Shimonoseki Kaikyo Marathon 2019

Summary of the event

Period of the event
03 Nov 2019〜03 Nov 2019
Event venue
Yamaguchi Kaikyo Messe Shimonoseki
Event type
  • Running Running
The number of capacity
Open Event

*If or are displayed, it might be a case of not able to participate to apply your family and friends.

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Event information

*The application will be closed on a first-come, first-served basis, early purchase is recommended (Japan time).

Entry Qualifications:
*Non-Japanese living outside of Japan
*Japanese living outside of Japan

Non-Japanese living inside of Japan can not entry from this application website

*Please click following URL for Entry and Application Procedures.

If this is the first time you are using JTB sports station,you need to complete the process of new membership registration in advance.

The event information

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Sunday, 3rd November 2019 (rain or shine)
Runner Check in
Saturday, 2nd November 2019
Time: 1:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.
Place: Help Desk at Kaikyo Yume Hiroba

*Information will sent via email in advance to your registered email address about 2 weeks before the event day.
【Marathon Course (Certified by JAAF)】
Kaikyo Messe Shimonoseki (start) → Dannoura → Chofu Sotouracho (loop-back) → Higashiyamatomachi → Hikoshima Ohashi → Choshu Dejima (loop-back) → Hikoshima Ohashi → Higashiyamatomachi → Kaikyo Messe Shimonoseki (finish)

【5km Course】
Kaikyo Messe Shimonoseki (start) → Shimonoseki Police Station→ Karato → Karato Market (loop-back) → Arukapoto → In front of the city hall (loop-back) → Kaikyo Messe Shimonoseki (finish)

【2km Course】
Kaikyo Messe Shimonoseki (start) → Municipal Hosoecho Parking Lot→ In front of the city hall (loop-back) → Kaikyo Messe Shimonoseki (finish)
Events/Qualifications/Number of Participants
【Marathon(42.195km)】Number of Participants is 10000.

Male / Female (with charity)
Male / Female (without charity)
*Over 18 years of age (Excluding high school students)

Male / Female (with charity)
Male / Female (without charity)
*Registered with the JAAF in 2019, and over 18 years of age (Excluding high school students)

【5km】 Number of Participants is 1000.

◆Junior High School Student
Male / Female

Male / Female

【2km】 Number of Participants is 1000.

◆Elementary School Student
Male / Female and elementary school students(4th grade or older)

◆Fun Run
Elementary school students or older

*The participant’s age on the day of the event will be applied to the age categories.
*High school students are students enrolled in high schools and/or those of equivalent ages.
*The runners who are overall top 3 entries men and women of Shimonoseki Kaikyo Marathon 2018,the entry fee is exempted for the category.
*All categories except for the 2km fun run require the participant to be able to run without running aids (wheel-chair, stick, waker etc.)
If the participant will use running aids, the participant may participate in the 2km fun run category on the condition that the organizer allows that it will not disrupt the event operation.

◆Entry Fee
General :8,000 yen/Charity 9,000 yen
Registered:8,000 yen/Charity 9,000 yen

Junior High School:1,500 yen

Elementary School:1,000 yen
Fun Run:1,000 yen

◆Starting Times


Time limit and compete rules
【Marathon】6 hours (Time limits are based on gun time.)
Due to event operation, 11 cut-off time checkpoints will be set in the marathon course. Athletes who fail to pass each checkpoint before cut-off time, or who lag excessively behind the cut-off time must abandon the race immediately and get on the accommodating vehicle according to the staff’s instructions.
*The checkpoints and cut-off times for the marathon are as follows. (planned)
As a rule, cut-off times are converted at 8min. 32sec/1km

1st CP:Mimosuso River Pedestrian Road Entrance (Route 9) 3.3km
Closing time 9:10(Elapsed time 0:40)

2nd CP:In front of Kanmon Medical Center (Route 9) 7.7km
Closing time 9:38(Elapsed time 1:08)

3rd CP:Mimosuso River Intersection (Route 9) 11.8km
Closing time 10:11(Elapsed time 1:41)

4th CP:Kamon Wharf Intersection(Route 9) 13.5km
Closing time 10:26(Elapsed time 1:56)

5th CP:Municipal Hosoecho Parking Lot 15.8km
Closing time 10:45(Elapsed time 2:15)

6th CP:Hikoshima Road Sakomachi Entrance (Halfway point) 21.2km
Closing time 11:31(Elapsed time 3:01)

7th CP:Takehisa Ramp (Shimonoseki North Bypass) 25.9km
Closing time 12:12(Elapsed time 3:42)

8th CP:Choshu Dejima Terminal 28.9km
Closing time 12:37(Elapsed time 4:07)

9th CP:Shioiri Intersection 32.8km
Closing time 13:10(Elapsed time 4:40)

10th CP:Hikoshima Road Sakomachi Exit 36.9km
Closing time 13:45(Elapsed time 5:15)

11th CP:Higashiyamatomachi Matsuoka 40.3km
Closing time 14:14(Elapsed time 5:44)

Due to event operation, 2 cut-off time checkpoints will be set in the course.(planned)

1st CP:Karato Intersection (Route 9) 1.6km
Closing time 9:02(Elapsed time 0:17)

2nd CP:Municipal Hosoecho Parking Lot 3.7km
Closing time 9:20(Elapsed time 0:35)

Time limits will not be set, but participants may be asked to abandon the race if it disrupts the event operation.
Records/Ranking Results
Official records will be the actual time from start gun to finish. Recording chips automatic timer system will be used for recording.
*2km The Fun Run will not be recorded, but please attach the recording chip for racing verification.

