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10 Nov 2019〜10 Nov 2019
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  • Running Running
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Open Event

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Thank you very much for participating in the Yokohama Marathon 2019 on this time.
You can download the certificate of completion from the following URL.

【How to download】
(The site is in Japanese only)

①Enter your number card(ナンバーカード) (only number) at the "runner search(ランナー検索)", and click "Search(検索する)".
②Click your name part.
③Click the "creating the certificate(記録証を作成する)".
④Select the template, and click "using this template(このテンプレートを使う)".
⑤Click the "downloading a PDF certificate(PDF記録証をダウンロードする)" to download.

POINT 1. supportive and energetic Water station.
The water station is kind of oasis to get energy for the runners, you will see the several performances at 18 water stations for cheering you up.

POINT 2. "Lucky Snack" will be provided for motivating runners at Aid station.
Many local ingredients from Yokohama city and Kanagawa Prefecture are used with the limited snack, as well as the number and distributing time are limited, so it's kind of lucky if you can have it.

POINT 3. "11 km Metropolitan Expressway Bayshore Route"is the key to complete the race.

Entry Qualifications:
*Non-Japanese living outside and inside of Japan

*Please note that the application period is Japan Time.
*This event is first-come-first served basis and all application will be completed.

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About after party
Date&Time: November 10th (The event day) 6:30p.m - 8:00 p.m.
Fee: JPY2,500
Location: Anex hall in Pasifico Yokohama
They have a bite to eat(pizza, sandwich, mini pork bun and steamed meat dumplings), and one drink(beer, wine and soft drink).
*There are not included all you can drink.

The event information

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November 10th, 2019 (Sunday)
Main venue
Start Time, Finish Time & Time Limit
【Full marathon】

Start time:8:30
Finish time:15:00
Time limit:6 hours
Start & Finish Locations
【Full marathon】

Start location:Minato Mirai Ohashi Bridge
Finish location:PACIFICO Yokohama
Competition rules
The races will be conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations (JAAF) and the event organizer.
【Full marathon】(42.195km)
【Full marathon】
Athletes born on or before April 1, 2001 who are capable of completing the race within 6 hours
Entry fee
■Full Marathon :17,000 JPY
Application Instructions (Please make sure that you read these instructions)
(1)Entrants may apply for only one type of race. Please note that if you submit multiple applications, you will be disqualified.

(2)Please submit your application via a PC, smartphone, or tablet. Feature phones cannot be used to apply.

(3)For online applications, an Email address can be used for only one application. The same Email address cannot be used for multiple applications.

(4)The payment is done only by credit card.

(5)The organizers assume no responsibility for applications that are delayed due to poor conditions of Internet connections.

(6)No changes, revisions or cancellations can be made to registration details for personal reasons.

(7)False declarations concerning matters such as age, gender, or course times are prohibited. Any person found to have made a false declaration will be disqualified.

(8)Participation by anyone other than the applicant (i.e. fraudulent participation) and the transferring of registration from one person to another are prohibited. These actions will result in disqualification. In such cases, the event organizer is not liable to pay any compensation or offer reimbursement.
Privacy Policy
Recognizing the importance of personal information, the event organizer will handle all such information that it collects from event participants in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations as well as its own policy for the protection of personal information. In order to improve the services that it provides, however, the event organizer may use personal information for the following: provision of participant guides; notification of results; notification of related information; issuing of notices about upcoming marathons; delivery of services from official sponsors, supporters, or related organizations; and publication of results (rankings, etc.). The event organizer or its contractors may contact applicants to confirm the details provided in their application forms. Furthermore, videos, photographs, articles, and the marathon results (containing your name, age, gender, result, picture, etc.) may be broadcasted, published, and/or used for newspapers, television programs, magazines, the Internet, and pamphlets. The event organizer also retains the right to post and use the aforementioned content.
Participation t-shirt:(Size)
Size    SM      MD      LG      XL     XXL      3XL
Chest   85~91cm  89~95cm  93~99cm   97~103cm 101~107cm  105~113cm
Waist   71~77cm  75~81cm  79~85cm   83~89cm  87~93cm   91~97cm
Height  162~168cm 167~173cm 172~178cm 177~183cm 182~188cm  187~193cm

Size    XS      SM      MD      LG     XL       XXL
Chest   71~74cm  76~79cm  81~84cm   85~89cm  90~94cm   95~99cm
Waist   56~60cm  61~65cm  66~70cm   71~75cm  76~80cm   81~85cm
Height  151~156cm 157~161cm 162~166cm 166~171cm 172~176cm  177~181cm

*Please note that you cannot change the t-shirt size after you have submitted your application. 
The T-shirt size will be decided automatically if you don't choose on the application.(Woman's SM for woman, Man's MD for man.)
Runner Check-in
[Check-in Place]
Location: PACIFICO Yokohama exhibition hole (Established in Yokohama Marathon EXPO 2019 venue)
Please bring your Photo ID(Passport or Residence card) for identification.

