Wakayama Toyota Presents Koya-Ryujin Onsen ULTRA MARATHON 2020

Summary of the event

Period of the event
07 Jun 2020〜07 Jun 2020
Event venue
Wakayama Koya Ryujin Skyline
Event type
  • Running Running
The number of capacity

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Event information

「About cancellation of the Koya-Ryujin Onsen ULTRA MARATHON 2020」
Thank you for your support.
The executive committee has worked a lot in the past months for this event.
However, unfortunately, the Koya-Ryujin Onsen ULTRA MARATHON 2020 on Sunday, June 7, 2020 has been decided to cancel due to the new coronavirus concerns not only to runners but also to volunteer staff.

〇Entry fee
Entry fee will be refunded in all amount except for commission fee under this circumstance.
** In the description, you will find entry fee including commission fee is refunded first, and commission fee is charged again.

【Early Premium Entry (100km) 】
Participation Fee JPY 16,500 + Commission Fee JPY 1,600 ⇒JPY 18,100 is refunded, and JPY 1,600 is charged again.
【Early Premium Entry (50km) 】
Participation Fee JPY 9,500 + Commission Fee JPY 900 ⇒JPY 10,400 is refunded, and JPY 900 is charged again.
【General Premium Entry (100km) 】
Participation Fee JPY 18,000 + Commission Fee JPY 1,800 ⇒JPY 19,800 is refunded, and JPY 1,800 is charged again.
【General Premium Entry (50km) 】
Participation Fee JPY 11,000 + Commission Fee JPY 1,100 ⇒JPY 12,100is refunded, and JPY 1,100 is charged again.

** The refund will be made within April, but please note in receipt date of payment is based on your credit card agency’s handling term.

〇Optional plan
We will refund optional bus plan fee as well as entry fee.
Please make a refund process by yourself who applied to accommodation and parking plan through たびーと(Tabito, only Japanese site) via following weblink.
** 8 digits receipt number and email address will be required when you make a refund process.

We understand that everyone who was looking forward to this event and it is unfortunate to announce this event is cancelled.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
Best regards,

The executive committee of the Koya-Ryujin Onsen ULTRA MARATHON 2020
TEL: +81-6-6252-4009
Email: koya-ryujin@jtb.com
Office hour: 9:30-17:30 (GMT+9) Weekdays ONLY


----------------About Shuttle bus and Accommodation-----------------
Shuttle bus and accommodation plans are available!
Register from the URL below(First come, first served).

*Please make sure to apply for those plans after the registration for the marathon is completed.
(The application number for the race is required)

Shuttel bus
URL: https://jtbsports.jp/en/events/events-detail.php?id=7210
URL: https://www.jtb.co.jp/tabeat/List.asp?TourNo=cf5894002f10490dacf7b950
(Japanese only)

The panoramic road of the hill "Koya-Ryujin skyline"
~Discover the brand-new "YOU" by overcoming the tough race!! ~

**Early Premium Entry**
Application period:(Wednesday)18th December,2019 at 10:00 am - (Friday)31st January,2020 at 11:59 pm
*1500 yen discount for Early Premium Entry

**General Entry**
Application period:(Saturday)1st February,2020 at 0:00 am - (Friday)24th April,2020 at 11:59pm

■About the event
1. The Course monitor tour will be held this year! A shuttle bus for supporters will be available!(TBA)
2. The charm for "Wish Comes True" is available at Koyasan!(Paid service, TBA)
3. Participation award for this year is a memorial towel! In addition, finishers will receive a medal with a certificate!
4. Shuttle buses are prepared from Osaka City (to Ultra marathon 100/50 km start point) and Wakayama (to Ultra marathon 50 km start point)! Runners who will stay at Ryujin Onsen can get the bus departing from Wakayama by only 500 yen!
5. Nickname Number is available for the interaction among runners! Let's call each other's name to complete the tough course of the hill!
6. 20 aid-station set up along the route (one every 2~3 km)
7. After the finish, bathing facilities in Koya cho are available! (Paid service, the number of people is limited)
8. Accommodation plans at Shukubo (Temple lodge) in Koyasan, which is the world's famous tourist spot and at Ryujin Onsen, which is one of the three top hot spring of beauty are available!

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Please register a new account.
 ☆Register here ⇒https://jtbsports.jp/en/
Notice: After registering on our website, you will still need to entry the marathon on the marathon entry website.

If this is the first time you are using JTB sports station,
you need to complete your registration in advance.
Please apply for this event
after you have completed registration. https://jtbsports.jp/en/guide/entry_guide.php

【Don’t remember you ID / Password?】
If you have registered JTB sport station, and do not remember either your ID or Password, please go to the link below.
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Please enter the registered email address, Date of Birth,
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Payment:Please pay by credit card
In the event of Failed Payments
e.g.)Disruption by poor network connection or failed navigation.

Please confirm your payment status on your Mypage.

