JTB Sports Station" The display based on Specified Commercial transaction Law

JTB sports station" (as following "this service") state it clearly based on "Specified Commercial transactions Law" Article 11 (advertisement about the mail order) as follows.

[A company and management generalization person in charge]

Company Name: JTB Western Japan Corp. In charge of management generalization: Kozo Fujiwara Address: 7th Fl, Hommachi Cross Bldg,3-1-8 Minami-Kyuhoji-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka,541-0058,Japan


Please inquiry about this service and others to the following.
In the case of an inquiry, please tell "name", "tel number", "meeting date", "meeting name", etc. at the time of an application.

Inquiry about JTB Sport Station

  • TEL : +81-6-6252-4009
  • FAX : +81-6-6252-4015
  • Office hours : 09:30-17:30 (Closed : Sat, Sun and Public Holiday)
  • Mail : jtbss@west.jtb.jp

[How to apply]

The on-line application from our website (SSL encrypted communication is used)

[Meeting participation fees]

We guide individually meeting participation fees and a separately needed commission etc. (all tax included) at the time of an application. Member registration is no charge.

[The payment method and a payment term]

It becomes regulation of this site.
It may be changed with each of the meeting, please confirm it with an application screen.

  • A bank transfer/Postal transfer Please take the necessary procedure within seven days after an application day.
  • Credit card payment on the Internet Although we will settle accounts at the time of a registration application, the use limit which a credit card company defines is applied.
    The billing date is defferent by each card company.
    *The credit card which can be used VISA/MASTER*It can use only for the registration fees from the application button of our site.
    It can use for neither other site except "JTB sport station" site linked to the meeting information page, nor an application by telephone.

[Confirm the participating registration]

In case of Credi card payment: Event participation registration will be confirmed after the payment completion.

[Limited of the number of participants]

We will decide participating registration in order of the payment of the participation fees.
However, since there is limited of the number of participants for every meeting, participating registration may not be confirmed even if you pay participation fees due date nearness.
In this case, we will contact you and will refund the participation fees and the commission.

[Give the participating certificate]

When there is no notice in particular, issue of a participating certificate is omitted.
When issuing a participating certificate, it may be sent by delivery (in Japan).

[Edit and cancel]

In the change and cancel after the participating registration confirm, there is no refund the fee and commission regardless of any reason.

[Meeting cancellation, postponement]

In the cancellation or postponement of the meeting by inevitability, participation fees etc.
are paid back based on the meeting sponsor's judgment.
About contact and inquiry correspondence of the cancellation in that case, the meeting sponsor will take all responsibility.
We carry out no responsibility, would appreciate it if you could understand it.

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