Overseas Intensive "The 28th Sendai International Half Marathon ”(Guaranteed Entry and Programs )

Summary of the event

Period of the event
13 May 2018〜13 May 2018
Event venue
Event type
  • Running Running
The number of capacity
Open Event

*If or are displayed, it might be a case of not able to participate to apply your family and friends.

Event information

Entry period was extended! its available for 11th of March!!

This plan is first come first served basis,we recommend you to the payment settle sooner.

■Securing Certain Places for Overseas Entry

The Sendai International Half Marathon is a very popular event as the online registration for the open division closes within 30 minutes. In addition to the places for open division, we secure 100 places for overseas entrants, so you do not need to rush to register

■One-day Pass for Loople Sendai, Sendai Sightseeing City Loop Bus

You can get a one-day pass for Loople Sendai, the Sendai Sightseeing City Loop Bus. You can efficiently visit tourist spots within Sendai with this ticket.
The loop bus ticket will be handed when you marathon check-in.

■Selectable “Omotenashi ” Programs (Hands-on Programs)

Specially recommended programs by the Sendai Tourist Information Desk! Please enjoy Sendai through city explore or cultural experiences to your heart’s content. (Select one from the following three programs)
① City Exploring ② Japanese Cultural Experience ③ Interact with Locals

The event information

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Race Date
May 13, 2018 (Sun.)
Half Marathon: KOHSHIN RUBBER, Athlete Park Sendai (Sendai City Athletic Field) *Hereinafter: “KOHSHIN Park Sendai”
Half Marathon
Event Schedule
7:00 Opening
9:00 5km Start
9:10 2km Start
9:47 Award Ceremony ① 5km and 2km races
    Half Marathon (Wheelchair Division) Start
10:05 Half Marathon ( Elite/JAAF Registered and Open Divisions) Start
11:30 Award Ceremony ② Half Marathon (Wheelchair, Elite/JAAF Registered, & Open Divisions)
12:45 Half Marathon Finish
Race Rules
The race will be governed by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations competition rules, the competition rules of Japan Para Athletics (JPA), and the regulations of this event.
Half Marathon
[Start] KOHSHIN Park Sendai/South Side Street
[Turn-around point] In front of the 141 Building on Jozenji-dori Avenue
[Turn-around point] In front of Oroshimachi Park
[Finish] KOHSHIN Park Sendai

*Official course of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and the Japan Association of Athletics Federations (JAAF)
Entrant Capacities, Time Limits and Entry Fees
Event /  Entrant Capacity / Time Limit / Entry Fee (Yen)

*Half Marathon
(Open Div.)  /100  /  2hrs 30mins / 10,000JPY
Half Marathon (Open Div.): Men and women who are 18 years or older as of May 13 (race day).
·Entrants must be healthy and capable of finishing the Half Marathon (21.0975km) within 2 hrs. 30 min.

*JAAF Registered Athletes are also eligible to apply.
Notes for Applicants
1.An individual may not apply for more than one race. Individuals who are found to have applied for more than one race will be disqualified and will not be refunded their entry fees and processing fees after the application.
2.Misrepresent action of age, gender, records, or other information, or participation by a runner other than the applicant (false entry) are not allowed. If such an act is found, the individual participant or group participants will be disqualified and may be banned from future participation in this event.
3.A submitted application may not be altered, corrected, or cancelled. If there is a problem with the submitted information, the secretariat office will contact the applicant by the e-mail address or telephone number provided.
4.Please note that the secretariat office will not respond to telephone inquiries about the acceptance of applications.
5.Registration cannot be transferred, nor may another runner participate in the event in place of the applicant. If such an act is discovered it will result in disqualification. No compensation shall be made in such an event. Also, please be aware that entry fees will not be refunded.
6.The organizers claim no responsibility for delays in the receipt of applications due to the circumstances of the postal service or internet problems.
7.Please be aware that internet application may not be possible using some computers, operating systems or internet browsers.
Aid Volunteer Runners
As an initiative to offer aid to runners, ‘Aid Volunteer Runners’ who can provide emergency medical treatment to runners if required during the race while running the half marathon course are being recruited.
During the race, if a runner who is injured or in poor health is detected, Aid Volunteer Runners will cooperate with the nearest race official (official on the course) and medical staff to offer aid ( check their status, perform necessary procedures).
*Aid Staff will be positioned at fixed points along the course so activities will be coordinated with them.
In emergency situations such as cardiopulmonary arrest, life-saving measures will be implemented, the nearest race official (official on the course) and medical staff will be contacted and an ambulance requested. *After doing this, return to the course and continue with your duties.
[Recruitment capacity]
Around 25 (“first come first served”)
[Application requirements]
Individuals who meet the following two requirements
1) Doctors, nurses, assistant nurses, emergency life paramedics, individuals who have completed Emergency Treatment Course I and individuals who have completed Emergency Treatment Standard Course.
Those who have one of the above qualifications and can perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid.
2) Individuals who have experience completing a full marathon/half marathon and can perform their duties while running the course.
[Recruitment period]
January 9 (Tue) – February 28 (Wed), 2018
Race Registration/Check in date
The notification mail for Number card voucher will be sent 2-3weeks before the event date.
Please make sure to bring the "Number Card Voucher" with you to exchange your Number Card when you check in. We do not send it by postal mail for oversea runners.

