Kagoshima Marathon 2018 (Tour with Guaranteed Entry to the Marathon)

Summary of the event

Period of the event
03 Mar 2018〜04 Mar 2018
Event venue
Kagoshima Dolphin Port (start)
Event type
  • Running Running
The number of capacity
Open Event

Event information

You can fully experience Kagoshima.

This is for overseas runners include Japanese residing outside Japan.

Only individual entry is available for oversea runners.

[How to apply]
1. Please entry from Apply bouton.
2. Continue to move on to the tour application screen. Please select the plan you wish.
3. Please make sure that there is not any mistakes in the application contents.
4. Please make a payment using your credit card.

* If you interrupted during the operation or your payment has not been transacted, your application will be canceled.

We contact overseas runners by "e-mail" only.
No documents will be sent to runners by postal.
Please check your email frequently to make sure you are receiving updated by us.

The event information

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Date and Time
Sunday March 4 2018 Races will take place rain or shine.
8:30 am Marathon / Fun Run starts
10:15 am Fun run finishes
3:30 pm Marathon finishes
Check-in dates and times
Friday 2 March 2018 1:00pm-8:30pm (scheduled)
Saturday 3 March 2018 10:00am-8:30pm (scheduled)

There are no check-in on the event day. (Not check-in out of those time.)
Please check-in on either March 2 or 3 .
Check-in Venue
Place :  Chuo Kouminkan (Community Center)

Address: Yamashita-cho 5-9,Kagoshima-shi
All races are administered in accordance with the 2017 Rules of the Japan Association of Athletics Federations (JAAF) and the regulations for this competition.
[Marathon]*Course is officially accepted by JAAF*
Start at Dolphin Port, return at Aira-shi Shigetomi, and finish at Kagoshima city hall.

[Fun Run]
Start at Dolphin Port and finish at Yamagataya
Event / Time limit / Fee

42.195km / 7hours / 10,000JPY

Fun run
8.9km / 1 hours and 45 minutes / 3,000JPY

Commission charge 1,000JPY

Time limits are based on gun time.
T-shirt size
Size Height(approx.) Chest size(approx.)

SS  160cm       84cm
S    165cm       88cm
M   170cm       92cm
L    175cm       96cm
O    180cm       100cm
XO  185cm        104cm

* The change of T-shirt size cannot be accepted after the entry.

* Women will be given S size if they don't give us the size of T-shirt, and men will be given M size.
Those who are 18 years of age and above on the day of the marathon (excluding high school students)
(1) General section: Those not registered with JAAF
(2) Registered section: Athletes registered with JAAF

*The marathon is open to those capable of completing the race within 7 hours.

Fun run
Those of junior high school age and above

*The fun ran is open to those capable of completing the race within 1 hours and 45 minutes.

Participation in wheelchairs is not permitted for both races.

Any disabled runner who finds it difficult to run alone may have an escort runner (guide dogs or wheelchairs are not allowed)
Checkpoint / Distance/Time
During the race, if a contestant's progress is extremely delayed, race officials may disqualify him/her from the race in terms of the traffic control, security, and event operations.

Point/Distance/Closing Time
1st Kamoike Athletic Stadium--4.5km/9:33
2nd Bronse statue of Takamori Saigo--9.4km/10:15 
3rd Shimizu Elementary School--11.4km/10:34
4th Ryugamizu Station( first half)--17.8km/11:34
5th Shigetomi (Ahead the return off point)--26.1km/12:53
6th Shirahama Shrine--29.1km/13:22
7th Ryuugamizu Station (Return Path)--33.9km/14:08
8th Senganen--38.9km/14:55
9th Nagata Junior High School--41.7km/15:22

[Fun Run]
1st Kamoike Athletic Stadium/4.5km/9:33
1. Marathon (overall): 1st – 8th place for both men and women separately
2. Marathon (by age group): 1st – 3rd place for both men and women separately

