Yokosuka Seaside Marathon 2018

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Period of the event
25 Nov 2018〜25 Nov 2018
Event venue
Kanagawa横須賀市 Mikasa park, Yokosuka port market
Event type
  • Running Running
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Run along the refreshing Yokosuka seaside!
We also are looking forward to your entry with your famiry for short courses; 3.8km or 1.8km.

If this is the first time you are using JTB sports station, you need to complete the process of new membership registration in advance.
Please apply for this event after you have completed this process.
Please note that completing new membership registration does not automatically register you into this Yokosuka seaside marathon.
Click on the following URL for the detailed procedure to apply for Yokosuka seaside marathon and other events in the future.
https://jtbsports.jp/en/members/" target="_blank">

The application is accepted by first come, first served who have completed the application. Please be advised that it is not able to complete the application if it is fully booked.
Entries in English limited to entries for foreign nationals in Japan and foreign nationals or Japanese nationals resident overseas.

Please apply the below URL if you are Japanese nationals living in Japan.

The event information

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Sunday 25 November 2018 (rain or shine)

※Please note that cancellation may happen in the severe weather.
Mikasa Park (registration office)

Yokosuka port market
<<Keikyu line>>
15 minutes from Yokosuka central station

15 minutes from Shioiri station

<<JR line>>
20 minutes from JR Yokosuka station (Keikyu bus is also available)

There is no car parking
Half Marathon

Time limit is 2.5 hours*
*Based on gun time

【Half Marathon】
1.JAAF registered runners Male over 15 years old (Excluding junior high school students)
2.Male over 15 years old under 40(Excluding junior high school students)
3.Male over 40 years old under 60
4.Male over 60 years old
5.Female over 15 years old under 40(Excluding Junior high school student)
6.Female over 40 years old

7.Male over 15 years old under 40(Excluding junior high school students) 
8.Male over 40 years old under 60
9.Male over 60 years old
10.Female over 15 years old and under 40(excluding junior high school student)
11.Female over 40 years old

12.Male over 4th grade in elementary school
13.Female over 4th grade in elementary school
14.Male or Female over the age of 4th grade in elementary school, apply in 4 members or more
15.High School・Fleet Run(Male or Felmale over the age of 4th grade in elementary school)
16. Male or Female is over the age of elementary school (parents apply)1 Adult & 1 elementary school student (Total 2 people)
17.Male or female elementary school upper grades students. (9-12 years old)Apply in 4 or more members.
Entry Fee
【Half Marathon】
High school student:4,300JPY 

High school student:4,300JPY

High school student:3,800JPY
Elementary school/Junior high school student:3,300JPY

【3km・High school Fleet Runn】
10,000JPY(Entry fee incl. premium animation goods)

【1.8km family】

【1.8km Group】
High school student:3,800JPY
Elementary school student/Junior high school student:3,300JPY

※You will be charged an additional entry processing fee.
Entry Qualifications
*Non-Japanese living outside of Japan
*Non-Japanese living in Japan
*Japanese living outside of Japan
*first-come, first-served entries
Eligibility requirements
1.Those who understand this competition’s aim and regulations, and are able to enjoy participating in it

2.Those who are healthy enough to complete the distance they are registering to run
Check-in・Lining up for the start・Start・Closing time
【Half Marathon】
Lining up for the start:8:30a.m.
Closing time:150 minutes

Lining up for the start:9:15a.m
Closing time:80 minutes

Lining up for the start:9:55a.m.
Closing time:25 minutes

【1.8km family・group】
Lining up for the start:10:40a.m.
Closing time:20 minutes

※All the information for the event will be mailed out approximately 3 weeks before the event. Please let us know if you do not receive e-mail from the office 1 week before the event.
※Our office will contact only those who have a problem in their application. If there is no issues with your application, you will receive a participation card about 2 weeks before the race.
※Anyone can join charity run.
High school・Fleet Run
Collaboration event with Japanese animation "High school Fleet"
The animation is located in Yokosuka. Students in Yokosuka Marine Girl's school work on to be "Blue Mermaid".
Participation certificate: original certificate and premium goods
Competition Rules
The race will be conducted in accordance with the 2018 rules and regulations of the JAAF and of this competition.
1. All participants will be given a participation prize.
2. Awarding ceremony will be held according to different races and categories.
3. The runners from top 1 to 6 will be recognized with a certificate.
1.Participants must take a health check and confirm that they are in good condition. If you do not feel well on the day of the competition, please refrain from participating.

2.Some parts of the route have loops and junctions with changing direction and road width. Please take sufficient caution and confirm safety when you go through these places.

3.In case of emergency, the race may be suspended to allow emergency vehicles to pass. Please follow instructions from our staff members.

4.Applications after the deadline cannot be accepted, due to the structure our system.

5.Participants may be allowed to run with a helper. Please contact our office for more details.