【Ranking Results】
Finals referees will decide the rankings of the overall top 10 men and women of the marathon event. Records by the recording chips automatic timer system will decide the other events’ rankings.
Top 10 places of men and women (On stage prize-giving)
②By age
Top 3 places of men and women (General only)
(29 & under, 30s, 40s 50s 60s 70s & 80up)
*Finishers will be given finisher certificates on the day of the event. Record certificates with split time per 5km and photos can be downloaded later from the event homepage (link on RUNNET).

①Junior High
Top 8 places of men and women (On stage prize-giving)
Top 3 places of men and women (On stage prize-giving)
③By age
Top 3 places of men and women (General only)
*Finishers will be given finisher certificates on the day of the event.

Top 8 places for men and women (On stage prize-giving)
②Fun Run
Recordings or prize-giving will not be conducted.
*Finishers will be given finisher certificates on the day of the event.
Participation Award
・Participation Award will be given for all participants.
・Original T shirt : Participants of Marathon(42.195km) only

Event secretariat information

Event secretariat Shimonoseki Kaikyo Marathon Executive Committee
Application address JTB Sports Station
Postal address 9F, MPR Hommachi Bldg,3-1-8 Minami-Kyuhoji-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan
Phone number 06-6252-4009
Business hours 9:30 - 17:30 (Every Weekends, National Holidays and Dec. 28th to Jan. 3rd)

Contact details

【Inquiries concerning the event】
『Shimonoseki Kaikyo Marathon Executive Committee Office』
Shimonoseki Chamber of Commerce and Industry 4F, 21-19 Nabecho, Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi 750-0006

【Inquiries concerning entries】
『JTB sports station 』

Event agreement

By applying, participants must agree to abide by the following rules.

(1)Once applications have been received, no requests due to personal circumstances for cancellations change of registration contents (category etc.) on the application.
Neither over payment nor duplicate payment will be refunded under any circumstances.

(2)In the event is canceled due to earthquakes, floods, typhoons, blizzards, epidemics, and other natural or human disasters and accidents beyond the control of the event organizers, it will be decide by organizer if they can make any refund. Also, the refundable amount will be belonging to the organizer's decision.

(3)The provision of false information (age, gender, result, etc.), or participation in the marathon by a different person to the registered entrant, is not permitted. Any applications found to contain false or misleading information after submission will be canceled and no refunds will be made.

(4) The event organizers reserve the right to use and publish in print, visual media or online materials, any video footage, photographic images, or written articles any entrants' likeness and details such as name, age, location (country, prefecture, or town name) and results.
Participants must agree to the following "Privacy Policy." By applying, participants also must agree to abide by the following application rules.

(5) The start order of the marathon is as follows.
1. The participants who meet the following requirements and who have performed the prescribed procedure will start from the block in the front row with priority (S block).
● Requirements: Those who have recorded a record (gross time) within the following criteria at a full marathon event from January 1, 2017.
・ Men: within 3 hours 15 minutes
・ Woman: Within 3 hours 45 minutes

● Prescribed procedure
・ Send a copy of the certificate (record certificate, etc.) meeting the above requirements to the Executive Committee Secretariat or submit it by fax (must arrive by July 31 (Wed)).
※ If those who meet the requirements in the Shimonoseki Kaikyo Marathon 2017 and 2018, sending records is not necessary.
※ Since there are many cases where printing is unclear by fax, it is recommended by postal mail. In addition, please fill in your name, address, and contact number in the margin space when you submit by fax.
※ We do not return copy of sent proof (record certificate).

2. For those who do not start from S block, it will start from blocks (A to E blocks) after the first row (S block) in order of declaration time at the time of application. Participants must declare the estimated time as accurately as possible. In addition, please note that it may be the start from another block by convenience of block formation number of people even if declared time is the same time. (If you do not declare, you will be in the last block)

(6) Participants should have sufficient training in advance and check their health status at their own risk. If you participate without the breakfast on the day of the event, you may experience symptoms such as anemia and hypoglycemic attack during the race, so be sure to take breakfast and participate. (If you have heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, etc., please consult with a doctor in advance to obtain the consent to participate in the marathon and participate at your own risk.)

(7) If you leave the designated course, you will be considered abstained.

(8) During the event, please follow the instructions of the staff in charge, such as the runway inspectors on site.

(9) During the race, runners may be stopped by the passage of vehicles and residents requiring urgent treatment, and the passage of vehicles and pedestrians may be prioritized.

(10) If you feel physical abnormality during the race, please stop running immediately. The organizers will provide first aid but do not assume any other responsibility.

(11) If the umpire judges that the race cannot be continued, the race may be discontinued.

(12) The organizer is not responsible for theft or loss of valuables, baggage, etc., and should be managed at your own risk.

(13) The organizer recognizes the importance of personal information, and will strictly follow the laws and related laws regarding the protection of personal information, and will handle personal information in accordance with the organizers' privacy policy. The organizer aims for improving services for participants and will use the information for providing participation guides, record notices, notices of related information, guides for the next event, services from the event support, cooperation or relating organizations and for record announcements (ranking, etc.) The organizer or outsourcing contractor may also contact the participant regarding the participant's application.

(14) Reimbursement for injury and illness of participants will be paid based on disaster compensation rule that the organizer establishes.

(15) In the marathon division of the tournament, the winners up to the 10th place in the men and women overall will be given the right to a special application for the Shimonoseki Kaikyo Marathon 2020.