/Check in date/
10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. May 12,2018
Venue:Kotodai Park Citizen Square

7:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. May 13,2018
KOHSHIN RUBBER, Athlete Park Sendai*tentative
Half Marathon (Open Div.)
The overall first to eighth place finishers, in addition to the first to eighth place finishers in each of the following age groups in the men's and women's races will receive an award certificate and a commemorative gift.

① 18-29 years ② 30-39 years ③ 40-49 years ④ 50-59 years ⑤ 60 years and over

・Only the overall top three male and female finishers will be awarded at the award ceremony.

・Finishing order within age groups will be determined by Net Time. First to eighth place finishers in each of the above five age groups will have their award certificates and commemorative gifts (no ceremonies will be held for age-group awards).
Selectable “Omotenashi ” Programs (Hands-on Programs)
① City Exploring
A local guide will introduce you to downtown Sendai. Why not try Sendai cuisine recommended by locals or cultural experiences such as making your own original kokeshi doll by painting them.
・Time and Date: 5/12 afternoon, 5/13 afternoon, 5/14 morning (tentative)
・Time Required (duration): 1.5 hours
・Capacity: 10 people
・Languages: English and Chinese

② Japanese Cultural Experience
Sendai is famous for its Tanabata Festival. During the festival, paper decorations hanging from bamboo trees beautifully color the entire city.
Try and make a colorful mini-tanabata decoration and take it home with you.
・Time and Date: 5/12 afternoon, 5/13 afternoon, 5/14 morning (tentative)
・Time Required (duration): 1.5 hours
・Capacity: 10 people
・Languages: English and Chinese

③ Interact with Locals
Why not enjoy takoyaki (octopus balls) and drinks with Sendai locals? You may also have a chance to further interact with other runners after the race.
・Time and Date: 5/13 evening (tentative)
・Time Required (duration): 2 hours
・Capacity: 25 people
・Languages: English and Chinese
1) Attach number cards to the chest and the other to the back with the provided safety pins so they are readily visible.
*Number cards for participants in the Half Marathon (Wheelchair Div.) must be attached in
accordance with the race rules of Japan Para Athletics (JPA) and regulations of this event.
In addition, this race utilizes RS Tags (Runner’s Sport Tags) to record times. Please attach the tag to your shoelaces using twist ties. (Participants in the Wheelchair Div. should attach the tag to the front or rear frame of their wheelchair.) Please do not remove the tag until the end of the race.
*Note that record time may not be measured correctly, if you attach the RS Tags to any other place than your shoelaces.
2) Regarding records, Gross Time and Net Time will be measured for Half Marathon participants, and Split Time will be measured for Gross Time every 5km. Only Gross Time will be measured for the 5km and 2km races.
3) Commemorative gifts will be given to the participants. These will be sent in advance to all participants (around mid-April) so there is no need to apply. ** (Domestic only. The runner who live in Oversea can receive the gift when you check-in)**
4) Half Marathon finishers (who finish within the time limit) will also receive a ‘Finisher’s Towel.’
5) The organizers will handle any accidents that occur during the race within the scope of accident insurance. Participants are requested to bring a health insurance card (or copy thereof) in case of accident.
Others-1(Check point)
6) Along the Half Marathon course, checkpoints will be set up, with their closing times as follows:
Checkpoint JAAF Elite/ Registered Div./Open Div.
1.8.6km  In front of the Peace Building Nishi Park, Nishi Park Street→11:11(61 min.)
2.11.0km Itsutsubashi intersection→11:28 (83 min.)
3.12.8km Intersection in front of the Athletic Field→11:41 (96 min.)
4.15.0km Miyagino 2-chome intersection→11:57 (112 min.)
5.17.9km In front of Oroshisho Center→12:17 (132 min.)
6.19.6km Miyachiyo 1-chome intersection→12:29 (144 min.)