(24 years and under, 25 – 29 years divided into 5-year age groups up until 74 years, 75 years and above)
Privacy policy
The organizer recognizes the importance of personal information and treats them by complying with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related laws and regulations as well as based on its personal information protection policy.
The personal information will, for the purpose of improving the service for the participants in the competition, be used for the guidance of the competition, notification of records and information related to the competition, provision of services from the sponsoing, partnering or related organizations of the competition, announcement of the record (including ranking etc.), questionnaire, etc.
* There are cases where participants are contacted by the organizer or Kagoshima Marathon Entry Center with regards to the contents of their application.
Start Line
In order to ensure a safe and smooth start to the marathon, standby blocks will be set according to the times athletes declare when registering irrespective of whether they are registered with JAAF.
*Those who do not declare a time will start from the blocks at the rear of the line.
Entrants competing in the registered athletes category are not permitted to run in costume.
Those competing in events other than the registered category are permitted to wear costumes, but these must not be of a kind that are unsuitable for sporting events, such as those that contravene laws or go against public order and standards of decency, or those that compromise the safety or comfort of other runners and spectators.
Precaution for application
1. Please note that repeated entries by the same person are not acceptable. (Each person is only allowed to submit an entry in one category.) If it has been determined that repeated entries have been made by the same person, he or she will be disqualified and there will be no refunds after the entry has been made.
2. Entries made after the entry period are invalid and will not be included in the draw. There will also be no refund of the administrative fees.
3. We do not recognize falsified data such as age, gender and records, as well as participation by anyone else (false participation) except for the actual applicant. In the event that a false participation has been determined, besides revoking your eligibility to participate, you will also be unable to submit any entries for the convention in the future.
4. No changes, amendments or cancellation of the submitted content are allowed after the submission has been processed. The Secretariat will contact you for inquiries through email or telephone only if there are any questions on your registration.
5. The Entry Center or Secretariat is unable to respond to phone inquiries on the status of your submission and results of the draw. Your understanding is much appreciated.
6. All entrants will be notified of the result by email or post. However, in the event that the email or post is unable to reach you due to incomplete information provided, please understand that we will not re-verify the information.
7. We are unable to allow substitution of entries and transfer of rights at the convention. You will be disqualified if you are determined to have done so. There will not be any form of compensation or refund provided by the organizer in such cases.
8. The organizer is not responsible for any late entries due to delays in mail delivery and problems with your device for using the Internet or connection to the Internet.
9. An email address is required for submissions through the Internet. Only the email address of the representative is required for group entries. Depending on the computer, OS or browser that you are using, there may also be cases where the submission does not go through.
1. In the case where the competition is cancelled due to the cuase for which the organizer cannot be responsible such as an earthquake, storm, flood, bad weather, snow, incidents, accidents, or epidemics, participation fee as well as commission fee will not be refunded.
2. Please make sure to be in your best health condition upon participating the competition by, for example, executing an adequate amount of tranings and going through a medical examination.
3. In the competition venue, including its course, one is prohibitted to wear nor display things which have an effect of an advertisement such as desing or trademark that suggests a name of company, product name, etc. for the purpose of advertisement.
4. Please take public transportations to come to the venue as it has no parking lot.
5. If there is an emergency issue such as an accident or fire during the competition, emergency vehicles may run on any part of the course. In such situation, participants will be asked to halt their performance by following the staff’s instruction.
6. The video recordings, photographs, articles, record of individual achievement, etc. of the competition may be used as an advertisement material for the competition’s programs and posters, as well as for TVs, radios, news papers, magazines, websites, etc., for the purpose of, for example, the management and advertisement of the competition, by the organizer or a third party that is approved by the organizer.
7. Apart from the points mentioned above, with regards to the issues related to the competition, please follow the instructions of the organizer.
8. We don't issue receipt for the participation fee. Please refer to your credit card company's details.
Information about the tour
You will get guaranteed entry to the Kagoshima marathon without lottery

Application >>Sep.12nd(Tue)~Nov.10th(Fri)
* Application will be closed when all courses are fully booked. *

Preliminary inspection bus tour for the following day's marathon course!

