2017 Guide to the 10th Moniwakko Marathon in Iizaka, the Home of Hot Springs

Entry application event

▼ After confirming the "participation fee" and "Internet settlement agency commission" of the items to be participated, please click on the "participation application" button and proceed to the application procedure.
First-come-first-served basis of those who completed the application (those who fixed the application).
If you reach the capacity during the application process, you can not complete the application. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

Event category 10 Km
Eligibility for entry Participants (men and women) must be 16 years of age or older on the race day who are able to finish the entire distance within 90 minutes.(High school student participation fee 2000 yen) 
Participation fee JPY 5,000 Per person

*There are some cases that a family and/or friends are not able to register, even or is displayed.

Information on payment method

Payment method, you can choose a credit card.

Method of Payment Internet settlement representation fee
Credit card CreditCard Payment method guide JPY 500