*Other than the checkpoints listed above, runners who are clearly behind may be ordered to stop the race.
*Regardless of the given times for checkpoints, the course will be closed after the traffic control car following the last runners passes by. No runner may run behind the traffic control car.
*During the race, if the race officials determine that a runner in the Wheelchair Div. will be overtaken by runners of the Elite Div., that runner will be disqualified for safety reasons. A race official will direct the runner to discontinue the race. Please follow the directions of the race official and board the pick-up bus.
*Runners who fail to pass a checkpoint by the designated time must discontinue the race. Please follow the directions of race officials, immediately remove your number card and move to the sidewalk. Board the pick-up bus at the next checkpoint.
*At 12:45 (2 hrs. 40 min. after starting), all races will end regardless of whether checkpoints have been passed. Traffic control will end and it will be impossible to continue running. Runners who are still on the course must immediately discontinue the race, move to the sidewalk and remove their number cards.

Note) Runners who have not passed the checkpoint may not continue running.
They must immediately discontinue the race, move to the sidewalk, and take off their number cards.
Others-2 (Fluid stations and toilets/Baggage/)
8)Fluid stations and toilets will be set up along the Half Marathon course at the following points:
Location : Items (tentative) /Facilities
3.8km (In front of Higashi-Nibancho Elementary School):Water /Toilet
6.8km (In front of Nishi Park): Water, sports drinks /Toilet
10.6km (In front of Kahoku Shimpo Publishing Co. Headquarters):Water, sponges, sports drinks /Toilet
13.8km (In front of Sendai Ikuei Gakuen High School):Water, sponges, sports drinks /Toilet
14.3km (In front of Nippon Unyusoko Sendai Miyagino Branch):N/A /Toilet
16.1km (In front of TOYOTA Rent-A-Lease MIYAGI Inc., Oroshimachi Shop): Water /N/A
18.0km (In front of Sendai Oroshisho Center):Water, sports drinks/Toilet
9)Fluid station and toilet will be set up along the 5km course at the following point:
Location Items (tentative) Facilities
1.99km (In front of Sendai Ikuei Gakuen High School) Water /Toilet

10) Baggage can be deposited at the Baggage Deposit Station starting at 7:00 a.m. on the day of the race. Attach the Baggage Tag you will receive at pre-race check-in to your belongings.
*Please be aware that the organizers claim no responsibility for lost or stolen baggage.
*Please keep your valuables with you at all times.
11)Tents for changing clothes will be available, but they are expected to be crowded. To the extent possible, please arrive at the venue dressed in your running clothes.

12)In accordance with the IAAF charter, participants in the Half Marathon (JAAF Registered Div.) will be selected at random for doping control inspections. If you are chosen, please follow the officers’ directions. (Guardians’ consent is required for minors.)
Others-2(Assembly at the starting blocks)
13)Assembly at the starting blocks
①Half Marathon (JAAF Elite/Registered Div.) (Open Div.)
Starting positions are assigned in order of self-reported times (=number card). Starting blocks will be set according to self-reported times, so please assemble at the block that matches your reported time no later than 20 minutes before the start of the race (9:45). Please note that runners with no reported time will be assigned to the final block.
*After 9:45, runners will no longer be directed to starting blocks. Please be aware that runners who do not arrive in time for the assembly will start the race after the final block regardless of their self-reported times.
*Please note that entrants who do not arrive in time for 10:05 start will be disqualified.

