[Cancellation] Chiba Aqualine Marathon 2020

Summary of the event

Period of the event
18 Oct 2020〜18 Oct 2020
Event venue
Chiba, Kisarazu 
Event type
  • Running Running
The number of capacity

Event information

**"Chiba Aqualine Marathon 2020" has been canceled.**

This site accepts individual entry for International Division ONLY.
Entry from this site is Chiba Aqualine Marathon 2020.

Entry Qualifications:
*Non-Japanese living outside and inside of Japan
*Japanese living outside of Japan
*first-come, first-served entries

The event information

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Date & Time
Sunday, October 18, 2020
10:00 Start (Marathon & Half Marathon together) *in case of shortened race, will start at 10:30
13:10 End of Half Marathon race
16:00 End of Marathon race

*In case the Executive Committee decides that the bridge section of the Aqualine cannot be used due to strong wind, etc., shortened race using only ordinary roads will be implemented.
Events / Capacity / Time Limit
1. Marathon(42.195 km)/ 12,000 people(included overseas entry) / 6 hours(from start signal)

2. Half Marathon(21.0975 km) / 5,000 people(included wheelchair Half Marathon) /3 hours 10 minutes(from start signal)
*We expect to accommodate around 10 people for Wheelchair Half Marathon
1. Marathon
[Starting point]: In front of Shiohama Park (Kisarazu City)
(Passage points: Kisarazu-Kaneda IC, Umihotaru PA, Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu shopping center, Sodegaura City Hall, Sodegaura Park, Hotaruno, Kiyomidai)
[Finishing point]: Former Kisarazu City Office

2. Half-marathon
[Starting point]: In front of Shiohama Park (Kisarazu City)
(Passage points: Kisarazu Kaneda IC, Umihotaru PA, Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu shopping center)
[Finishing point]: Ushigome Seashore

Note: If the executive committee determines that the bridge part of Tokyo Bay Aqualine is unusable due to strong winds or other weather conditions, the shortened substitute course will be adopted for all events.
1. Those born on or before April 1, 2002 who can finish the race within the time limit.
2. Only competitors with racing wheelchairs may enter the wheelchair half-marathon.
3. Competitors who want to enter the marathon or half-marathon but cannot run the race alone due to a disability may have a companion (caregiver) run with them.
You must arrange your own companion. Please note that guide dogs will not be allowed.
Participation Fees
1. Marathon 13,500 JPY
2. Half Marathon 10,500 JPY
Charity Program
Charity programs will be implemented for social contribution.
1. How to Participate
1) Runner Charity
Choose a charity preference when applying. A 500 JPY charity fee will be charged separately from the participation fee.
2) Special Charity Frame (limited to 20, first-come, first-served basis)
Those who donate 100,000 JPY will be able to participate fee of charge (including an optional special charity frame at the time of application).

2. Donation Destination
The donations, excluding required expenses, will be distributed equally to the following organizations:
1) Japanese Red Cross Society Chiba Prefecture Branch
2) Japanese Para-Sports Association
3) All Japan High School Athletic Federation (Special Donation for 2020 Inter High)
*Donators will be given an “Original Race Silicon Band” along with a number card.
*Runners who participate in the special charity event can receive tax incentives based on the proof of the donation to the above recipients.
*Please apply after agreeing to the above conditions.
1. Marathon
1) Top 8 finishers overall (male and female respectively) will be awarded.
2) Top 3 finishers male and female runners by age will be awarded.
3) Top 3 groups will be awarded.

2. Half Marathon
1) Top 3 finishers overall (male and female respectively) will be awarded.
2) Top 3 finishers male and female runners by age will be awarded.

*The award ceremony for Marathon will be held on the event day.
*The award ceremony for Half Marathon will be carried out in the Former Kisarazu City Hall.
1) Based on the 2020 Competition Rules of Japan Association of Athletics Federations and the regulations of this event.
2) The organizer may cancel the event or change the course due to strong wind, unexpected accidents, natural disaster, or other cause.
3) For the safety of participants, the organizer will set up checkpoint closure times, first aid stations, and water supply stations.
4) During the race, participants shall obey the instructions from the referees and other relevant conference operators.
Checkpoint Closures
The organizer will set checkpoint closures and security measures during the event.
The race will be stopped if checkpoint closures are delayed significantly.

Checkpoint / Location/Distance / Marathon and half marathon / In case of shortened race

Start Line (in front of Shiohama Park) /0.0km / 10:15 / 10:45
1. Aqualine Entrance Intersection /8.2km / 11:21
2. Umi Hotaru / 13.9km / 12:07
3. Aqualine Bridge Section / 16.5km / 12:27
4. Aqualine exit intersection / 19.3km / 12:50 / 11:53
Half Marathon Finish Line (Ushigome Coast) / 21.0975km / 13:10 / 12:10
5. Sodegaura Underpass Exit / 23.8km / 13:28 / 12:30
6. Sodegaura High School / 25.6km / 13:42 / 12:46
7. Tokaichiba Intersection / 32.0km / 14:34 / 13:39
8. Intersection after Kimitsugakuen / 36.6km / 15:11 / 14:16
9. JA Kisarazu City / 39.4km / 15:32 / 14:39
Marathon finish line(Former Kisarazu City Hall) / 42.195km / 16:00 / 15:10

*Checkpoint locations may be changed.
First-aid Stations
The following first-aid stations will be available to provide medical assistance in case of injuries or accidents.

