【Cancellation】The 32nd Tour de Noto 400

Summary of the event

Period of the event
19 Sep 2020〜21 Sep 2020
Event venue
Ishikawa Noto Peninshula
Event type
  • Cycling Cycling
The number of capacity

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Event information

Enjoy the nature and local specialty food of Noto! You can participate for one day or longer!

This event welcomes cyclists from around Japan to Ishikawa. With stamina and determination, the cyclists will tour the entire perimeter of the Noto peninsula, the peninsula where the natural environment is beautiful and people are kind-hearted. This is not a competition of speed. Instead the event will award all cyclists who complete the entire course, following event and traffic rules.

Designed to revitalize the Noto Peninsula, Tour de Noto 400 celebrates its 32nd anniversary this year, since its first race in 1989.
Over a course of three days, the cyclists will tour the coastline of the Noto Peninsula, which is blessed with beautiful and undulating natural landscapes. As the total course stretches over 400 km, the event is named “Tour de Noto 400,” and attracts many cyclists from around the country as an event with one of the longest courses in Japan.
Even though the event’s goal is to encourage cyclists to complete the course while following traffic and event rules, there will be time limits for all three days, requiring cyclists to complete each day within the time limit.

New! Early discount plan until Tuesday, March 31

Chirihama Beach Nagisa Driveway, the only beach driving road in Japan
Day 1 (September 19), for applicants only.
(The cyclists will deviate from the official route to go onto the Chirihama Beach Nagisa Driveway, and then merge back into the official route)
Please note that the Chirihama Beach Nagisa Driveway may be closed due to weather and road conditions on the day of the event (its availability will be determined on the day of the event).

Great lunches offered on all three days
Day 1 (September 19): Buffet lunch at Royal Hotel Noto
Day 2 (September 20): Steak bowl
Day 3 (September 21): The “Orihime No Sato Nakanoto” michinoeki (roadside station) will be reserved almost exclusively for event participants. *All of the above are tentative

Support at stopover parking areas and checkpoints
Participants are invited to enjoy a variety of delicious local specialty foods including: Ruby Roman, the most premium grapes in Ishikawa on Day 1 (September 19), as well as fried pufferfish from Wajima, which boasts the largest catch of all-natural pufferfish in Japan and Japanese confectionery at the Wajima goal area, and original gelato offered exclusively to participants on Day 2 (September 20), created by Noto local Taizo Shibano, who was appointed as Asia’s first world gelato ambassador.

Enjoy cycling and Suzu 2020 Oku-Noto Triennale
On Day 2 (September 20), you may be able to have a glimpse of artworks exhibited between September 5 and October 25 for 2020 Oku-Noto Triennale, an international art festival held every three years! *The details of the festival have not been released at the time this article was written.

e-assisted bikes (sports e-bikes) permitted!
Please note that in principle, e-bikes may not be charged at checkpoints, stopover parking areas and start/goal areas (there are no charger stands).

The event information

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Eligibility / Entry fee

Healthy elementary school students and over.
Please make a choice of Course according to riding ability.
Junior high school student and lower is needed accompanying guardian.
Minor(19 years old and lower) needs agreement of guardian.

【Entry fee】
◆≪Early discount≫(Early discount entry is available by 31 March 2020)
Champion Course 27,000 yen
2 Days Course   20,000 yen
1 Day Course   11,000 yen
Half Course    7,500 yen

◆Entry after 1 April 2020
Champion Course 30,000 yen
2 Days Course   22,000 yen
1 Day Course   12,000 yen
Half Course    8,000 yen

※It is included in Entry fee;Number card, Participation reward, Insurance, Delivery fee of belongings during the event,Lunch, Snacks, Drink(Accommodation fee is option)
※Note;No refund of Entry fee is available after application for any reason.
There is time limit in each course.
The approximate time limit is an average speed of 20km/h.

【18 Sep 2020,Friday】
 ●Check-in on the prior day 13:00~17:00 (Seibu ryokuchi park, Kitatsukaenchi)

【19 Sep 2020,Saturday】
 ●DAY 1 Kanazawa City(Start)⇒Uchinada-machi⇒Kahoku City⇒Hodatsushimizu-cho⇒Hakui City⇒Shika-machi⇒Wajima City(Finish) About 140㎞
      Half Course Kanazawa City⇒Shika-machi About 70㎞   

 6:00~7:30 Reception on the event day(Seibu ryokuchi park, Kitatsukaenchi )
 7:30~7:50 Opening Ceremony(Seibu ryokuchi park, Kitatsukaenchi)

 8:00    Start

【20 Sep 2020,Sunday】
 ●DAY 2 Wajima City(Start)⇒Suzu City⇒Noto-cho⇒Anamizu-machi⇒Nanao City・Wakura onsen hot springs(Finish) About 160㎞

 6:00~7:00 Reception on the event day(Wajima Marine town)
 7:30    Start

【21 Sep 2020,Monday/Public holiday】
 ●DAY 3 Nanao City・Wakura onsen hot springs(Start)⇒Himi City⇒Nakanoto-machi⇒Hakui City⇒Hodatsushimizu-cho⇒Kahoku City⇒Tsubata-machi⇒Uchinada-machi⇒Kanazawa City(Finish) About 120㎞

