Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

About JTB Sports Station

Q1Can we ask each sales branch of JTB for inquiries about the JTB sport station ?

Management and inquiries of the JTB sport station (as following "this site") are as follows.
JTB Corporation. western Japan Mice division, JTB Sports Station Desk
6th Floor, JTB Bldg, 2-1-25 Kyutaro-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 541-0056
TEL : +81-6-6210-5620
FAX : +81-6-6210-5461
Office hours : 09:30-17:30
(closed on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and between December 30 and January 3)
Contact us Here!

Q2Please let us know the recommend environment of a smart phone.

At the JTB sport station, the following environment is recommended for look and use comfortably.- iOS4.0 or subsequent ones - Android2.3 or subsequent ones In browsers other than the smart phone of other OS loading, a tablet computer, and a standard, it may be unable to see a web page by the intended design.

About member registration

Q3Any important reminders for login?

This website uses cookies for login verification. Cookies must therefore be enabled to use this website. If you use anti-virus software, firewalls, or other software set to block cookies, you may be unable to login to this website even if you enable cookies on your browser.

Q4Is any fee required for member registration?

Free of charge for the both membership and annual fee.

Q5Is there any commitment for member registration?

When registering a member, you first need to agree to the terms of use of this site.

Q6How to do member registration?

Register Here

Q7Can I use the JTB Sports Station without registering as a member?

Events and event information can be accessible.
However, event participation (entry) is for registered members only.

Q8Can I register member registration without email address or any email address which I can not use?

A mail address is indispensable, it performs the completion of a participating application (entry), meeting important matter notice etc.
In addition, mobile address should keep in mind that a character may break off in the mail sent from us by setup.
In the case of PHS such as WILLCOM, approve the address that periods continue or the address that a period is contained in right in front of @ because you cannot register.

Q9Is there any membership cards?

Unfortunately, there is no membership card.
However, login ID and password are issued.
Please keep the login ID and password upon registration.

Q10I would like to register using the same email address as who have already registered.

We are sorry. The same e-mail address as other members can not be registered.

Q11I would like to edit the details of member registration.

An address, a telephone number and an email address, etc., can be changed from a member information edit page.
However, please contact to JTB Sports Station Desk if you would like to edit the name, date of birth and gender.
JTB Sports Station Desk (JTB Corporation. western Japan Mice division)
TEL : +81-6-6210-5620
FAX : +81-6-6210-5461
Office hours : 09:30-17:30
(closed on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and between December 30 and January 3)Contact us here

Q12What should I do if forgot my log in ID?

Please access from the below and follow the guidance of each, confirm the login ID, please change about the password.
If you have forgotten your login ID here
inquiries by e-mail

Q13What should I do withdraw from the membership?

Withdrawal procedure is taken based on registration agreement.
Log in "My Page" and proceed with neccesary steps.
Please note that once the withdrawal is completed, all members in your account are deleted and any information will not be recoverd.

Q14Reply mail is not delivered after my registration. / apply (entry) or any inquiries.

Some providers’ (e.g., Yahoo! and Hotmail) and mobile phone carriers’ spam-blocking functions may cause e-mails from JTB to be delayed, undelivered, or sent to your spam folder. In such cases, please change your spam-blocking settings (you may wish to consult your user manual for this) or contact your e-mail provider or mobile phone carrier directly.

Q15How to handle personal information?

About a participating application (entry)

Q16How much is an event application fee?

t is determined for each event. For details, please check each event details.

Q17Possible to cancel?

A cancellation is possible, however no refund can be made after the payment.
Also, it cannot be changed the event or item after the registration, and no refund for double entry in the same event.

Q18Is the settlement safe?

It corresponds to SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
Since it is enciphered and transmitted, you can use the inputted card number in comfort.

Q19I need the receipt.

If you require a receipt, please request one by submitting the details listed below by e-mail or fax, and a receipt will be sent by postal mail. Receipts will, in principle, be posted within five working days of receiving a request. If you paid at a convenience store, the receipt issued by convenience store is your receipt. In these cases, JTB will not issue a receipt.

· Event name ・Your application number or the details of your application (i.e., event entered, number of people, amount) NB: To find out your application number, log in, then from My Page, click on My Applications and on the pertinent event. ・The name of the representative who booked for the whole group, and the name you want written on the receipt (the receipt will bear the representative’s name unless another name is specified) ・Remarks NB: The receipt will include the name of the event and a note to the effect that the receipt is for participation fees, as well as the method of payment. ・The address you want the receipt sent to (it will be sent to the address listed for the representative unless otherwise specified) Email address: FAX: +81-6-6210-5461