Directly take you to the check-in venue for Kagoshima Marathon

Preview of the marathon course by bus

Lunch at Sengan‐en, registered as World Heritage Site (only the tour departs in the morning)
=Regarding the tour =  
* Enjoy the marathon and tour at major places in Kagoshima city in a limited time ~

* Your travel companions who do not participate in the marathon can also join the tour. Please check the companion fee on the marathon website.

* Req. to run tour : 25 people

* Guide   : English Guide (each tour in the morning and afternoon both requires 25 participants)

* Tour fee includes
registration fee for Kagoshima marathon 2018/(except for people without marathon entry)chartered bus during itinerary below/meal/guide/travel insurance

* Tour fee does not include:
Drinks/personal expenditures/accommodation
=Tour Course (Morning tour)=
(※ walking ・・・・ bus ==== )

<The tour starts in the morning>                        

[First day] March 3rd,2018 

Kagoshima Airport10:00 === 10:45Kagoshima Chuo Station11:00 ===

11:30 Dolphin Port(start point of the Marathon)===【Marathon・Fun run courses inspection】

=== 12:30 World heritage; Sengan-en(tour・lunch)14:30===

===15:00 Shigetomi, Aira city (half-way point)===

===15:40 Kagoshima City Hall(finish point)===

===15:50 Chuo Park ~ Seeing Bronse statue of Takamori Saigo and check in for marathon (break up at Chuo Park)

<Meals> B:× L:〇 D:×

[Second day] March 4th,2018

Hotel in Kagoshima city ・・・ [ Dolphin Port(start point)・・・ Run Marathon ・・・ Kagoshima City Hall(finish point)]

Marathon: 8:30 starts・15:30 finishes
※Move on their own

<Meals> B:× L:× D:×
=Tour Course (afternoon tour)=
(※ walking ・・・・ bus ==== )

<The tour starts in the afternoon> 

[First day] March 3rd,2018 

Kagoshima Chuo Station 14:00 ===

14:30 Dolphin Port(start point of the Marathon)===【Marathon・Fun run courses inspection】

===15:15 Shigetomi, Aira city (half-way point)===

===15:40 Kagoshima City Hall(finish point)===

===16:10 Chuo Park ~ Seeing Bronse statue of Takamori Saigo and check in for marathon (break up at Chuo Park)

<Meals> B:× L:× D:×

[Second day] March 4th,2018

Hotel in Kagoshima city ・・・ [ Dolphin Port(start point)・・・ Run Marathon ・・・ Kagoshima City Hall(finish point)]

Marathon: 8:30 starts・15:30 finishes
※Move on their own

<Meals> B:× L:× D:×

Event secretariat information

Event secretariat JTB Sports Station
Application address
Postal address 7F, MPR Honmachi Bldg., 3-1-8, Minami-Kyuhoji-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Phone number 816-6252-4009
E-mail jtbss@jtb.com
Business hours Office Hours: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm Office Closed: Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays

Event agreement

1.The organizers shall bear no responsibility other than the provision of first aid in the event of illness or other accidents during the event.

2. Entries are non cancelable and nonrefundable.

3. False statements of age, sex, name, and time records are strictly prohibited

4. Any overpaid/double-paid fees will not be refunded.

5. The organizers will retain the rights to broadcast, publish, and post images/photos of and articles about the race, the names, ages, addresses (country, prefecture or city/town), and finishing times of applicants, etc. via TV programs, newspapers, magazines, web sites, and other media. The organizers may use third parties to sell photos and other goods related to the event as deemed appropriate.

6. The organizers fully recognize the importance of personal information, comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related laws of Japan, and handle such information in accordance with the organizers’ policy to protect personal information.

7. Kagoshima Marathon 2017 will be held in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in Japan.

8. The organizers follow this event agreement to operate this event.

9. Minors (people under 20) must obtain their guardian’s permission before applying to participate.