Kobe Marathon 2024

Date of event Sun Nov 17 2024
Location of event Kobe,(Hyogo)
  • Running
Official website https://kobe-marathon.net/2023/global/
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Application method First come, first served
〔Note〕:Application via JTB Sports station
Please  confirm the entry qualifications from the following URL before applying.
selection method: First come, First basis

If this is the first time you are using JTB Sports Station, you need to complete the process of new membership registration in advance. 
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〔Course characteristics〕
 Kobe, the birthplace of marathon in Japan.
The course winds its way through the streets of exotic Kobe whose urban sophistication is balanced by the natural beauty of the sparking Seto Island Sea in front and verdant Rokko Mountain Range behind.
The runners' sprits will be lifted by the hearty cheering and constant encouragement from the crowds lining the course.

Entries in the Kobe Marathon in English, Chinese (Traditional) should use the website JTB Sports Station
or RUNNET GLOBAL" operated by R.B.'s Co.
※The entry fee will be confirmed upon receipt of payment. No refunds will be made after payment has been completed.
※No changes to names or runner information will be accepted after entries are confirmed, so please check the information you have entered carefully. Exceptions will be made for legitimate reasons such as marriage or change of address.
※Please note that changes cannot be made to entrants after entries are confirmed.
Entries in English, Chinese (Traditional) in the Kobe Marathon are limited to entries for foreign nationals in Japan and foreign nationals or Japanese nationals resident overseas.
This site is not for Japanese nationals residing in Japan. Any entry attempted by a Japanese national residing in Japan on this site will be invalid. Please note that if payment has been made for a Japanese national residing in Japan, no refund can be provided.
※Japanese nationals residing in Japan should apply through the Kobe Marathon Japanese entry website (RUNNET).

◆Participation guide and athlete bib vouchers will be sent by e-mail about one month prior to the marathon.

◆The Kobe Marathon is partner race of the Abbott World Marathon Majors. Check the URL below to create a profile with Abbott to receive your age group ranking as soon as result are uploaded to AbbottWMM.com. 
You will also receive free to MAJORS Magazine and the Abbott Global Run Club.
Runner Portal - Sign Up - Login (worldmarathonmajors.com)
Date of event Sun Nov 17 2024
Event Marathon (42.195 km)
Date and Time ◆Runners check-in
Friday November 15  1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (final admission)
Saturday November 16    10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (filnal admission)
◆ Place: 1st floor of Kobe International Exhibition Hall No.1(EXPO venue)
◆ Address: 6-11-1 Minatojima Nakamachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe City
*Registration will only take place during the above times and will not take place on the day of the event (November 17).
*Runners must also register on the above date and time.
*Please be sure to bring your original identification documents (no proxies allowed).
*Disabled persons must bring their physical disability certificate (original).
  Applicants who cannot be identified with the specified documents (original) may be disqualified.
Event Schedule
◆ Sunday, November 17, 2024
Wave 1 start at 9:00 a.m. / Wave 2 start at 9:15 a.m. / Finish at 4:00 p.m.
◆ Start: Kobe City Hall
◆ Turning point: West side of Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge (Nishi-Maiko, Tarumi Ward)
◆ Finish: Port Island (near Civic Square)
Entry Qualifications(excluding invited athletes) For those born before April 1, 2006:
◆The runner must be able to complete the race within 6 hours and 30 minutes.
◆Transfer of race entry or running on behalf of another runner is prohibited. If any irregularities are discovered, the contestant will be disqualified.
◆No clothing or costumes that are offensive to public order and morals or inappropriate for a sporting event will be allowed.
◆Wheelchairs are not allowed.
◆Disabled runners must bring their physical disability certificate or the like to the runner registration desk.
Entry Fee ・Charity athlete bibs (Not required)  21,500Yen
・Charity athlete bibs (Please add)  22,500Yen
*The charity donation of 200 yen will be used in the Kobe Marathon Friendship Bank.
Awards (Planned) (1) Overall (gross time): The top eight men and top eight women runners
(2) By age group (net time): The top eight men and top eight women runners in each five-year age group
*Excluding Overall award recipients.
Participation Award We will announce the results on the conference website at a later date.
Personal information The organizers recognize the importance of privacy and will handle personal information based on the event's information protection policy in compliance with laws and regulations relating to personal information protection.
Personal information will be used for such purposes as drawing lots, providing information on participation, giving notification of related information, offering services from Kobe Marathon sponsors, co-sponsors, co-organizers and related organizations, giving rest-aid treatment and coordinating with medical institutions, and announcing records (including rankings) with the aim of improving services to entrants.
Within the scope of operation of this event, personal information may also be provided to related business entities (including World Marathon Majors LLC, based in the United States, which operates Abbott World Marathon Majors, and the Tokyo Marathon Foundation).
*Note that the organizers or the Kobe Marathon Runner Call Center may use your personal information to contact you and confirm information related to your application.
Other ◆In the event that the competition is cancelled or reduced due to reasons beyond the control of the organizer (such as alarms, earthquakes, natural disasters, snowfall, events, accidents, illnesses, etc.), no refunds of participation fees or other expenses will be made. 
◆Participants who have underlying medical conditions (such as diabetes, heart failure, respiratory diseases, hypertension, those receiving dialysis, those using immunosuppressive agents or anticancer agents, etc.) should refrain from participating.
◆The organizer will transport the baggage entrusted by participants from the start to the finish line.
◆The organizer is not responsible for any delays caused by public transportation or road conditions on the day of the event.
◆Wearing or displaying any designs, trademarks, or other advertising materials that indicate corporate or product names on the event venue (including the course) is prohibited.
◆Bringing, operating, or flying any drones or similar unmanned aerial vehicles other than those used by the organizer, co-organizer, or sponsor is prohibited during the event.
◆The broadcasting rights and portrait rights for the event's footage, photographs, articles, location information, participants' names, ages, places of residence (prefecture or city/town/village name), and records in TV programs, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, and printed materials issued by the organizer belong to the organizer.
◆The organizer's commissioned party may sell photos taken during the event.
◆This event is a qualifying event for the "Wanda Age Group World Rankings" of the Abbott World Marathon Majors.
◆Regarding receipts for participation fees and other expenses: Please use the credit card company's "statement" or "invoice."
◆This event will comply with all relevant laws and regulations in Japan.
◆Please ensure that you have trained sufficiently and taken full care of your health before participating in the event, including undergoing a health checkup beforehand.
◆Follow the instructions of the organizer regarding other matters related to the event.For other details, please check the Kobe Marathon website carefully before registering.
Kobe Marathon URL ⇒https://kobe-marathon.net/2023/global/
Entry Office JTB Sports Station
TEL +81(0)6-6210-5620(09:30~17:30)
Email address jtbss@jtb.com