[Cancellation] San'in Kaigan UNESCO Global Geopark 20th Tango 100km UltraMarathon

Summary of the event

Period of the event
20 Sep 2020〜20 Sep 2020
Event venue
KyotoKyotango city 
Event type
  • Running Running
The number of capacity

Event information

"San'in Kaigan UNESCO Global Geopark 20th Tango 100km UltraMarathon" has been canceled

Due to concerns over the spread of Coronavirus, we regretfully announce the cancellation of 20th TANGO 100km ULTRA MARATHON scheduled on September 20th, 2020.
We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

【General entry】Thursday, March 19th, 2020 ~ Sunday, May 31th, 2020
【Late entry】Monday, June 1st, 2020 ~ Friday, July 31th, 2020
※Please note that the participation prize will differ depending on the entry period.

Entry Qualifications:
*Non-Japanese living outside of Japan
*Japanese living outside of Japan
*first-come, first-served entries

If this is the first time you are using JTB sports station,you need to complete the process of new membership registration in advance.

The event information

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Date / Runners check-in
Saturday, Sep. 19, 2020 Check-in on the day before
Sunday, Sep. 20, 2020 Check-in on the day / Race day
Kyotango city, KyotoJAPAN
(1) 100km
(2) 60km
Entry Fee
Participants must be 18 years of age or older on the race day.
Wheelchairs are not allowed to participate in the race.
100km: 2,600 people / 60km: 1,400 people (First come first served)
By gender group: 1st - 6th place for both men and women separately
By age group: 1st – 3nd place for both men and women separately
By team group: 1st - 3rd place
Finishers' Prize
Finishers' Medal / Finishers' Certificate
Participation Prize
[First entry] THE NORTH FACE Original T-shirt / Original Goods
[Second entry] Original Goods
Measure Record
Measure every 10km using record measurement chip (Segmentation results will be announced on the website after the tournament)
Competition Rules
①About Non-sports and running, please comply with road traffic laws.
②In principle, please run on the left. During the road run, please follow the instructions of the instructor of the course.
③At the intersections with traffic lights, please follow the instructions of the traffic lights to run.
④Where there are no traffic lights or poor prospects, please follow the instructions of the staff.
⑤The main committee is not responsible for any disease, accident (injury) except emergency measures during the tournament.
⑥Other rules are held in accordance with the terms of the tournament.
Start Time
(1)100km/4:30 Amity Tango
(2)60km/9:00 Kumihama Hama Park
Time Limit
(1)100km/14 hours
(2)60km/9.5 hours
Time Checkpoints
If the runner does not reach the specified distance within the time limit of the checkpoint, the runner-up vehicle arranged by the organizer will be carried directly to the finish.
These time and distance are planed at the moment,it may have to change there information due to the changes in circumstance.

<100km> *as a schedule
29.6㎞ Kaizan-en / 4 hours 10 minutes
54.0㎞ Yasaka Regional public hall / 7 hours 30 minutes
71.8㎞ Ikari Kogen management office / 10 hours 10 minutes
84.9㎞ Tango government building / 11 hours 55 minutes

<60km> *as a schedule
32.5㎞ Yasaka Regional public hall / 5 hours
44.9㎞ Tango government building / 7 hours 25 minutes
Attention Matters / Others
(1)Runners are requested to have sports injury insurance.
(2)The distance is marked every 2.5 km.
(3)There are water stations at approximately 29 locations (3 km ~ 6 km apart) on the course.
There some rest stations (changing clothes, udon noodles, rice balls, etc. for predation, health checkups by public health nurses, simple swimming pools), etc.

The rest stations are set at the following locations.

<100km>(as a schedule)
KUMIHAMA SANKAIKAN(16.3km) Kaizan-en(29.6km)
Asamo river fishing port(43.5km) Yasaka Regional public hall(54.0km) Ikari Kogen management office(71.8km)
Tango government building(84.9km) Mito Road park(91.5km)

<60km>(as a schedule)
Kaizan-en(8.1km) Asamo river fishing port(22.0km) 
Yasaka Regional public hall(32.4km) Tango government building(44.9km) Mito Road park(51.5km)

【Attention Matters】
・Race time will be measured using timekeeping chips.
・The distance is shown every 2.5km and 42.195km, and the remaining 5km is shown every 1km. In safety management, there is a possibility of deviation from the correct position.
・If runners need the escort runner, punters will be issued for up to two people. The main committee will issue the registration information of the runners. Please contact the main committee in advance. (The escort runner is free)
For safety, the escort runners and runners should run in groups of two. If one part cannot continue, it will be treated as abstaining.
・Predatory stations are set up every 2 ~ 5 km. Except for this conference, we will not take any responsibility for the diet.
Tournament Schedule
【Saturday, Sep. 19, 2020】
11:00~18:30   Runner's check-in (Amity Tango) (100km / 60km) 
13:10~13:30   Opening ceremony (Amity Tango)
14:00~15:30 Player briefing session (Amity Tango)

