Biwa Ichi Ride 2019 "Loop Long Bike Ride of the Lake Biwa"

Summary of the event

Period of the event
10 Mar 2019〜10 Mar 2019
Event venue
ShigaNagahama Northern of Biwako Ohashi Bridge
Event type
  • Cycling Cycling
The number of capacity

Event information

The application for Cycle Cruising Course (About 100km / About 50km) has been closed as it's reached the maximum number of capacity.

Ride the Bike at Lakeside! Feel the Spring Breeze!! Long Distance Bike Ride!!!

"BIWA ICHI RIDE" is the bike ride event along the Lake Biwa that is the landmark of Shiga Prefecture.
Loop ride start from Nagahama City and go up the Northern side of Lake Biwa from Biwako Ohashi Bridge.
We will set a time limit, but it is not a time race!
So, please enjoy the scenic view of No.1 Lake in Japan!!
We will also held the Century Ride of the most popular course in 2018, again!
Please come and have fun with us!!!

This cycling is first-basis,first-served basis.we recommend to complete your payment at your earliest convenience,
The entry will complete when we confirm the payment for the entry fee.

"The inspection certificate"
*For providing pleasure and safety,all participants are required to conduct the vehicle inspection in advance.
*Please submit the inspection certificate with a stamp issued by the specified shop for the reception .
*Please be noted that you can not check in without the inspection certificate.

The inspection certificate is here.
(Please make sure to bring the stamped "The inspection certificate" with you when you check in.)

The event information

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Event Date
Sunday, March 10th, 2019
Event Starts 5:45 am ~(TBD)
☆Available 5 Courses!!
 *We set time limit, but it is not a time competition.

[Long Ride Course] (About 148 km)
Loop course at Northern side of Lake Biwa from Biwako Ohashi Bridge
(Time Limit 9 hours and 30 minutes)

[Cycle Cruising Course]
Enjoy the cycling and lake cruising
①About 100km(Time Limit 7 hours)
②About 50km(Time Limit 4 hours)
③About 37km(Time Limit 3 hours and 30 minutes)

[Century Ride Course] (About 160 km)
Based on the original long ride course and additionally challenging the 160K century run
(Time Limit 10 hours and 30 minutes)

*Further details will be up on the web site.
Eligibility for participation
Healthy people who are older than 4th grade elementary school students.
Also, must be confident to complete the whole ride.

*Elementary School Student need to participate with the parent or guardian.
Capacity of the Participants
[Long Ride Course] 1,400 participants
[Cycle Cruising Course] ①50 participants/②50 participants/③50 participants ※minimum number of participants is 20.
[Century Ride Course] 500 participants
Entry Fee
[Long Ride Course/ Cycle Cruising Course]
Adults: 9,500 JPY Students(Elementary, Junior High, High School): 7,000 JPY

[Century Ride Course]
Adults: 11,000 JPY Students(Elementary, Junior High, High School): 8,000 JPY

*Entry Fee is including the participation award and insurance.
**Entry Fee for Cycle Cruising Course is including the fare of the cruising and shipping fee of the bicycle.
*Once you entry the event, the entry fee is non-refundable.

[Charity Ride Entry Fee]
Additional 500 JPY to each entry fee, we can participate as Charity Ride.
Please input the number of the charity runner to the column of "Other Fee",
when you register.
And, please choose the sorts of donation, "Supporting the Mother Lake Biwa" or "Donation for Disaster" at the same time.
Parking Lot
We are taking reservation of the the parking lot is order of arrival.
It costs 1,000 JPY/car. Please make a reservation at the same time as your entry.

*Please be advised that we will assign the parking near the starting point area.
Because of the capacity, please come together with friends and your group member.
Event Participation Pledge_1
1.<The duty of the observance of the rules>
The participants must acknowledge that the cycling event will be held on public roads, obey the traffic laws and directions from the organizer, and beware not to cause any trouble to the flow of the traffic. The participant must acknowledge the warnings on the entrance requirements list, and partake in the event while being sufficiently conscious of his or her safety and health. The participant pledges that he or she will immediately retire from the event in case of sickness or injury.