6.Running with a baby's buggy is not allowed.
Personal Information Policy
The organizer recognizes the importance of personal information, and abides by laws and relevant regulations regarding protection of personal information. They will deal with all personal information according to their personal information policy. Your details will be used for the purpose of improving services for participants in the competition. This includes sending information regarding the competition, records, relevant information, invitation to future competitions, advertisements from our sponsors, and publication of rankings, etc. In addition, the organizer and other appointed agencies might use personal information to contact you in order to confirm the details of your application.
Yokosuka Track & Field Federation
1. This raceis held according to Japan Association of Athletics Federation rules in 2018.
2. Please keep Runner’s Chip we distribute fastened on your shoelaces till you finish the race.
3. Please dress in appropriate running attire.
4. Please be carefulnot tolose your luggage.You can leave your luggage in the designated area in Yokosuka Gakuin.
5. Please come to the starting point 15 minutesbefore the start.It takes 10minutes from Mikasa Park to the starting point.
【Half marathon】
Gather in starting point 8:30
Start 8:45
Finish limit 11:15
【10 km】
Gather in starting point 9:15
Start 9:30
Finish limit 10:50
Gather in starting point 9:55
Start 10:10
Finish limit 10:35
Gather in starting point 10:40
Start 10:55
Finish limit 11:15
Line up according to your expected time. Please follow the posted sign boards.
6. There are turning points on the Half marathonand 10km.Please confirm the location in thecourse map before the race begins.
7. Please follow the instructions of officials while you run.
8. Please run slowly and safely when you reach the turning point.
9. Runners must be in pairs in the Family race. Please finish the race hand in hand.
10. The runners who cannot pass the point(Kannonzaki Rest House by 10:25, Maborikaigan-4-chome by 10:40, Miharu-cho-3-chome by 11:00, 2km to finish) or cannot finish within the time limit cannot continue the race.
11. For therunners for half marathon and 10km only,we willtime thenet time (from the start line to the finish line), using the Runner’s Chip.After you start, please besure to pass through the arch at the start line.
T-shirt Size
S(Length 64㎝, Width 49.5cm, SleeveLength 19cm)
M(Length 67㎝, Width 52.5cm, SleeveLength 20cm)
L(Length 70㎝, Width 54.5cm, SleeveLength 21cm)
XL(Length 72㎝, Width 57.5cm, SleeveLength 22cm)

Event secretariat information

Event secretariat Yokosuka Seaside marathon executive committee
Application address Yokosuka Seaside marathon executive committee
Postal address 2-14-4 Heisei-cho, Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa prefecture
Phone number 046-824-1061
E-mail info@yokosukajc.com
Business hours .

Contact details

Entry office
9F, MPR Hommachi Bldg,3-1-8 Minami-Kyuhoji-cho,
Chuo-ku, Osaka,541-0058,Japan   
Email: jtbss@jtb.com
TEL: +81-6-6252-4009

Yokosuka Seaside marathon executive committee
2-14-4 Heisei-cho, Yokosuka-shi,
Kanagawa prefecture

Event agreement

1. Once you have completed the application, you will not be able to change or cancel the race you are running for personal reasons. We will not refund any excess or duplicate payment that has been made.

2. In the event of earthquake, wind or water-related disaster, heavy snow, crime cases and accidents, or epidemic diseases, the organizer will determine whether competition will be reduced in size or cancelled. They will also decide according to the situation whether the participation fee will be refunded, how much of it will be refundable, and how the participants will be notified.

3. Participants should take good care of their health including heart conditions and sickness, and prepare themselves well with sufficient trainings before the event. The organizer will not be held responsible for any injury or sickness, accidents, or loss of properties that may occur during the race.

4. In case the organizer decides that a participant is not fit to take part in the race, the participant needs to immediately follow the instruction and retire from the race.

5. Participants agree to be administered first aid in case of an injury or sickness during the competition. The organizer will not be held responsible for any problem that may arise from the procedure or process of this first aid.

6. Participants will not hold the organizers responsible for accidents, loss of properties, injuries and sicknesses that may occur during the competition. They will withhold all the rights to request compensation for any damage from the organizer.

7. Please note that compensation payable for accidents, injuries and sicknesses during the competition cannot exceed the limit of the insurance that our office has.

8. Participants’ family members, relatives and guardians (if the participant is a minor), and team members registered by a representative of their team consent to terms and conditions of this competition.

9. Participants are not allowed to register with false age or sex. Any other person apart from the applicant himself will not be allowed to run the race on behalf of the applicant. Should these cases be confirmed, you must follow the organizer’s decision regarding cancellation of participation and any award, as well as banning the participant from future races. In such cases, the organizers will not be responsible to provide first aid or refund for these applicants and runners.

10. Please note that images, pictures, articles, records (including personal information such as name, sex, record and profiles) may be publicized and used on newspapers, TV, magazines, the Internet and brochures. Publication rights to these materials belong to the organizer.

11. Applicants’ personal information will be used according to the organizer’s personal information policy, which is documented separately.

12. The competition will be bound by the application regulations above, and the competition’s terms which are documented separately.
(The competition’s terms will have the priority if there is any contradiction.)

13. We reserve the right to refuse entry to the Event or to ask you to cease participation if you are Japanese and entry from this English site. And entry fees are not refundable.