Travel arraangement guide

Confirmation after travel arrangements etc

Check the travel application status on your My page

Please login to my page and check the "travel application status" column.
On your My Page, a summary of the travel you applied for is listed.

To see the details of the application status click "see all" and check the "travel application status" page.

On the "Travel application status" page, you can check the application details and status of each travel.

How to check in

When the travel application is completed, the notification (travel) e-mail as [JTB Sports Station] ○○ event application completion will be sent automatically.
Please check the details of the application on the e-mail sent to you, and keep it with great care.
You may show your this e-mail as you check-in.

Cancellation of travel arrangements

The page above is the "travel application status" page which is shifted by clicking the "View all" link on My Page's travel application status.
As you click "Cancel" link in the status column of each travel information will take you to "To cancel travel" page.

Please check the travel you want to cancel.

※ When your cancellation is completed, you need to apply for a new travel application. Please be careful.

Please confirm the details of cancellation and proceed by clicking "Next" button. The Complete of Cancellation screen will be displayed.
Please check [status] on the "travel application status" page for your cancellation status.