2.<The understanding of the property of the Event and Safety>
The participant has experience in cycling, and is aware of the fact that there can be immediate changes in weather conditions, environment, and the conditions of the participants. Also, the participant understands that the vastness of the event may hinder immediate aid or service to the injured.

3.<Reporting of one’s health conditions>
Change in personal health conditions and the influence of it on the event is unpredictable. Also, please notify the organizer for allergies, overly sensitive tendencies, important medical histories, and other religious reasons that require emergency medical treatment.

4.<Acknowledgement of the duty of self-care>
The participant swears that in the event of an accident wherein damage is caused to or caused by the participant, regardless of the reason, such matter shall be handled by the participant as principal and the organizer or responsible person disclaims all liability thereto. Further, the participant shall accept any recommendation by the organizer to abandon if the organizer has determined that there is difficulty in continued participation. The participant acknowledges that measures will be taken as to the participant if they should suffer accident, or illness during the event, and they are to make no complaints as to the method and result of such measures.
Event Participation Pledge_2
5.<Compensation limits for injuries and accidents that involve death>
All persons related to the event disclaim all liability for any injury during or incidental to the event, any and all injuries or illnesses after the event, including death, regardless of the cause. Further, the participants are to confirm and acknowledge whether any compensation is within the scope of the injury insurance of the event. Accordingly, the participant, their executor, trustee, heir, relative, or any other representative, shall not claim compensation, file suit, or claim any legal fees or costs thereto, in relation to any and all injuries suffered by the participant.

The participant pledges not to ask for a refund of any cost (including participation cost) from the organizer, should the event be called off outside the control of the organizer due to change in weather conditions, deterioration in riding conditions, in case the contract be changed, or in case of damage to equipment that affect participation.

7.<Portrait rights and use of personal information>
The participant acknowledges that the event organizer may use personal information provided by the participant such as their picture, names, address, age, competition history, and self-introduction, etc., in websites created by the event organizer, event brochures, publicity materials related to the event, and for the purposes of news and information media, further, that the organizer may use the above in print, video, and information media for commercial purposes.

8.<Regarding items that are not specified in the above contract>
The participant agrees that if there are objections or questions about the interpretations of the above contract, the issue must be solved as according to the rules of the event. If there is a conflict regarding the event itself, the primary jurisdiction belongs to the Otsu district court, and the governing law must be the Japanese law.
Biwa Ichi Ride Executive Committee

Event secretariat information

Event secretariat Biwa Ichi Ride Executive Committee
Application address Biwa Ichi Ride Executive Committee
Postal address Chuo3-1-8 Otsu-Daiitiseimei-Seimei building, Shiga 520-0043 Japan(JTB Shiga Branch)
Phone number 077-522-4103
Business hours 9:30 am ~5:30 pm ※Closed on Every Weekend, National Holiday

Contact details

Contact details

JTB Sports Station

9F, MPR Honmachi Bldg., 3-1-8, Minami-Kyuhoji-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka,541-0058, Japan


TEL: +81-6-6252-4009
FAX: +81-6-6252-4015

Office Hours: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Office Closed: Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays
**Japan Standard Time (GMT+9)**

Event agreement

1. Follow the directions below while on the course, unless instructed otherwise by a police officer.
-Stopping places, to make sure to stop at a red light.
-Keep to the left
-Parallel riding (riding in a row) is prohibited
-Turn on the light
-And others things, including riding techniques that can cause accidents are strictly prohibited.

2. Strictly obey the directions of police officers and the staff.

3. Regarding the shape of equipments and bicycles
-To ride a bicycle that can run on roads.
(However, bicycles with electric motors or city bike such as a bike with baskets or a bike for shopping are not permitted)
(DH bar equipment is prohibited)
-Always wear a helmet.
-Only quick lever-equipped bicycles should run on century ride course, and long ride course.
-Equipment of bicycle lights, bicycle lights must remain on during early mornings.

4. The rider in the front must not outrun the leader. Also, following with a car is not permitted.

5. In case of retiring, notify an associate and follow his or her directions.

6. Participation of minors requires their guardian's approval.

7. Notify a police officer, an associate, or the event headquarters for accidents between participants, or with cars and follow his or her instructions.

*If found unobservant of the above directions, or found disobedient of the associates' orders or uncompromising to their warnings, we may altogether cancel the participation of the member.