The event information

Click(tap) and look at item information

Event Date
Sunday, June 7th, 2020

*Races will take place rain or shine.
(Except, when there is a warning issued.)
Koya Ryujin Skyline

Start: Koya-cho, Ito-gun
Turnaround Point: Ryujin-mura, Tanabe City

[50K(One way course)]
Start: Ryujin-mura, Tanabe City
Finish: Koya-cho, Ito-gun
Event/ Capacity/ Entry Fee
General Entry:1,500
Premium Entry:300
Time limit:14 hours
Entry Fee: JPY 18,000(Early Premium Entry: JPY 16,500)
Eligibility :Men and Women who are over 18 yrs and complete the race within 14 hours.

General Entry:1,500
Premium Entry:300
Time limit:8 hours
Entry Fee: JPY 11,000(Early Premium Entry: JPY 9,500)
Eligibility :Men and Women who are over 18 yrs and complete the race within 8 hours.

※Entrants are not permitted to use wheelchairs in this marathon.
Race Regulations
1.Koya Ryujin ULTRA MARATHON will be held in accordance with the provisions which is determined by organizer.

Runners who fail to pass a checkpoint by the designated time must discontinue the race immediately.
Other than the checkpoints listed on below, runners who are clearly behind may be ordered to stop the race.

2.Race time will be measured using timekeeping chips.
3.Be sure to follow the directions of staff.
4.100km is certified by JAAF.
Participants Prize
A memorial towel for all participants
Finisher's Certificate
Finisher's Certificate will be issued.

Finisher's Medal will be provided for all runners who completed the race.
Luggage keeping service
We can deliver your items to the mid-aid-station.
(No high-value items accepted )
【100km】Transporting to Aid station at the middle point
【50km】Transporting form Start(Ryujin-mura) to Finish
Changing Room/ Water Station/ Aid Station /Record Measurement
●Changing Room
Changing Room will be located both at Start and Finish Point.

●Water Station
Every 2-3 km

●Aid Station
20 aid stations will be located on the course.
(For 100K runners, total 40 aid station will be located on round trip course.)

●Record Measurement
Record will be measured by timing chip.
Runners' Check-in
[Number Card Voucher]
The notification mail will be send 2-3 weeks before on the event day.
Starting Time
5:15 a.m. on the event day

10:00 a.m. on the event day

※The starting time might be changed.
・General category, men's/women's: 1st–3rd place
・Men's/ Women's age category (1.)39 yrs and under 2.)40 yrs to 59 yrs old 3.)over 60 yrs)

*Award certificates will be sent out at a later date
Decision for the Called Off
<Decision for the Called Off>
It will be decided the called off with the following policy.
Decision meeting will be held on 4 pm of the a day before the event day
and 3 am of the event day.

A) When warning is issued on the race day, because of heavy rain, thunderstorm and other rough weather.
B) When manager of forestry stops the usage of the course because of the danger of land slip.
C) When we decided it is impossible to held the event, because of the earthquake or other natural hazard.

<How notify it?>
It will be show the notification of Called Off on the Event Official Home Page.
1. Entry is done by first come-first served basis. The entry will complete when we confirm the payment for the entry fee.

2. When the event have to cancel the event dents due to some circumstances, the organizer decide the procedure of announcement to the participants at each time.

3. Please be sure to read and agree the Event Agreement before you apply the event.

4. The organizer and we understand that a representative have all authority of he/her companions. Please be sure to share the all information.

5. In the event that applicants experience any illness, loss of belongings, or similar incidents during the event, the event organizers take no responsibility outside of emergency measures such as first aid treatment.
Also, the organizer take no responsibility of an accident wherein damage is caused to or caused by the participant, regardless of the reason, such matter shall be handled by the participant as the organizer or responsible person disclaims all liability thereto.

6.Please bring your health insurance certificate for the race, just in case.

7.In case of impossible to use the original course due to bad weather or other circumstances, the organizer might change the course.

8. Runners are only allowed to run on the course. Escorting by bicycle is not accepted.

9. Runners only run on one side on Koya Ryujin Skyline. In case of emergency, emergency vehicle might be a packet ship.

【100 km outward】(Sat)6th,June,2020// 3:15 p.m. Kansai International Airport(KIX) departs bound to Koyasan
【100 km outward】(Sat)6th,June,2020// 4:00 p.m. JR WAKAYAMA STATION departs bound to Koyasan
【50 km outward】(Sat)6th,June,2020// 1:30 p.m. JR WAKAYAMA STATION departs bound to Ryujin Onsen
【100 km outward】(Sun)7th,June,2020// 1:30 a.m. Umeda (Osaka) departs bound to Koyasan
【50 km outward】(Sun)7th,June,2020// 6:00 a.m. Umeda (Osaka) departs bound to Ryujin Onsen
【50 km outward】(Sun)7th,June,2020// 7:00 a.m. JR WAKAYAMA STATION departs bound to Ryujin Onsen

【100/50 km homeward】(Sun)7th,June,2020// 5:30 p.m. Koyasan departs bound to Umeda (Osaka)
【100/50 km homeward】(Sun)7th,June,2020// 6:30 p.m. Koyasan departs bound to Umeda (Osaka)
【100/50 km homeward】(Sun)7th,June,2020// 7:30 p.m. Koyasan departs bound to Umeda (Osaka)
【100/50 km homeward】(Sun)7th,June,2020// 5:30 p.m. Koyasan departs bound to JR WAKAYAMA STATION
【100/50 km homeward】(Sun)7th,June,2020// 7:30 p.m. Koyasan departs bound to JR WAKAYAMA STATION

*The bus will leave on time; the runner who is late to finish the race will not be able to take the bus.

