Tokushima Marathon 2018

Summary of the event

Period of the event
24 Mar 2018〜25 Mar 2018
Event venue
Event type
  • Running Running
The number of capacity

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Event information

The entry period is extended at 23:59(Sun)14/01/2018!!! You can entry now!!

*Please click following URL for Entry and Application Procedures

Entry Qualifications:
*Non-Japanese living outside of Japan
*On a first-come, first-served basis

The event information

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1.)25 March 2018(Sunday) Marathon
*Time limit 7 hours

2.)24 March 2018(Saturday) Fun Run

*The event will be held rain or shine
Event Item
Fun run
Event Schedule
March 25 (Sunday)
Opening Ceremony   8:45
Start (1st wave 9:00) (2nd wave 9:10)

March 24 2018(Saturday) Fun Run
14:00 start
15:00 end
Tokushima Marathon 2018 course certified.

(Certified by Japan Assoiation fo Athletics Fedrations and IAAF/AIMS)

Tokushima Prefectural Office→Yoshino River Bridge
→North bank of Yoshino River→Saijo Bridge
→South bank of Yoshino River→West of Johnouchi Junior and Senior High School
→Tokushima City Athletics Stadium

Fun Run
Tokushima Civic General Gymnasium→Tokukushima Chuo park
Competition Rules
The race will be conducted in accordance with the 2017 rules and regulations of the JAAF and this competition.
Awards for Marathon
1. The fastest 10 runners
2. General Men's and women's champion
3. Men's and women's fastest 3 runners from each age categories.
Entry Fees

■Fun Run:2,000JPY
7 Places

Nearby Yoshino River Bridge at the north end
Nearby Nada Bridge at the north end
Nearby Rokujyou Bridge at the north end
Nearby Saijou Bridge at the south end
Nearby Rokujyou Bridge at the south end
Nearby Nada Bridge at the south end
Nearby Benten Bridge(diving Bridge)at the south end
Race Bibs
Due to the case of overseas cannot be sent by mail in advance,we will inform you
before 2 days, 1 day of the Marathon Day, or the Marathon Event day, details is described in below.
Bib Number
24 March,2018 at Tokushima Civic General Gymnasium
25 March,2018 at Tokushima Prefectural Office *Time:6:00AM-8:00AM

The pick-up information for Bib number will be updated at your own page 2 weeks ahead on the event date.
The notification of update,it will be sent out to your registered e-mail.

Event secretariat information

Event secretariat Tokushima Marathon Executive
Application address JTB Spots Station
Postal address Bandaicho 1-1 Tokushima, Tokushima 770-0941 Japan(Tokushima Pref.Nigiwai-dukuri-ka)
Phone number 088-621-2150
Business hours .

Event agreement

Terms of application:

1 Cancellation of your entry or correction of entry information due to personal
reasons cannot be made.
Fees are non-refundable even if they are excessively or redundantly paid.

2 Fees for entry or others are non-refundable if the race is cancelled or reduced
due to reasons that are out of the organizer’s control (earthquake, storm, flood, snow, incident, disease, etc.).

3 Since runners are responsible for their own health, please pay attention to your
physical conditionsand make appropriate preparations for the race.
The organizer may command a runner to retire from the race if it is considered
necessary, and runners should follow such instructions.
The organizer will only provide first-aid treatment be injury or sickness that
arises during the race.

4 If there is false statement in the application (age, sex, past records, etc.)
or dishonest act such as participation of a person other than the applicant,
the participation or award will be revoked, and fees paid will not be refunded.

5 The organizer holds the image rights of videos, photographs, articles, entrants’ names, ages, addresses (prefecture and municipality), as well as the right of
posting these information on newspapers, TV, magazines, the internet, brochures,
etc. Please also read “Personal Information Policy” below.

6 All the staff of this event will observe all related laws.

7 As for matters related to Tokushima Marathon 2018 but not mentioned above,
please follow the organizer’s instructions.

Personal Information Policy:

We, the organizer of this event, realize the importance of personal information,
and will comply with laws and related ordinances concerning the protection of
personal information,and handle the obtained information in accordance with our
personal information protection policy.

We will use the information in order to improve services to entrants; namely, we
will provide entrants with “information for entrants”, notice of record, related
information, news for the next event, services by organizations related to the
event, and notice of results (ranking).

Further, the organizer or its agent may contact you regarding your application.

* There is no space for parking around the start and finish area, so please use
public transportation such as JR and bus service.

* Participants are required to attach Number cards on their chest and back,
and to carry health insurance card.