[Cancellation] Tohoku Food Marathon 2020

Summary of the event

Period of the event
25 Apr 2020〜26 Apr 2020
Event venue
MiyagiTome-City Naganuma Futopia Park
Event type
  • Running Running
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Event information

The “Tohoku food Marathon” is a fun run that runs along the beautiful lakeside of Tohoku in spring with tasting the Tohoku gourmet and sake-prepared water.
From reconstruction support for the Great East Japan Earthquake to promotion of regional revitalization through sports. It will be held in Tome City, Miyagi Prefecture in 2020, full of new initiatives.

With the planning cooperation of the French Medoc Marathon, we aim to become a “Global Fun Run” that transmits Tohoku ingredients and sake to the world.

The Tohoku Food Marathon, taking place in Tome, Miyagi, is the global "fun run" event.
Not only about running, the Tohoku Food Marathon & Festival will exhibit products from all regions of Tohoku, a field trip to a sake brewery, various tours, etc.
It will be an event that runners, children, volunteer, tourists, and residents alike will be able to enjoy.

Entry Qualifications:
*Non-Japanese living inside or outside of Japan
*Japanese living outside of Japan
*first-come, first-served entries

The event information

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Race Schedule
【April 25, 2020 Saturday】
 10:00 Check-in starts
 12:00 Relay Marathon starts
 15:00 Closing Ceremony

【April 26, 2020 Sunday】
 07:00 Check-in Starts
 09:30 Full Marathon (*Wave start: Start every one minute)
 09:50 Half Marathon (*Wave start: Start every one minute)
 13:05 5km Run (*Wave start: Start every 5 minutes)
 15:30 Closing Ceremony
【April 25, 2020 Saturday】
* Relay Marathon(about 21km in 2.5hours)

【April 26, 2020 Sunday】
* Full Marathon(42.195㎞ in 6hours)
* Half Marathon(21.0957km in 3hours)
* 5㎞ (45minutes)
Event Venue
【Start & Finish point】
Naganuma Futopia Park, Tome-City, Miyagi-Prefecture
Address: 161-84, Kitakata-Amagata, Hasama-cho, Tome-City, Miyagi
* Relay Marathon: Start from Naganuma Futopia Park and finish at the same park(1.5km)
* Full Marathon: 2 laps from Naganuma Futopia Park
* Half Marathon: 1 lap from Naganuma Futopia Park
* 5km : Start from Naganuma Futopia Park and finish at the same park
Time limit, Participation Fee, Number of the participants, Eligibility
【Relay Marathon 21km】
・Time limit 2hours 30minutes
・Participation fee 4-6person: 18,000JPY ※Additional charge 3000JPY per person up to 8 person
・Number of the participants 300 teams
・Eligibility Male or Female over the age of primary school students with the ability to complete the marathon.

【Full Marathon】
・Time limit 6hours
・Participation fee 8,500JPY
・Number of the participants 1,500
・Eligibility Male or Female over the age of high school students with the ability to complete the marathon.

【Half Marathon】
・Time limit 3hours
・Participation fee 6,500JPY
・Number of the participants 3,000
・Eligibility Male or Female over the age of high school students with the ability to complete the marathon.

・Time limit 45minutes
・Participation fee 4,500JPY(3,000JPY for the person who doesn't need the t-shirts)
・Number of the participants 500
・Eligibility Male or Female over the age of high school students with the ability to complete the marathon.
Record Certificate
Record Certificate will be issued for Finishers on the event day.
Participation reward
Tasting Sake Ticket, Tournament memorabilia goods etc.
Number card pick-up
(Saturday) April 25th, 2020 10:00~15:00
(Sunday) April 26th, 2020 7:00~ 8:30

Naganuma Futopia Park

・There is the tip to record/measure your time.Please put it on your shoes after you receive it.

・We will distribute your participation reward and the event program at main venue.
*Also you can receive the participation reward when Number card pick-up and after the race untill 15:30.

*The final information with number card voucher and runners guide will be post on your own "My page" of JTB Sports Station about two weeks before the event.
Please print out and bring the voucher with you to the check-in reception.
Parking lot
・Parking lots will be prepared near the main venue in Naganuma Futopia Park.
・Participants are required to park at the parking lots designated by the event organizer. Please note that the parking lots of Naganuma Futopia Park are not available and no changing request about the parking lot is accepted.
・Shuttle bus will be running from each parking lots.(About 20 minutes)
・To use a parking lot, an application in advance is required.(JPY 500 for each lot)
・Without the application, parking is not allowed. Make sure to apply for it during the entry.
・Parking permission will be uploaded on Mypage on mid April.
・Parking lots are limited, so riding together by family or friends is highly recommended.
*The Japanese Sake festival will be held at the venue. Driving by those who drink alcohol is strictly prohibited.
Participation Requirements
•Participants must be cleared by their personal physician to be of sufficient health to take part in the event.
•Participants must be able to end each event within the allotted time. (The event will end within the Time Limit.)
•Participants must agree to the terms outlined in the application rules and participant rules.
The organizer will provide an insurance. If you have get injured, it will be covered by the insurance only within the coverage of the insurance agreement.

Event secretariat information

Event secretariat Tohoku Food Marathon 2020 executive committee
Application address Tohoku Food Marathon Organizaing Committee
Postal address
Phone number 042-370-7431
E-mail entry@mspo.jp
Business hours 10:00 - 18:00(Week days only)

Contact details

JTB Sports Station
TEL: +81-6-6252-4009
Office Hours: 9:30 - 17:30 (Weekday Only) GMT+9

Event agreement

Logistics and Safety Precautions

1. The organizer shall not be held responsible for any sickness, injury, loss of personal belongings, or any other accident, beyond the first-aid relief.

2. Once your application form is submitted, no cancellation or change in the race category may be made for any personal reason.

3. Forgery with respect to age and gender, and a replacement runner (runner other than the registered party) shall not be tolerated. Any applicant who commits such wrongdoing will be disqualified.

4. Entry fee will not be refunded in the event of the cancellation of the race due to an earthquake, storm, flood, snow, accident, or epidemic.

5. Overpayment or duplicate payment may not be refunded.

6. All rights associated with the use of any images, photographs, articles and records related to the event, including the names, age and addresses (country, prefecture or city) of participants and their likeness for coverage by TV, newspapers, magazines or by the Internet, and all rights associated with the publicity based on the use thereof shall belong to the organizer.

7. Driver is required to secure a parking place in advance, following the required process.

8. No intoxicated persons are allowed to run the race and drive.

9. The personal information will be managed by Tohoku Food Marathon 2019 executive committee, and used for the guidance of the competition, notification of records and information related to the competition, provision of services from the sponsoring, partnering or related organizations of the competition, announcement of the record (including ranking etc.), questionnaire, etc.