First aid station / Location / Distance

Start line/ Kisarazu Chamber of Commerce Hall /0.0km
1. Iwane Elementary School Intersection / 4.1km
2. Aqualine Entrance / 8.2km
3. Umi Hotaru / 13.8km
4. Aqualine Exit / 19.3km
5. Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu Parking Lot No. 11 / 21.0km
6. Sodegaura City Hall / 23.8km
7. Sodegaura High School / 25.6km
8. Sodegaura City Social Welfare Center / 27.8km
9. Nakago Post Office / 30.9km
10. Tokaichiba Intersection / 32.0km
11. In front of Hotaruno Meeting Place / 34.7km
12. Kimitsugakuen / 36.5km
13. JA Kisarazu City / 39.4km
Half Marathon Finish Line・First aid station・trainer’sbooth / Ushigome Coast / 21.0975km
Marathon Finish Line・First aid center・trainer’sbooth / Former Kisarazu City Hall / 42.195km

*There are AED mobile team, basic life support team, and doctor runners on the course.
*Locations of first-aid stations may be changed.
Health Management
*Participants should manage their health at their own responsibility, and it is recommended to take a medical examination beforehand.
*The organizer is not responsible for any injuries or accidents during the race, except for emergency measures.
*The course is quite challenging, and it is recommended that participants engage in sufficient training prior to the race. In particular, please pay attention on the upward slope after passing 33-km distance. Please check “Course Slope Map” located below the Course Map.
International Exchange
A small number of runners who finish this race may be dispatched to overseas marathon races (Taoyuan Half Marathon, Taipei Marathon and Kaohsiung International Marathon for 2018).
Handling of Personal Information
1. We understand the importance of personal information, observe the law on the protection of personal information and related regulations, and handle personal information based on the organizer's personal information protection policy. For the purpose of improving the service to applicants, we will use the personal information for participation guidance, record notification, notice of related information, and to provide services from our sponsors, collaborators, and affiliated organizations.
In addition, the organizer or service providers may contact the applicant to confirm the details of application.
2. Placement and portrait rights on videos, images, reports, the names, ages, addresses (country, prefecture, city, municipality names), etc. of the participants for TV, newspapers, magazines, internet, etc. belong to the organizer.

Event secretariat information

Event secretariat
Application address JTB Sports Station
Postal address 9F, Hommachi MPR Bldg,3-1-8 Minami-Kyuhoji-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka,Japan 
Phone number 06-6252-4009
E-mail jtbss@jtb.com
Business hours Office Closed: Every Weekends, National Holidays and Dec. 28th to Jan. 3th) JST(GMT+9)

Contact details

Chiba Aqualine Marathon Executive Committee

(Entry Desk)
JTB Sports Station
Office Hours: 09:30-17:30 (Closed : Sat, Sun and Public Holiday <30 Dec-03 Jan>)
Address: 9F, MPR Hommachi Bldg,3-1-8 Minami-Kyuhoji-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 541-0058, Japan
Mail: jtbss@jtb.jp
TEL: +81-6-6252-4009
FAX: +81-6-6252-5089

Event agreement

【Rules and important notes on application to Chiba Aqualine Marathon 】
[Please read thoroughly]By applying, participants agree to the following terms.
(1) Entry fee will not be returned if the registration is cancelled by the applicant.
(2) Participation will be cancelled in case of falsified information on age, gender, record, etc., or if another person runs in place of the applicant.
(3) Entry fee will not be refunded if the race was cancelled due to natural disaster such as earthquake,storm, flood, snow, accidents, contagious disease, or other incidents beyond the control of the event organizer.
(4) No refund will be made for overpayment and/or duplicated payments.
(5) The organizer shall comply with laws and regulations for the protection of personal information and carefully handle participants’ personal information.
(6) Please be aware that duplicated application to the marathon and half marathon by the same person and duplicated application in individual entry will be disqualified.
(7) No entries or changes to existing entries can be performed after the entry period. Participants may be contacted or e-mailed if there are any problems with the application.
(8) Please be advised that the organizer is unable to respond on questions about entry status by phone.
Please be advised that we will not reconfirm about the non-arrival of emails to the registered email address due to incomplete address.
(9) The use of substitute runner and transfer of running right are not allowed. If discovered, participant will
be disqualified. Regardless of reason, no compensation or refunds will be given.
(10) The organizer is not responsible for any delay in the application due to a malfunction of the internet line.
(11) Applications may not be accepted depending on the device, operating system, or browser software used by the applicant.
(12) The following information is required: name, gender, date of birth, nationality, address (for sending materials), phone number (contact information during the day), email address, past running experience based on the application type (race name, record, etc.), target time to finish the race, presence/absence of co-runner (explain the reason if present), emergency contact person (phone, name, relationship)

(1) No refunds will be made for any cancellations due to reasons not attributable to the organizer's responsibility.
(2) The organizer will set up a luggage service. Luggage from half-marathon participants will be transported to the finish venue and returned to the participants afterwards.
(3) The organizer is not responsible for participant’s late arrival due to public transportation, road conditions,etc.
(4) Runners cannot display or wear any design, trademark, etc., that display company name, product name etc., for advertisement purposes at the race venue (including inside the course).
(5) The organizer may consign sales of photos etc. for organizations approved by the organizer.
(6) Runners cannot participate if wearing a costume that will endanger their health or considered so by the organizer.
(7) The organizer will not issue receipts for entry fee, etc. Transfer slip shall be the substitute for receipt.
(8) Participants can go to Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu after the surrounding traffic restrictions are canceled
(scheduled around 13:30).
(9) In addition to the above, please follow the instructions of the organizer for any matters concerning the race.