Disclosures Concerning JTB Sports Station as Required under the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

The following information is disclosed in relation to JTB Sports Station (hereinafter referred to as “Service”) under Article 11 of the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions.

<Business Operator & Person with Administrative Responsibility>

Business operator: JTB Corporation. western Japan Mice Branch

Person with Administrative Responsibility:Naoki Akiyama Address: 6th Floor, JTB Bldg, 2-1-25 Kyutaro-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 541-0056


Please submit inquiries regarding the Service and other information as directed below.
When making an inquiry, be sure to include your name and phone number as entered in your application (if you have already made an application), as well as the pertinent event name and date.

● Inquiries about JTB Sports Station

  • ・Phone: +81-6-6210-5620
  • ・Fax: +81-6-6210-5461
  • ・Hours: 09:30-17:30(closed on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and between December 30 and January 3)
  • ・E-mail Inquiries jtbss@jtb.com

<How to Apply>

Submit your application online via this website (SSL encrypted)

<Event Participation Fees>

Event fees and any separate fees that may apply are shown as separate items at the time of application (prices displayed include tax).
Registering for JTB Sports Station membership is free of charge.

<Payment Methods and Deadlines>

Payment methods and deadlines are stipulated on this website.
Different rules may apply to different event organizers, so please be sure to read the relevant rules shown on the application page.

  • ● Bank transfer or postal transfer If remitting the money by bank transfer or postal transfer, please complete the remittance procedures within 7 days of your online application.
  • ● Online payment by credit card Credit card payments can be made at the time of your entry registration. If your credit card company has placed a limit on the amount you can spend, that limit will apply to this transaction.
    Please note that the date of billing may differ according to the credit card company.
    We accept:
    Visa, Mastercard, etc.
    Only available for payments of fees for events you sign up for using the application procedures of this Website. Credit card payments are not accepted for payments via websites other than JTB Sports Station (as linked from the pertinent event webpage) or via telephone.

*Terms and conditions may differ for each event, so be sure to check details regarding the remittance deadline for your event.
Payment methods may differ for each convenience store, so be sure to check details when you apply.

<Completion of Entry Registration>

If you are paying by credit card:
Your entry registration will be finalized upon completion of payment procedures.

<In Case of Limited Places>

Entry registrations are finalized on a first-paid-first-entered basis.
When signing up for an event that is nearing the maximum number of entries, it is possible that the limit is reached while you are performing the entry procedures and that, therefore, your entry may not be finalized even if payment is made.
In such cases, JTB will notify you and refund participation fees and other fees.

<Participation Certificates>

Unless otherwise indicated, participation certificates will not be issued.
In cases where participation certificates are to be issued, they will be delivered to registered participants.

<Amendment and Cancellation>

If you amend or cancel your entry after it has been finalized for your own circumstances, no participation fees or other fees will be refunded for any reason whatsoever.

<Cancellation or Postponement of Event>

If an event is cancelled or postponed due to f inevitable accidents, participation fees and other costs may be refunded in accordance with the organizer’s judgment.
Notifying participants and dealing with inquiries regarding cancellation of events is the responsibility of event organizers;
JTB bears no responsibility whatsoever for these matters.