18th Higashine Cherry Marathon

Summary of the event

Period of the event
02 Jun 2019〜02 Jun 2019
Event venue
YamagataHigashine JSDF Camp Jinmachi and Jinmachi Fruit Line Course
Event type
  • Running Running
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Event information

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*Please note that the application period is Japan Time.

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The event information

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Sunday, June 2, 2019
JSDF Camp Jinmachi and Jinmachi Fruit Line Course

Higashine, Yamagata Prefecture.
Higashine Cherry Marathon Executive Committee
Capacity & Type
12,000 people

1) Half-marathon (Male or Female, age 18-39, 40-59, and over 60)
2) 10km Run (Male or Female, high school-age students to 39, 40-50, and over 60)
3) 5km Run (Male or Female, high school-age students to 39, 40-50, and over 60)
4) 3km Run (Male or Female, elementary school upper grades students, junior high school students)
5) Family (Male or Female, a group of an elementary student from 1st to 3rd grade and a parent (2 people))

*Each category has has capacity respectively(First come, First served).
Start Time
8:20 -- 5km Run
8:50 -- Half-Marathon
9:10 -- 3km Run
9:20 -- 10km Run
Entry Fees (tax included)
General admission: 6,000 JPY
High school students: 4,500 JPY
Elementary and junior high school students: 4,000 JPY
Family: 7,000 JPY
Those consenting to the terms of the event and able to complete it within the time limit.
Time limit
3km Run -- 30 minutes
5km Run -- 50 minutes
10km Run -- 1.5 hours
Half-Marathon -- 2 hours 50 minutes
12km point -- 01:35:00, Checkpoint 1
15.5km point -- 02:05:00, Checkpoint 2
19.2km point -- 02:35:00, Checkpoint 3

<10Km Run>
4.5km point -- 00:45:00, Checkpoint 2
8.2km point -- 01:14:00, Checkpoint 3

<5Km Run>
3.2km point -- 00:30:00, Checkpoint 3
Participation Awards
Sato-nishiki cherries, Rice balls.
An original T-shirt for all participants.
* 2 sets will be prepared for Family category
6:30 AM--12:30PM  Participation prize exchange        
7:30 AM--8:00 AM Opening ceremony
8:20 AM      Events start
10:40 AM--11:40 AM   Awards ceremony          
11:40 AM--12:10 PM Fun events/closing ceremony
12:30 PM        All events conclude
1) Tetsuhiko Kin (professional running coach)
2) Masako Chiba (world track and field medalist)
3) Tsugiharu Ogiwara (sports caster and Nagano Olympic skiier representing Japan)

Event secretariat information

Event secretariat Higashine cherry marathon Organizing Committee
Application address
Postal address
Phone number
Business hours

Contact details

[Higashine Cherry Marathon Registration Desk]

JTB Sports Station

9F, MPR Hommachi Bldg, 3-1-8, Minami-Kyuhoji-cho, Chuo-ku,
Chuo-ku, Osaka, 541-0058, Japan 

Email: jtbss@jtb.com
TEL: +81-6-6252-4009

Office Hours: 9:30 - 17:30
Office Closed: Every Weekends, National Holidays and Dec. 29th to Jan. 3rd)
Japan Standard Time (GMT+9)

Event agreement

*Please read the below and apply only after having consented to the terms therein.

【Notes on application】
1. Participation is limited to those persons consenting to the meet terms and able to complete the race within the time limit.
2. While the organizer is enrolled in an insurance plan, this does not imply any liability for injury, loss, or damage to participants, with the exception of first aid.
3. In the event that you cancel your registration or do not appear at the race, admission feels will not be returned, and awards not conferred.
4. Changes to or cancellation of race category for personal reasons cannot be made after you register. Please select a category that meets your physical condition. (Attempting to race beyond one’s physical limits is dangerous.)
5.Falsified age, sex, and other applicant details, including running under the name of another party are strictly forbidden. Participation will be revoked.
6. Where earthquakes, flooding, or other abnormal weather conditions cause an accident for reasons not imputable to the race organizer and the organizer decides to suspend the race, admission fees are not returned. In said case, commemorative T-shirts will be mailed to participants at a later date.
7. Overpayment or double payment cannot be returned.
8. Elementary, middle, and high school students should apply with their age as of the new academic year.
9. Participants under age 18 must obtain the consent of a parent or guardian.
10.The rights to likeness and copyrights to content appearing on television and in newspapers, magazines, and online, including but not limited to video, photographs, articles, logs, applicant names, ages, addresses (country, state, and/or city) vest with the race organizer.
11.The race organizer shall strictly comply with laws and statutes on the protection of personal information when handling participant personal data. 12.This event shall strictly comply with all domestic laws and regulations.

【Notes on competition】
1. This event is held per the terms of the Higashine Cherry Marathon and meet regulations.
2. Participants are solely responsible for their own health, such as undergoing a health screening from a physician prior to participation. If you do not feel well on the day of the event, please drop out.
3. The day of the event is slated to have a high temperature, so take ample precautions to stretch in advance and hydrate yourself. Health consultations will be available to those seeking them on the morning of the event.
4. Participants must gather behind the start line 15 minutes before each race by themselves. Note that joining a race after it has started and the attendant car is set at the end line is not allowed.
5. Where the time limits and checkpoint times set for each race are exceeded and race representatives deem the athlete to be unable to continue racing, the athlete may be asked to forfeit. Follow the representatives’ directions and board the requisite bus, etc.
6. With the exclusion of parts of the course, the race runs on the left side of the road.
7. You may be required to give the right of way to emergency vehicles during the race.
8. Avoid wearing clothing or costumes that would disturb others or inhibit safety.
Other precautions:

【Other notes】
1. Those violating the Higashine Cherry Marathon prohibited terms (entering restricted areas, running unauthorized advertisements, holding rallies, political activities, etc.) will be dealt with in the strictest fashion.
2. Number card voucher will be uploaded on Mypage in late May through early June. Please bring them to the event.
3. Do not remove the time tracking rig installed on the back of the number card. You must return it at the end of the meet. Note that persons who will not be attending the event must place the rig in the included return envelope and return it by mail. If the rig is not returned, you will be charged for its replacement cost.
4. Note that the organize bears no liability for delays caused due to congestion of roads and public transit on the day of the event. We encourage you to arrive early.

【Privacy policy】
The organizers, in recognition of the importance of protecting personal information, abide by all laws and ordinances concerning the protection of personal information and adheres to the event organizers' privacy policy when handling personal information.
For the purpose of contributing to more efficient operation of the event, personal information may be used by the organizers, or supplied to cooperating/supporting organizations, to deliver the participation guidelines, results notifications, related information and next year’s event notification, to announce race records and for emergency measures and collaboration among medical service facilities, as well as for providing services by event sponsors and cooperating/supporting organizations.