E-mail Magazine Subscriber Registration Regulations

Ver. 1. June 1, 2009
Ver. 2. October 26, 2010

1. Purpose

  1. These regulations shall apply to members of the JTB Sports Station website (hereinafter referred to as “Website”) operated by JTB Corporation., (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) who subscribe to the Website e-mail magazine (such people hereinafter referred to as “Subscribers”) and to people who wish to subscribe to the Website e-mail magazine.

2. Definitions

  1. For the purposes of these regulations, the following terms shall be defined in accordance with their corresponding definitions.
    (1) E-mail Magazines E-mails distributed to Subscribers, who have signed up to receive such e-mails, on a regular or irregular basis for the purpose of providing information.
    (2) Member A person who completes the membership registration procedures of the Website, having first agreed to the Terms of Use and Membership Regulations provided separately hereto, and who are issued a member’s login ID, etc.

3. Handling Personal Information

  1. The Company will handle Subscribers’ personal information in accordance with its Personal Information Rules .

4. Subscribing

  1. Only members can subscribe to the e-mail magazine.
  2. Those who wish to subscribe must indicate such wish and sign up via the prescribed webpage.

5. Unsubscribing

  1. If a Subscriber wishes to stop receiving the e-mail magazine, he/she may do so by indicating such wish by the methods prescribed by the Company.

6. Termination of Subscription by the Company

  1. The Company may terminate the e-mail magazine subscription of any Subscriber to whom any of the grounds for termination below applies.
    (1) The e-mail magazine cannot be delivered to the Subscriber for reasons including but not limited to: incorrect or discontinued e-mail address; full mailbox.
    (2) The e-mail magazine is blocked by Subscriber’s e-mail server or is otherwise prevented from being delivered, or any other such material obstacle to delivery exists.
    (3) The Subscriber commits an act prohibited in Article 8 below.
    (4) The Company discontinues the e-mail magazine.
    (5) Any other grounds arise making it inappropriate to continue distributing the e-mail magazine to the Subscriber.

7. E-mail Magazine Content

  1. The Company bears no responsibility whatsoever for the trustworthiness, accuracy, or legality of the content of the e-mail magazine. Each Subscriber is responsible for the outcomes of his/her use of information acquired via the e-mail magazine.

8. Prohibitions

  1. No Subscriber of person who wishes to subscribe to the e-mail magazine shall commit any of the following acts.
    (1) Subscribe to the e-mail magazine using another person’s e-mail address.
    (2) Subscribe to the e-mail magazine using an e-mail address obtained wrongfully or mass-generated addresses.
    (3) Attempt unauthorized access to the Company’s servers; knowingly issue unauthorized instructions to the server, or overload the server; or otherwise disrupt the Company’s computer system.

9. Suspension of Computer System

  1. The Company may suspend or discontinue the Service without notice in the following circumstances.
    (1) The Company conducts periodical or urgent maintenance of the computer system on which the Service is run.
    (2) The Company is unable to maintain normal service as a result of war, riot, civil unrest, labor dispute, earthquake, volcanic eruption, flood, tsunami, fire, power outage, or other emergency.
    (3) The Company otherwise deems it necessary to temporarily suspend the Service.

10. Advisories and Notices by the Company

  1. The Company may issue advisories or notices to Subscribers by e-mail, by posting on the prescribed website, or in the e-mail magazine, in which case, such advisories or notices shall be deemed served.
  2. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company may also contact Subscribers by telephone, facsimile, postal mail, or other means.

11. Exemption from Liability

  1. The Company shall bear no liability whatsoever for the following damages incurred by any Subscriber or other relevant person.
    (1) Damage arising as a result of causes described in Articles 6 and 9.
    (2) Damage arising as a result of use of the e-mail magazine or information contained therein.
    (3) Damage arising as a result of failure to deliver an advisory or notice to a Subscriber for reasons not attributable to fault on the Company’s part.
    (4) Damage arising as a result of non-delivery, late delivery, or incorrect delivery of an e-mail magazine, for any reason whatsoever.

12. Governing Law & Jurisdiction

  1. These regulations shall be governed in accordance with the laws of Japan. If any dispute arises between the Company and a user , the parties shall resolve such dispute in good faith. If a dispute cannot be resolved through talks, the matter shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Osaka District Court or the Osaka Summary Court.

13. Revision of These Regulations

  1. The Company may revise these Regulations without notice. In such cases, the terms of use of the Service shall be those stipulated in the regulations current at the time of use of the Service.

14. Address-Only Subscribers

  1. If a Subscriber signs up for the e-mail magazine by providing only their e-mail address (such subscribers hereinafter referred to as “Address-Only Subscribers”), the following provisions shall apply to such Subscriber.
    (1) The stipulations of 1, 2 (1) item 1, 3, 4 (2), and 6 through 13 shall apply mutatis mutandis to Address-Only Subscribers. In such cases, “Subscriber” and “person who wishes to subscribe to the e-mail magazine” shall read “Address-Only Subscriber.”
    (2) Address-Only Subscribers may unsubscribe by sending an e-mail to such effect to the Company, at which time the subscription linked to the sender’s address shall be terminated.

15. Validity of These Regulations

  • These regulations shall come into force on October 26, 2010 (Japan standard time).