 6:30~7:30 Reception on the event day(Wakura onsen Sports Park Yacht harbor Parking)
 8:00    Start
 ※Kanazawa City Finish(Seibu ryokuchi park, Kitatsukaenchi)15:00~17:00 *tentative

※Please note that the course may be partially changed due to road conditions.
Category / Capacity
●【Champion Course】(3 Days Course)Capacity 1,000 people
19 Sep(Sat)・20 Sep(Sun)・21 Sep(Mon/Public holiday) About 420㎞

●2 Days Course Capacity 100 people/Each Course
19・20 Sep:About 300km
20・21 Sep:About 280km
19・21 Sep:About 260km

●1 Day Course Capacity 200 people/Each Day ※1 Day Course is available for each 3 days.
19 Sep:About 140km
20 Sep:About 160km
21 Sep:About 120km

●Half Course Capacity 200 people
19 Sep:About 70km
Bicycle Inspection Certificate
After registration completed,please download the Bicycle Inspection Certificate form and have your bicycle inspected in advance.

※Please submit the verified Bicycle Inspection Certificate on the event day.
・For your own safety, you are required to wear a helmet (casques are not permitted) and be equipped with a light and light reflector.
・This event is not a race where participants compete for time or rankings. As it will use public roads, make sure to follow traffic rules.
・Cycling on non-designated courses is not permitted.
・Never overtake the leading motorbike. If you do not follow instructions given by staff, you will be required to drop out.
・The check-in desk will check whether you have brought a helmet, light and a light reflector. Please note that you will not be allowed to participate if you do not bring these items (make sure to have your bike properly equipped beforehand).
・On all three days of the event, time limits will be set at stopover areas, checkpoints, lunch venues and other key points. Participants will be asked to retire if they cannot complete the course within the time limit.
・If you would like to retire from the race for equipment failure, fatigue or injury, make sure to notify the event staff. Make sure to stay out of the way of other participants and general vehicles, and wait for the pickup vehicles (a bus and a truck) arranged by the event organizer. Even if you retire, you can rejoin the event on the following day.
・During the race and the event, the event organizer’s insurance policy will not cover bikes (including frames and parts) being broken, going missing or getting stolen. If you need insurance coverage please arrange your own insurance policy.
・On the days of the event, your luggage (one piece per participant) will be carried from start area to goal area by the vehicle arranged by the event organizer.
・Accompanying participants in personal vehicles is not permitted as it will obstruct other traffic.
・Participants with injuries sustained in accidents and other events during the event will receive first-aid treatment. Thereafter, participants shall be responsible for the arranging of any treatment.
・If you have a health insurance certificate please carry it with you on the race.
・Participants are required to accept this agreement.
・Parking space in each start area is limited. Please note that if you would like to park your car, you need a parking permit from the event administrative office. Please use public transport as much as possible. If you would like a parking permit, check the corresponding section of the payment slip.
・Doctors and nurses with AEDs (automated external defibrillators) will accompany the race, but they are not prepared to offer more than first aid. Make sure you are in good physical condition before joining the race.
Number card
The final information with number card voucher will be announced about two weeks before the event.
Please print out and bring the voucher with you to the check-in reception.

Event secretariat information

Event secretariat Tour de Noto 400 executive committee
Application address Tour de Noto 400 executive committee
Postal address Hokkokku Shimbun, 2-1, Minami-cho, Kanazawa-city, Ishikawa, Japan
Phone number 076-260-3581
Business hours 10:00~18:00(Week day only)

Contact details

Tour de Noto 400 Executive committee
Hokkokku Shimbun
2-1, Minami-cho, Kanazawa-city, Ishikawa, 920-8588 Japan
TEL: +81-76-260-3581
FAX: +81-76-260-3426

Event agreement

To participate in Tour de Noto 400, I accept the following.
1. I will abide by all regulations, rules and instructions stipulated by the event organizer.
2. In case of an accident during the event, the participant, a family representative, guardians and associates will not claim any charges that exceed the amount covered by the event organizer’s non-life insurance policy, excluding cases of willful intent or gross negligence on the part of the event organizer.
3. I am in good physical condition, and have sufficient stamina to join the event. I shall withdraw from the event if my health is poor on the day of the event. After I apply for entry (after the participation fee is paid), I shall not claim a refund of the participation fee due to my personal circumstances.
4. Participants shall be responsible for managing their own possessions and equipment during the event.
5. Participants agree to the event organizer publishing their name, photo and other relevant information in the press and advertising pertaining to the event, including newspapers and other forms of broadcasting.
6. Participants agree to the online image sales company Photo Create taking photos of them during the event to sell as commemorative photos afterwards.
7. Participants agree that participation fees will not be refunded if the event is terminated due to a natural disaster and other reasons that are beyond the control of the event organizer.
8. Participants shall always wear helmets while cycling, and be equipped with lights and light reflectors.
9. In the event of the event staff deciding that cycling may not continue any further to ensure participant safety, the participant agrees that the event staff have the right to terminate the cycling irrespective of the intention of the participants.