Apply from here:https://jtbsports.jp/en/events/events-detail.php?id=7210
*The contents are subject to change.
- Accommodation Plan-

Shukubo(Temple lodge) at Koyasan

Kirari Ryujin(Japanese style hotel) at Ryujin Onsen

Apply from here:
(Japanese only)

Event secretariat information

Event secretariat Koya-Ryujin Onsen ULTRA MarathonEntry Desk
Application address
Postal address
Phone number 06-6252-4009
E-mail jtbss@jtb.com
Business hours 9:30~17:30(Weekday ONLY)

Contact details

『Koya-Ryujin Onsen ULTRA MARATHON center』
(JTB Sports station )
TEL: +81-6-6252-4009/FAX:+81-6-6252-5089
Office hours:Weekdays 9:30~17:30( Off on weekends, national holidays and the 30th Dec~ the 3rd Jan)

Event agreement

[Event Participation Pledge]

When signing up, in addition to reading the items below, you acknowledge them, and enter and participate of your own responsibility prior to participating in the event, please give full consideration and take measures in regards to your health, including training sufficiently and getting a medical checkup.

1. All persons related to the event disclaim all liability for any injury during or incidental to the event, any and all injuries or illnesses after the event, including death, regardless of the cause. Further, the participants are to confirm and acknowledge whether any compensation is within the scope of the injury insurance of the event. Accordingly, the participant, their executor, trustee, heir, relative, or any other representative, shall not claim compensation, file suit, or claim any legal fees or costs thereto, in relation to any and all injuries suffered by the participant.

2. The participant swears that in the event of an accident wherein damage is caused to or caused by the participant, regardless of the reason, such matter shall be handled by the participant as principal and the organizer or responsible person disclaims all liability thereto. Further, the participant shall accept any recommendation by the organizer to abandon if the organizer has determined that there is difficulty in continued participation. The participant acknowledges that measures will be taken as to the participant if they should suffer accident, or illness during the event, and they are to make no complaints as to the method and result of such measures.

3. Changes to, and cancellations of, applications cannot be made merely for the convenience of the participant. Further, excess and duplicate payments will not be refunded.

4. There may be instances where the event is shortened, halted, or abandoned due to earthquake, storm, flood, sudden flooding of rivers, incidents, accidents, and other reasons, in such a case, no refunds of entry fees, etc., shall be made. The organizers may make decisions as to the running of the event in cases other than the above.

5. The participant acknowledges that the event organizer may use personal information provided by the participant such as their picture, names, address, age, competition history, and self-introduction, etc., in websites created by the event organizer, event brochures, publicity materials related to the event, and for the purposes of news and information media, further, that the organizer may use the above in print, video, and information media for commercial purposes.

6. The personal information of applicants will be properly managed by the organizers and planning operators, and will be used for the purposes of providing services such as confirming applications, contacting the participant, making announcements as to records (rankings, etc.), and to provide information on the next event. These may be done by organizations sponsoring or cooperating with the event. Further, they may be used by the organizer, planning operators, event sponsors, and cooperating organizations to provide information in relation to their services. Moreover, statistical data from which individuals cannot be identified may be created and used so as to provide better service and improve operations.

7. The participant pledges that no persons related to the event will be held liable for any illness, loss, theft, or accident, etc., that occurs during the event.
Please consider the environment, as use public transport such as trains and buses as much as possible. Further, no refunds of entry fees will be made for reasons relating to delays in public transport or traffic congestion, etc.

8. As there will be non-participants on the course, please full and prudent care. Please follow the event organizers instructions and guidance in participating in the event.

9. As a public place is being used, please take your trash with you.

10. The participant will be responsible to compensate for the loss of the IC chip for time recording purposes.

11. The placing on the finishing certificate issued on the day of the event is only provisional. The official ranking will be listed on the event homepage a few days after the event. Further, finishing certificates will not be reissued.

12. Other rules will be as determined by the event. If a participant does not follow the rules or instructions of staff, they may lose their right to participate.

[Privacy Policy]

The organizer handles personal information strictly, and in adherence with the laws related to the protection of personal information. Further, the participants acknowledge that their personal information may be used in their notification of participation, the list of results (including their name, prefecture, club, etc.) and for the sending of brochures for the next year's event.