Travel arraangement guide

Make travel arrangements

Register as a member

Before you arrange your travel, kindly complete registration as a member of the JTB Sports Station.
From the navigation menu on the JTB Sports Station website ("this website"), click the "New member registration" button and proceed to the new member registration page.

Please read the "Flow of New Member Registration Procedure" displayed first, after agreeing to the terms of use, temporarily register ~ book registration. When membership registration is completed, login ID and password that can access My Page will be issued.

Login to My Page

Enter login ID and password in the entry field of login information on this site and login to my page.

* Even if you do not log in, you can display the event details page from each event link.
In this case, after clicking the "to arrange travel for this event" button, it will be the input screen of login information and it is necessary to input the login ID · password.

Continue to arrange for travel following application for events

When entering necessary information for event participation application and proceeding, "Confirm application" screen will be displayed.
If you wish to continue to arrange travel after the event application, click "Continue to Arrange Travels" button on the bottom of the page. This will take you to the travel options page. If you continue to arrange travel continuously followed by your event application, you can sum up your payment with your event participation fee.

If you do will not apply for "Travel Arrangement," click "Make Payment for the Event Application" button on the top of the page to proceed to the payment screen.

Only arrange for travel without making application for events

Please click "Arrange Travel for This Event" button which is located in the middle part of the event details page, it will guide to proceed you to the travel selection page. This button will not appear for events which doesn’t have any travel arrangements.

Make travel arrangements (choose travel)

Please read information carefully concerning the travel arrangements and then kindly click either the "Accommodation" or "No Accommodation" tab to switch the travel information displays.

* If you enter your condition and click "Search" button, only the results including your requirements would be shown.

If you click square shaped travel information for the events which is accepting registrations, it will become outlined in red and added to the "Selected Travel" column at the top of the page.
To cancel the selected travel, please click "×".
When you have finished choosing a travel, please proceed to enter customer information with "Next" button.

Make a travel arrangement (input of customer information)

We will apply for the selected travel.

Please select the number of rooms and number of people from pulldown menu.
A text entry box for the number of people will be displayed, so please enter customer information.
※ The same information as the logged-in member is entered by clicking the blue "same as member" button.

If anyone in the party is a minor unaccompanied by a guardian, the guardian must sign the "Application Agreement Form."

Please confirm that there is no mistake in the entered travel information and customer information displayed and proceed with "Next" button.

Make a travel arrangement (Confirm application details)

Please check the travel application details and select the payment method, if there is no mistake in the entered customer information.
Please confirm with payment price and proceed with "Next" button.

Make travel arrangements (Confirmation of travel terms)

Please confirm the details displayed on the screen and then click the "Confirm the Travel Conditions Document" button.

Please check the travel terms and conditions displayed in another browser window (another tab).

Please return to main website’s page and check the "I have confirmed the travel conditions document" check box.
* If there is no check the "application with this content" button can not be clicked and can not proceed to the next.

Click the "Complete Application with These Details" displayed in red and proceed to the payment.
The reservation will be completed with the completion screen showing "Reservation accepted" after payment is completed.