User policy (Site synthesis Terms of Use)

Terms of Use (Site-Wide Terms of Use)

Article 1: Scope and Changes to these Terms

  1. These Terms cover use of the JTB Sports Station web site (hereinafter, “Site”) operated by JTB Western Japan Corporation (hereinafter, “Company”).
  2. Other individual terms and agreements, and other terms and agreements provided for future new services, comprise part of these Terms.
  3. By using and browsing the services on the Site, customers acknowledge their consent to the Terms herein and agree to be held responsible for complying with any related laws, statutes, and regulations.
  4. The Company reserves the right to change, within a reasonable scope and by reasonable methods, these Terms without individual consent from customers.
  5. Customers are not individually notified of revisions to these terms. By using the Site, you acknowledge consent to the latest version of these Terms and to any separately defined regulations. Customers should read these terms and agreements before use.

Article 2: Before Using this Site

  1. Customers are solely responsible for obtaining, configuring, or otherwise preparing the necessary telecommunications equipment, software, Internet usage agreements, and other tools required for using the Service. All network and usage fees arising in connection with use of the Service are the sole responsibility of customers.

Article 3: Membership Registration

  1. Certain parts of the Site are only accessible to registered members.
  2. For membership registration, please refer to the separate Membership Registration Agreement.

Article 4: Copyrights and Trademarks

  1. Copyrights for any data and files provided through or on the Site vest with the Company or the copyright holders providing that data to the Company.
  2. Customers shall not exceed the legally permissible scope, defined in the Copyright Act, for usage of data or files provided on or through the site.

Article 5: Property Rights

  1. Property rights for information provided on the Site vest with the Company or the entities providing that information to the Company.

Article 6: Restrictions

Customers shall not engage in any of the activities described below. If a member engages in any of the below activities, that person’s membership can be revoked.

  1. Infringing, or acts that otherwise run the risk to infringe, on the copyrights, property rights, privacy, reputation, credit, or other rights of the Company, other customers, or third parties;
  2. Any other acts that cause damages to or are to the detriment of the Company, other customers, or third parties, or acts that run the risk of doing the same;
  3. Slandering the Company, other customers, or third parties;
  4. Acts against public welfare and the common good, or acts that run the risk of the same;
  5. Illegal acts, acts that lead to breach of laws and statutes, or any acts that run the risk of the same;
  6. Electioneering and campaigning for an election, or any acts that lead to the same, whether or not an election is currently in progress;
  7. Any activities relating to prostitution, religion, or politics;
  8. Personal commercial activities done without the consent of the Company;
  9. Unauthorized access of member IDs and passwords, including their provision to third parties;
  10. Using, transmitting, or providing harmful computer programs like viruses through the Site or in relation to the Site
  11. Using, without the Company’s consent, information obtained on the Site for purposes that exceed the scope of personal use, or modifying or altering said data without consent;
  12. Acting in contravention of laws, statutes, or regulations, or acts that run the risk of the same;
  13. Violating these Terms or any separately defined terms and agreements;
  14. Any other activities the Company deems inappropriate

Article 7: Service Interruption, Suspension, and Changes

  1. The Company can stop, suspend, change, terminate, or slow down all or part of the services provided on the Site for any of the reasons below without prior notification to customers.
    (1) Where natural disasters, acts of God, riots, civil strife, power outages, or other states of emergency render provision of the Service impossible;
    (2) Suspension, outage, or changes to telecommunications providers’ services;
    (3) Any other reasons the Company deems necessary for temporary stoppage of the service

Article 8: Damages

  1. In the event that a user violates these Terms or uses the Service illegally or in an unauthorized manner, the Company may hold the user liable for damages (including legal fees) equivalent to the damage sustained.

Article 9: Disclaimers

  1. The Company waives all liability for information provided on the Site and for any damages resulting from use of the Site or the information therein. This excludes cases where damage is caused intentionally or by gross negligence on the part of the Company. Users are solely responsible for all activities on the Site.
  2. The Company takes reasonable technical measures to protect against viruses, but no warranties are made that the information and services provided are free of computer viruses. The Company waives all liability for any loss or damage caused by viruses or other means when obtaining information on sites linked to from within the Site. This excludes cases where said loss or damage is caused intentionally or by gross negligence on the part of the Company.

Article 10: Privacy Policy

  1. Customer information used on the Site is handled in accordance with the Privacy Policy defined by the Company.

Article 11: Governing Law

  1. The establishment, performance, and interpretation of these Terms are governed by Japanese law.

Article 12: Dispute Resolution

  1. Any disputes arising between the Company and customers shall be resolved with sincerity and good faith by the parties involved.

Article 13: Effectivity

  • These Terms are effective March 9, 2009, Japan Standard Time.
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