personal information protection policy, including compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other applicable regulations when handling personal information. The personal information will be used for the purpose of improving services for the participants, including lottery, participation information, athlete bibs, records, relevant notifications, services provided by event sponsors, partners, and affiliated organizations, as well as emergency measures during the event and result announcements (ranking, etc.).
Other (1) Please ensure that you undergo sufficient training and receive a health check-up prior to participating in the race to ensure your physical well-being. 
(2) The vicinity of Himeji Castle, Otemae-dori, and the area around the north entrance plaza of Himeji Station are designated as no-smoking zones and areas for beautification enhancement by the municipal government. Smoking on the streets within this area (excluding designated smoking areas) is subject to a fine of 1000 Japanese Yen. Additionally, littering empty cans or garbage may result in a fine of up to 20,000 Japanese Yen. (3) Sakura-mon Bridge and Otemon Gate are part of the race course and are restricted to participants and event staff only. Others are not permitted to pass through.
(4) Unused clothing and other items created for the event may be effectively utilized by sending them to disaster-stricken areas or welfare facilities both domestically and internationally.
(5) This event complies with all relevant laws in Japan and is conducted in accordance with the registration and race regulations.
Entry Office JTB Sports Station
TEL +81(0)6-6210-5620(09:30~17:30)
Email address