【Sunday, Sep. 20, 2020】
2:30~4:10    100km Check-in on the day (Amity Tango)
4:20~4:25    100km Starting ceremony (Amity Tango)
4:30      100km Start (Amity Tango)
7:30~8:30    60km Check-in on the day (Kimihama Hama Park)
8:50~8:55    60km Starting ceremony (Kimihama Hama Park)
9:00      60km Start (Kimihama Hama Park)
18:30      100km / 60km Finish (Amity Tango)

*The award ceremony will start after the top runner finishes.
Rescue Systems
・Resident at the Start (100km / 60km) and Finish venue

<Public health nurse / Nurse>
・Resident at the Start (100km / 60km) and Finish venue
・Resident at the rest stations (7 locations)
・Departure of the moving ambulance at any time.

・Resident at the Start (100km / 60km) and Finish venue
・Resident at the rest stations (7 locations)
・Departure of the moving ambulance at any time. *Number used 25

<Emergency Supplies>
・At the Start (100km / 60km) and Finish venue
・Resident at the rest stations (7 locations) and the rescue stations (20 locations)

<Connection Systems>
・When rescue needed, all rest stations (27 locations) and the staff on the cource (about 350 people) will contact to the headquarters.
Personal Information
Use of personal data
1) The organizers are aware of the importance of personal information, and will handle all personal information based on policies on protecting personal information drawn up by the organizers in adherence to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related laws.
Personal information is used for the purpose of improving services for marathon entrants, such as the provision of race guides, notifications of records, notification of related information, provision of services from marathon sponsors, supporters and related organizations, the publication of records (rankings etc.), and surveys.
*In some cases, the organizers or Entry Desk will contact applicants to confirm their application details.
2) Concerning contest-related films, photos, reports, and participant's name, age, residential address (country name, province, city or district name), portrait and other personal information, the organizer will use these contents for television, newspapers, magazines , Internet, brochures, etc., the organizer believes that the participants have promised.
3) Except for the organizer and co-organizers, the conference images cannot be used without authorization. If you need to use it, please consult the conference committee in advance.

Contact details

【Event secretariat】
Tango UltraMarathon secretariat
438 Hongo, Kofu, Oiso-cho, Naka-gun, Kanagawa, Inside Runners Wellness
TEL: 0120-846-024 FAX: 0463-70-6266 HP: http://www.r-wellness.com/tango/

Event agreement

【Competition rules】
1. After registration, runners must not change or cancel the entry, transfer the right to participate or change the name of the entry due to personal factors.
The registration fee will not be refunded unless it is attributable to the company.
2. Due to earthquakes, wind and water damage, snowfall, events, accidents, epidemics, etc., the organizer will suspend or reduce the scale of the event, whether to refund the participation fee and amount, and how to notify related matters, etc., shall be determined by the organizer based on actual conditions.
3. Do not suffer from cardiovascular disease, etc., and pay full attention to my personal health, and participate in this competition after full practice. In the course of participating in this competition, runnners will take responsibility for injuries, accidents, and losses.
4. In the tournament, if the organizer determines that it cannot continue to participate in the competition, runners will immediately follow the organizer's instructions to stop the competition. In addition, follow the organizer's instructions on security management and holding the conference.
5. During the tournament, if there is any injury or illness, runners are willing to accept emergency treatment without objection. Moreover, the organizer will not be held responsible for the disposal methods and processes.
6. Regarding the accidents, losses, injuries, etc. that occurred during the tournament, runners are willing to ask the organizer to pay compensation within the insurance scope insured by the organizer and relieve the organizer of other responsibilities.
7. Regarding compensation for accidents and injuries during the tournament, runners agree that the scope of compensation is the insurance coverage insured by the organizer.
8. The family, relatives, parents (applicable to minor participants), and team members (applicable when signing up for the representative) have agreed to participate in this tournament.
9. The age, gender, and other information have not been falsely declared, except for the applicant, runners are not allowed to participate (substitute run). Once noticed, it will comply with the resolutions of the organizer, accept the cancellation of the qualification for participation or winning, or the cancellation of qualification for future participation. In addition, the organizer is not responsible for providing ambulances or refunds for false claims and substitute runners.
10. Runners agree that the organizer may use the images, photos, reports, records, etc. (names, ages, genders, records, portraits and other personal data appearing in the foregoing) during the competition to be published in newspapers, televisions, magazines, online, and brochures. Moreover, the relevant publication and use rights belong to the organizer.
11. Regarding the use of personal data of contestants, it is based on the regulations of the organizer separately recorded.
12. In addition to the above-mentioned application agreement, it conforms to convention regulations separately specified by the organizer (In case of conflict, the rules of the conference shall prevail).