[Check-in Dates & Time]
Friday, November 8, 2019: 11:00am – 8:00pm (latest time for admission) (planned)
Saturday, November 9, 2019: 11:00am – 8:00pm (latest time for admission) (planned)

We will upload Number card voucher 2 or 3 weeks before on the event date.

*The runner check-in on the day of the event is not accepted.
*A runner is not allowed to join the race without check-in.
*The check-in by a substitute is allowed only if the runner has an unavoidable reason for not coming to the reception. In that case, the substitute must bring the written oath and the power of attorney. The person is required to show his/her ID.
*The reception desk can be changed according to the weather condition on the check-in day.
Planned reception gate locations and closing times
Time-Restricted Closing Point/Closing Point Location/Distance/Section/Closing Time

Gate 1/Yokohama Park/ 4.4/4.4/9:36
Gate 2/A Jetty entrance/8.1/3.7/10:03
Gate 3/Near Honmoku Bridge/10.5/2.4/10:21
Gate 4/Pool Center Entrance/14.5/ 4.0/10:52
Gate 5/Near Shinmori-cho high Viaduct/17.2/ 2.7/ 11:13
Gate 6/Yokohama southern market/19.8/2.6/11:34
Gate 7/Shuto express way56.1KP/22.9/3.1/12:00
Gate 8/Shuto express way51.5KP/27.4/4.5/12:40
Gate 9/Yokoham Symbol Tower (Turning point)/34.5/7.1/13:43
Gate10/A Jetty entrance/37.7/3.2/14:13
Gate11/Yamashita wharf entrance/39.0/1.3/14:26
Gate12/Near Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse/41.2/2.2/14:50
Gate13/PACIFICO Yokohama/42.195/0.995/15:00 
(Finish Point)            

*Regardless of closing time, a runner who get behind the latest vehicle is disqualified.
*Please note that the course, gate locations, distance, and closing time are subjects to be changed.

Event secretariat information

Event secretariat Yokohama Marathon Executive Committee
Application address JTB Sports Station
Postal address 9F, MPR Hommachi Bldg,3-1-8 Minami-Kyuhoji-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka,541-0058,Japan 
Phone number 06-6252-4009
Business hours 9:30 - 17:30 Office Closed: Every Weekends, National Holidays

Event agreement

Event agreement 【Application Agreement】

●Please make sure that you read and agree to be bound by the following agreement before submitting your application.

(1)No change, modification, or cancellation can be made to your application due to personal reasons once it has been accepted. Over payment or duplicate payments will not be refunded.
(2)During the marathon, an event or the start of an event may be cancelled if the event organizer determines that it will be difficult to continue. Additionally, participants agree to follow the instructions given by the event organizer with regard to safety management and marathon operations.
(3)The event organizer will not be held liable for any delays caused by public transportation or road conditions on the day of the marathon.
(4)With the exception of an emergency, the event organizer will not be held responsible for any illnesses, injuries, or accidents.
(5))In the event of an accident, loss, injury or the like during the race, participants accept full responsibility if they decide to continue.
(6)Participants will be compensated for any accidents, losses, or injuries that occur during the event if they are within the event’s coverage.
(7The consent of a family member or guardian is required if the participant is a minor, and the consent of other team members is required for group applications.
(8)False declarations (concerning matters such as age, gender, or course times), participation by anyone other than the applicant (i.e. fraudulent participation), and the taking of shortcuts (i.e. misconduct) are prohibited. Participation and/or awards will be rescinded if such behavior is discovered. The event organizer is not liable to pay compensation or offer reimbursement to any person found to have made a false declaration or engaged in fraudulent participation.
(9)For the purpose of smooth progress of the start, the starting block will be assigned to runners according to the best time they declared. The best time must be taken from January 1, 2017 to the moment of application. If the applicant has no record during that period, the estimated time will be considered.
(10)Proxy entry and short cut of the course are not allowed. The runner caught on those action will be disqualified and will not be awarded. In addition, the event organizer is not responsible and will not refund or compensate for the false declaration and proxy runner.
(11)Videos, images, photographs, and marathon results (containing your name, age, gender, result, picture, etc.) may be broadcast-ed, published, and/or used for newspapers, television programs, magazines, the Internet, and pamphlets. The event organizer also retains the right to post and use the aforementioned content.
(12)Please refrain from wearing masks, capes, or other items that may restrict your movement or vision. Participating in outfits that are a nuisance to other runners or spectators and actions that cause discomfort are prohibited.
(13)The event organizer will adhere to this application agreement and the separately determined competition agreement throughout the event (if the two agreements conflict, the competition agreement will take priority).
(14)Personal information provided by applicants will be handled in accordance with the separately stated event organizer’s agreement.
(15)If the event needs to be down scaled or cancelled due to unforeseeable circumstances (e.g. an earthquake, storm/flood damage, snow, serious incident, accident, or epidemic), neither the participation fee nor the commission charge will be refunded.