Additional Entry:GRAND CYCLE TOKYO Rainbow Ride [Rainbow Long].

Date of event Thu Nov 23 2023
Location of event Tokyo Waterfront area around Rainbow Bridge
  • Cycling
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Application method Lottery
This is a ride event that takes cyclists through Tokyo's landmark locations, such as the Rainbow Bridge and the Tokyo Port Sea Forest Tunnel, which are not normally accessible by bicycle.

The course is suitable for a wide range of participants, including families and cycling enthusiasts as well.

For more information on the course, click here.

【Please note the following points when registering for this event.】
If you wish to register as a group, please follow the steps below.
1.Go to My Page and register your members from 'Register family/friends'.
2.When you register, please tick all the members who will participate in the event.
3.Please register each participant from 'Select category' and 'Application information'. 
4.When all participants have been registered, click the 'Apply' button to complete the lottery application.

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 [Rainbow Middle].
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◎Please note
The event is a fun ride event, not a race for rankings or times.
Participants are requested to put safety first, enjoy the fun ride and cooperate with the smooth running of the event.
Please ensure that you have sufficient training and are in good physical condition as there are steep hills.
The organisers reserve the right to change the course or cancel or suspend the event itself in the event of natural disasters such as earthquakes, windstorms, floods, strong winds, weather conditions, incidents, accidents, infectious diseases or other hazards that are predicted to be dangerous.
In the event of stormy weather, riding on the Rainbow Bridge and the Tokyo Gate Bridge may be impossible.
For safety reasons, a rider in charge of the event will be stationed in front of and behind the participants to lead the way. Overtaking of the control riders while riding is prohibited.
No stopping to take photographs on the course (public roads and highways).
Cameras may be used if they are fixed to the bike or helmet and safety measures have been taken.
Taking photographs while riding with one hand is not permitted.
Helmets must be worn by all participants.
The organisers will not be liable for any accident, injury (including death), loss or damage to property resulting from the participant's participation in the event, except in cases of wilful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of the organisers.
There may be an additional charge for testing for new coronavirus infection.
There are narrow U-turns. If shoes are secured, there is a risk of falling. Please take care.

●If there are too many applicants, a lottery will be held. Please be aware of this beforehand.
●Please note that there are age and other restrictions for each course. Please note that your age as of 23 November 2023, the date of the event, is the standard.
●Priority will be given to applicants living in Minato and Koto City. The representative applicant must reside in the relevant City to apply.
●Incomplete applications will be deemed invalid.
●Please note that all applications will be invalidated in the event of duplicate applications.
Date of event Thu Nov 23 2023
Event category ■ Regarding eligible bicycles
Details of eligible bicycles can be checked below. Please make sure to check the compatibility of your bicycle yourself.

■ Regarding eligible bicycles
Details of eligible bicycles can be checked below. Please make sure to check the compatibility of your bicycle yourself.

Eligible bicycles

[Rainbow Long]
Reception point: Odaiba Aomi Area NO Sector (1-1 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo)
Distance: approx. 32 km
Age: Elementary, junior high and high school students (3rd grade and above) (Gurdians is required for elementary and junior high school students).
Eligible bicycles: road bikes.
Fee: General (18 years and older) \15,000 / Elementary (3rd grade and above), junior high and high school students \7,500

■Participation by elementary and junior high school students
Each primary schools student (3rd grade and above) must be accompanied by one parent or guardian (adult aged 18 and above).
Junior high school students require guardians.

■Preschool children's participation
Only pre-school children whose guardians consider them to be healthy and able to participate safely and without strain are allowed to participate in the rides in specified bicycles.
*Specified bicycles: 2-person rides and trailer rides on a mama-chari (infant seat-mounted bicycle with electric power assist).
However, helmets and seatbelts must be worn.

Lottery results.
To be announced on 21st September.
You will be notified by email when the lottery results are announced.
Lottery results can be checked in My Page > Lottery application history after logging in.
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Event Organizer’s Office Rainbow Ride Management Office
TEL +81 3-4335-7594(weekdays 10:00-17:00)
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