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Enrollment Agreement First version: June 1, 2009
Second version: October 26, 2010

Article 1: Scope and Changes to Agreement

  1. This Agreement defines the terms by which members of the JTB Sports Station web site (hereinafter, “Site”), operated by JTB Corporation (hereinafter, “Company”), engage in enrollment and registration (hereinafter, “Enrollment Services”) for tournaments and events (hereinafter, “Events”) on the selfsame Site.
  2. By using Enrollment Services, members acknowledge their consent to this Agreement, the Site-Wide Terms of Use, Member Terms of Use, and any other related agreements.
  3. The Company reserves the right to change this Agreement within a reasonable scope and through reasonable methods without obtaining individual consent from customers. By consenting to this agreement, customers implicitly give their prior consent to the above.
  4. Customers are not individually contacted concerning changes or revisions to this Agreement. By using the Site, customers acknowledge their consent to the latest terms of this Agreement and any related terms and agreements.

Article 2: Terms

  1. Terms used in this Agreement are defined as follows:
    (1) Proxy Registration Proxy Registration is defined as a member using his or her own personal information to enroll that selfsame member and a third party in an Event.
    (2) Joint Participants
    Joint Participants are defined as those persons participating in an Event with a member or members.
    (3) Enrolled Users
    Enrolled Users are defined as members who have completed Proxy Registration and their corresponding Joint Participants.
    (4) Completed Enrollment
    Enrollment is considered Complete when a member uses an Enrollment Service to apply or register for an Event and the process completes without error, or if an outstanding error is corrected, thereby completing the process. Completed Enrollment does not constitute a warranty of participation in an Event.

Article 3: Member Information

  1. Member information must be used only after consenting to the terms of the separately defined Membership Registration Agreement.
  2. The Company waives all liability for a Member being unable to apply during an enrollment/application period for reasons relating to a forgotten ID or password.

Article 4: Enrollment

  1. Members can enroll, by means stipulated by the Company, in Events listed on the Site that are open and available for enrollment.
  2. Event information displayed on the Site is based on what was at that time deemed the latest available information and does not constitute any warranty on the Event details. By enrolling in an Event, participants acknowledge consent to any terms and agreements for that Event separately defined by the Event operator.
  3. Overseas Events are subject to the terms defined by the local Event operator. Where a local Japanese office defines regulations separately in Japanese, those are held to apply.
  4. The Company may post information about overseas Events described in Clause 3 to the Site in Japanese, but these do not constitute any warranty on the nature or content of the Event.
  5. When enrolling in an Event, members are subject to an Internet payments processing fee defined by the Company. The above processing fee is added to participation fees for any Events and billed together as total entry fees.
  6. Enrollment is held to have cleared (hereinafter, “Cleared”) once the designated entry fees are paid, within the timeframe and methods stipulated below.
    (1) When paying by credit card, enrollment is held to have Cleared when the credit card payment completes upon finishing the enrollment process.
    (2) For all other payment methods, a message is sent to the member upon Completed Enrollment indicating the deadline for wire transfer. Once wire transfer has been completed per the methods defined by the Company, enrollment is Cleared.
  7. For Events using lotteries or raffles, there may be cases where a member is, because of the Event operator’s own terms and agreements, unable to participate in the Event even after enrollment has Cleared. For details, please refer to the corresponding terms and agreements for that Event. Users are solely responsible for any cancellation fees or penalty fees for other agreements (travel agreements, et cetera) arising in connection with the above.
  8. Registration for some Events or items may be temporarily suspended or halted, even during the open enrollment period, without advance warning if the maximum number of participants is reached, or for other reasons designated by the Event operator.
  9. The Company waives all liability for damages caused by inability to register because of Internet or telephone network congestion when enrolling. Note that some devices, operating systems, and browser software may not allow enrollment as intended.
  10. Some Events or items may have limitations on enrollment, e.g., participants can only be members of the Japan Association of Athletics Federations.

Article 5: Proxy Registration

  1. When conducting a Proxy Registration, members are required to enter participant information accurately and by means stipulated on the Site. The Company waives all liability for a member’s inability to participate in an Event for reasons relating to a mistake the member made when registering. The Enrolled User shall be solely responsible for any cancellation fees or penalties another user is obliged to pay for travel agreements made as a consequence.
  2. The Company waves all liability for cases of duplicate entry or enrollment. Said cases are the sole responsibility of the member or members in question.

Article 6: Changes and Cancellation

  1. Once enrollment is complete, changes or cancellations to the same are not permitted.
  2. Certain additional information, such as the type of participation one is enrolling for, can be changed after enrolled has Cleared, provided those changes are submitted within the period of time specified.
  3. Unless an Event operator explicitly allows otherwise, participants cannot be changed after a Cleared enrollment. Even where a change is permitted, it may not be possible to process the change on the Site, so members must follow any terms and agreements specified by the Event operator, in addition to any instructions specified on the Site, when processing the change.
  4. If a member enrolls, by methods other than those discussed herein, in the same Event by duplicate, that enrollment cannot be changed or cancelled under any circumstances.
  5. Any cancellation fees for travel agreements or other penalties resulting from changing or cancelling enrollment are the sole responsibility of the member in question.

Article 7: Enrollment Notifications

  1. After Completed Enrollment, the corresponding Event operator contacts the member at the address specified by that member.
  2. In certain cases, the Company acts in proxy of the Event operator for Clause 1 above.
  3. The Company waives all liability for correspondence about an Event not reaching a member because of that member’s failure to register accurate information. Event participation fees are not returned in the event of the above. If, as a consequence of the above, a cancellation fee applies to any travel agreement or other contract, it is the sole responsibility of the member in question.

Article 8:Privacy Policy

  1. Personal information users enter on the Site is handled in accordance with the JTB Corporation Privacy Policy defined by the Company.
  2. When a member’s enrollment is Complete, the Company gives that member’s information to the Event operator, to the extent needed for administration of the Event in question.
  3. The information described in Clause 2 above applies to information obtained upon Completion of enrollment. If name, address, or other information changes after the fact, the member should notify the Event operator directly.
  4. If the Company or an Event operator requires confirmation of details in a member’s registration, the Company or Event operator may contact that member at the address, telephone or fax number, or e-mail address provided. The Company waives all liability for damages resulting from inability to contact the member due to errors or other omissions in that member’s registration details.

Article 9: Disclaimers

  1. The Company waives all liability for any damages resulting from errors or omissions in a member’s registration details, including but not limited to damages caused by undeliverable correspondence.
  2. Any notifications regarding cancellation or changes to an Event are handled by that Event’s operator by means of methods they stipulate. The Company waives all responsibility for above notifications.
  3. The Company waives all liability for reimbursements or other indemnification for cases described in Clause 2 above. Reimbursements and indemnification are handled solely by the Event operator in accordance with the terms it defines.
  4. Organizing and running Events is the sole responsibility of Event operators. The Company waives all liability for any errors, damages, or other negligence arising therein.

Article 10: Effectivity

  1. This Agreement is effective February 16, 2011, Japan Standard Time.