Kochi Ryoma Marathon 2023

Summary of the event

Period of the event
19 Feb 2023〜19 Feb 2023
Event venue
Event type
  • Running Running
The number of capacity
Total 12,000 (includes Japanese participants)
Open Event

*If or are displayed, it might be a case of not able to participate to apply your family and friends.

Event information

Run one of the most scenic marathon course starting from the heritage area including historic Kochi Castle, Taking in the spectacular views of the Pacific shore and true blue river stream.
The Kochi Ryoma Marathon 2023 is 9th times of event this year and the officials expect to see the record participation with over 10,000 runners.
The variety of locally produced food will be served at the each aid stations to cheer up runners.
One per fifty finishers has chances of winning prize of local goodies of Kochi.

Places are limited so please register your interest as soon as possible.

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It is first come, first served who completed the application. Please be adviced that it is not able to complete the application if it is fully booked.

This is regarding overseas runners currently residing outside and inside Japan, and Japanese residing outside of Japan.

The event information

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Date and time of the event:
February 19, 2023 (Sun), The event will take place rain or shine.

★Start-----9:00 / ★finish----16:00

◎Opening Ceremony 8:45[Starting point: In front of Kochi Prefectural Office]

◎Awards Ceremony 13:00[Finish Venue: Kochi Prefectural Haruno Sports Park Athletic Field]
Reception the day before
February 18, 2023 (Sat) 10:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m. Venue
Full Marathon (42.195 km)
(1) Registered (Japan Association of Athletics Federations (JAAF) registered athletes) Men's and Women's Divisions
(2) General (non-registered athletes of the JAAF) Men's and Women's Divisions
JAAF official/WA certified Kochi Ryoma Marathon Course

→Harimaya bashi bridge → Urado ohashi bridge → Katsurahama beach area → Niyodogawa ohashi bridge → Turn around Nii, Tosashi →
Finish: Haruno athletic stadium)
Competition Rules
According to the 2022 JAAF competition rules and this event’s regulations.
Time limit
7 hours

*The time limit is based on the signal gun.
*Checkpoints will be set up to ensure smooth general traffic and the safety of competitors.
12,000 people
For the Full Marathon, runners are eligible if they are:
(1)registered and unregistered members of the JAAF
(2)18 years of age or older on the day of the event are eligible
(However, high school seniors registered with the JAAF in 2022 may participate)
(3)expected to complete the race within the time limit
(4)the same person who registered for the race
(5)are recommended or invited by the organizer of this event
(6)however, wheelchair users are not allowed to participate due to the difficulty of ensuring safety on the running course.
Entry fee
13,000 Yen (+500 Yen for charity entries)
*Entry fee includes accident insurance, etc.
Limited number of parking spaces are available at the finish area. We recommend you to take shuttle buses to reach the events.
Shuttle buses will operate from the finish area (Haruno park) to the start area
Shuttle buses will operate from the start area (Kochi station) to the finish area (Haruno park)

*Both shuttle buses only runs for free on the event.
Race guide
1. Standby blocks will be set according to the times athletes declare when registering.
2. Runners must follow the information and guide provided by the race officials and police officers.
3. Please make every effort to ensure your physical condition before participating, e.g. by carrying out thorough training and undergoing a medical check.
4. Special drinks cannot be accepted due to the operation of the tournament.
5.Any emergency, such as an accident or fire, occur during the race, emergency vehicles may pass through at any point on the course.
6. Once an application has been accepted, the contents of the application cannot be changed, and entry fees will not be refunded.
7. Personal belongings can be dropped off at the start area and will be brought to the finish area. We advise runners not to place expensive or valuable items in their bags as the organizers cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to your personal belongings.
8. Flip flops, Geta sandals, and any kind of sandals are not permitted.
9. The organizers recognize the importance of personal data, and strictly follow the relevant laws and regulations, as well as their own policy on personal data protection, when handling personal data. The data will be used in order to provide a better service to participants: to communicate selection lottery results, participant information, number cards, recordings, and related information; to offer services from sponsors, supporters, and organizations involved
with the event; to respond to emergencies during the event; and to announce records (such as rankings).
Participation award
Since participation awards are original T-shirts, please let us know the size from the size table below.

SS ;  model height:157 / Length:62 / Width:44 / shoulder width:42 / Sleeve Length:19
S  ;  model height:163 / Length:65 / Width:47 / shoulder width:44 / Sleeve Length:20
M  ;  model height:170 / Length:68 / Width:50 / shoulder width:46 / Sleeve Length:21
L  ;  model height:179 / Length:71 / Width:53 / shoulder width:48 / Sleeve Length:22
LL ;  model height:181 / Length:74 / Width:56 / shoulder width:50 / Sleeve Length:23
3L ;  model height:183 / Length:77 / Width:60 / shoulder width:53 / Sleeve Length:25

** Please note that you can not change the size after application.
Finisher services
A free traditional gamecock hot pot will be provided by students of Kochi Prefectural Agricultural High School, and a variety of event food vendors will be available outside the stadium.(schedule)
Special award
All finishers will be entered to win a gift of Kochi's local produce, randomly picked for 200 prizes.(schedule)
Cut-off times of each check points
Check Point Distance Cut-off Time
1 5.02km 10:00
2 8.6km 10:31
3 13.2km 11:11
4 17.0km 11:45
5 18.9km 12:04
6 22.0km 12:38
7 25.8km 13:17
8 29.6km 13:56
9 33.8km 14:40
10 37.5km 15:19
11 41.2km 15:58

Event secretariat information

Event secretariat
Application address JTB Sports Station
Postal address 6F JTB Bldg 2-1-25, Kyutaro-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka,
Phone number 06-6210-5620
E-mail jtbss@jtb.com
Business hours 9:30~17:30 weekdays only (JST)

Event agreement

【Event agreement】
1. Entries are non cancelable/nonrefundable. In the event, any overpaid/double-paid fees also will not be refunded. (in the case of the exceeding the number of entry capacity, fees will be refunded)
2. In an earthquake, storm/flood damage, snowfall, accidents, epidemic disease, or any other reasons, the organizers will assess the situation and make a decision concerning scaling down/cancelling the race accordingly. Organizers will make a decision concerning whether fee will be refunded or not refunded.
3. All participants must be in excellent health and capable of easily completing the race of their choice.Participants are requested to take responsibility for their belongings, manage their own health and avoiding accidents during the events.
4. I agree to abide by any decision of a race official relative to my ability to safely complete the race, which decision is at the sole discretion of the race official and I agree lack of a decision does not create any liability whatsoever.
5. The organizers shall bear no other responsibility than the provision of first aid in the event of illness, loss, or other accidents during the event.
6.The organizers are not held liable for accidents, loss, injuries and diseases during the event. Runners will not make a claim for damages against the organizers.
7. Runners will be compensated for accidents, injuries and diseases within the coverage of the event insurance.
8. Consents of family members, parents (runners under the age of 20) are required to participate in the event.
9. False statements of age, sex, name, and time records are strictly prohibited. Should any such acts be discovered, the entry/award in question will be cancelled, entry fees and charges will not be refunded, and future applications will not be accepted.
10. I understand that during the race or in related activities, I may be photographed, filmed, and/or videotaped. I agree to allow my name, photo, video or film likeness to be used for any legitimate promotional purpose by the event holders, producers, sponsors, organizers and assigns.

【COVID-19 infection prevention measures】