*Proxy assembly by guardians etc. is not allowed in any case. Be sure that runners should assemble by themselves.
14) A number card and a participants' guide will be sent to all entrants in the middle of April via our website.
15) There is no parking lot at the starting area, so please use public transportation. The organizers claim no responsibility for delayed arrivals due to public transportation, traffic congestion, etc.
16) This event doubles as a trial race for runners dispatched to the Nenrin-pic Marathon Exchange Event (Senior Div.). Sendai residents over the age of 60 are eligible. For details, please contact Sendai City Silver Center (Tel. 022-215-3170).
17) Runners from the Elite Division and JAAF Registered Division who place highly in the half marathon will be invited to the Kume Island Marathon and those of open division will be invited to the Kobe Marathon and the Kyoto Marathon. One male runner and one female runner will be invited to each race and only Sendai resident are eligible for aforementioned invite.
18) Runners from the Elite Division and JAAF Registered Division who are highly awarded will be recommended as runners for alliance race ‘RUN as ONE – Tokyo Marathon 2019 (Semi-Elite)’. Only runners who are residents of Miyagi Prefecture and who are registered in the Miyagi Amateur Athletics Association are eligible for the aforementioned recommendation.
19) No entrant may wear or display any design or trademark representing a company or product for the purpose of advertising at the venue, including on the course. In addition, no entrant may wear or display items with political slogans or language against public order and morals. Moreover, should an organizer deem an item of yours to be inappropriate, you may be refused entry the race.
20) Entry or running in the course by those who are not entrant is a nuisance and strictly prohibited.
21) Please note that the organizers may allow the sale of photos, etc. on a consignment basis.
22) All runners’ records will be uploaded to the official website at http://www.sendaihalf.com.
23) Half Marathon finishers (Elite Div./JAAF Registered Div.) will be given an official time certificate. Half Marathon finishers and 5km and 2km finishers will be given a certificate of completion (for details on the distribution of certificates, please see the Participants’ Guide that will be sent in mid-April).
On the day of the race, finishing flash times can be viewed on Runners’ Update site: http://runnet.jp/record/ (Japanese)
24) This race is subject to the Japan Half Marathon Ranking presented by R-bies, INC.
25) In addition to the above, please follow all directions given by the organizer with regard to the event.
Use of Personal Information
1.The organizer recognizes the importance of personal information and shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations and abide by its personal information protection policy.
2.Participants’ personal information will be used to enhance services provided to participants, to deliver invitations and guidance, record notification, related information, invitations for future competition events, services provided by cooperating and related organizations, and to announce rankings. Additionally, organizers and authorized representatives may use your personal information to contact you in order to verify details of your application.
3.Sendai International Half Marathon forms an alliance with ‘RUN as ONE – Tokyo Marathon 2019 (Semi-Elite). According the alliance, participants’ personal information in this event will be provided with Tokyo Marathon Foundation by electromagnetic means.
The information to be provided is;
1)Name 2)Gender 3)Date of Birth 4)Contact details 5)Records (Result).
This information will be used for entry of ‘RUN as ONE – Tokyo Marathon 2019’ and to determine starting block for Tokyo Marathon based on the result in this event.
Please contact the Secretariat Office for refusal to the provision.
T-shirts Size
Please refer to your T-shirt size below list.

XS  Height(cm) / Width(cm)
  157~163  / 81~87
  162~168  / 85~91
  167~173  / 89~95
  172~178  / 93~99
  177~183  / 97~103
  182~188  / 101~107
  187~193  / 105~111

Event secretariat information

Event secretariat JTB Sports Station
Application address JTB Sports Station
Postal address 7F, Hommachi Cross Bldg,3-1-8 Minami-Kyuhoji-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka,Japan 
Phone number 816-6252-4009
E-mail jtbss@jtb.com
Business hours Office Closed: Every Weekends, National Holidays.Japan Standard Time (GMT+9)

Event agreement

Terms and Conditions for Application
Applicants must agree to the following terms and conditions and fill out the application form.
1.Submitted applications cannot be altered or cancelled due to personal circumstances.
2.If the event is cancelled or curtailed due to conditions beyond the organizer's control (earthquakes, storm or flood damage, incidents, accidents, etc.), personal circumstance, multiple applications, and overpayment or multiple payments, entry fees will not be refunded.
3.Participants must not falsify their age, gender, or other information, or employ a proxy runner. If such an act is discovered, the participant must abide by the decision of the organizer to revoke the participant’s entry and any awards, bar the participant from future participation in the event, etc. Participants understand that the organizer has no responsibility to provide aid or refund the entry fee in such cases.
4.Participants must not suffer from heart disease or other illnesses, must pay attention to their health and undergo adequate training before participation. The participant assumes responsibility for all illness, injury, accident, and loss. If the participant is not feeling well on the day of the event, they must withdraw from the race.
5.During the race, if the organizers (staff, doctors, medical staff, etc.) determine that there is an obstacle to a participant’s continued participation in the race, the participant must follow directions to discontinue the race immediately. In addition, participants must follow directions from the organizers concerning safety and/or the administration of the event.
6.A participant who becomes ill or injured during the event may not refuse emergency medical treatment, and shall not hold the organizer responsible for the methods used, their efficacy, etc.
7.Participants release the organizers from responsibility concerning accidents, losses, injuries or illnesses that may occur during the event, and agree not to claim damages.
8.Participants understand that compensation for accidents, illness or injuries that may occur during the event shall be within the scope of insurance coverage provided by the organizer.
9.Participants’ family members, relatives and guardians (in the case of a minor) must consent to the participant’s participation in this event.
10.Participants consent to the reporting, publication and use of videos, photographs, articles, and records relating to the event (including personal information such as name, age, gender, records, and portraits) in the newspaper, television, magazines, internet, and pamphlets. Participants grant the organizers the right to publish and use this information.
11.Participants must agree to the organizer’s rules regarding the handling of personal information, which are specified in a separate document.
12.In addition to the above terms and conditions, participants must agree to abide by the organizer’s rules for the race. (In the event of any inconsistency, the rules for the race shall prevail.)