9th Chura Shima OKINAWA Century Run 2018

Summary of the event

Period of the event
13 Jan 2018〜14 Jan 2018
Event venue
Okinawa Onna Village Community Center
Event type
  • Cycling Cycling
The number of capacity

Event information

The entry period was extended to 23:59 on Sunday, December 10 !!!

According to"Team de Entry"
↓ Please see the manual of campaign registration as below ↓

*10 or more members as a team can entry for the campaign
*Further information is available on the official website!

Cycling through the blue sea and most earliest cherry blossoms in JAPAN!!

~Aiming to be the best tournament in the world in terms of satisfaction and emotion in every scene~

In Okinawa where has a warm climate, the average tempture is 17 ℃,you can wear short-sleeve shirts on sunny days in January (though bringing some warm clothing is recommended in case of rainy and windy days).

In addition to the same three courses as the past,we also set a 100km Hillside course up for advanced cyclists newly from this event.

We have made new discount plan for U-23. It will be applied 23 years old or younger till on this event day.

This is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to interact with not only fellow cyclists but also cyclists from all over the country!
Of course, display & sponser's booths will be put up by bicycle manufacturers one day before the event. You can enjoy souvenirs and specialties from different municipalities in!
We hope you to enjoy all time of Chura Shima OKINAWA Century Run,not only the day before of the events but also after you goal.

*Registration for each course closes upon reaching the maximum.
*You cannot change your course after application.
Also, please note that we cannot refund any application or entry fees for any cancellations or when the event is cancelled due to natural disasters or any other reasons.
*We will send the ID CARD of registration for getting your entry number and information to your email about 3 weeks before the event.
*We will give the Chura Shima OKINAWA Century Run Original T-shirts to you as prize for participations when you receive your entry number on reception day (13th Jan,2018).

*Participants who were born after the 13th,January,1994 can use this U-23 discount plan.

We sincerely await for your participation in this event!
Please visit our website for getting more informations!


The event information

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Date and Time
[One day prior of the event]
Saturday 13th January 2018 13:00 - 19:00 (tentative)
(1) Issuance of entry number
(2) Events (test-ride of new machine, fun events of sponsorship booths)

[The day of event]
Sunday 14th January 2018 06:45 - 19:00 (tentative)
(1) Opening Ceremony
(2) Course Open

※If both event day became stormy wether,we will cancell this event.But will go as planned in rainy or sunny weather.
Check-in and Aid & rest station
Check-in desk
Onna Village Community center

Course and Aid & rest station
Onna Village, Nago City, Uruma City, Nakijin Village, Motobu Town, Ginoza Village, Kin Town, Yomitan Village, and Kadena Town (Total 9 cities)
After party
Sunday 14th January 2018

The After party will be held at Onna Village Community Center goal venue.
Capacity and Participants fee
■Century Course / 160km 1,000people
・Normal Fee 10,500JPY per person
・U-23 Discount Fee 9,000JPY

■Hillside Course / 100km 600people
・Normal Fee 9,500JPY per person
・U-23 Discount Fee 8,000JPY

■Seaside Course / 100km 600people
・Normal Fee 9,500JPY per person
・U-23 Discount Fee 8,000JPY

■Welcome Course / 50km 500people
・Normal Fee 7,500JPY per person
・U-23 Discount Fee 6,000JPY
■Century Course 160km: Healthy men & women from 10th grade and over

■Hillside Course 100km: Healthy men & women from 7th grade and over

■Seaside Course 100km: Healthy men & women from 7th grade and over

■Welcome Course 50km: Healthy men & women aged 10 years and over

※Parent must accompany if the element school children would join to the event

Common Eligibility
Those who have running ability to finish the course within a given time limit/ Those who can adhere to event regulations and traffic rules/ Those who have accepted the terms and conditions of participation
■Century Course/160km
-Breathtaking views of Okinawa! Cycle over Okinawa’s three most beautiful bridges-
Among the spectacular routes in Okinawa, this one will not fail to disappoint, as the course runs through the three bridges of ‘Warumi Bridge’, ‘Kouri Bridge’ and ‘Kaichu-Doro Drive’ (Henza Kaichu Bridge) that overlooks superb views. This long-ride course awaits your participation!
Appeal (1) Spectacular bridge running through the middle of ocean is exhilarating!
Appeal (2) Run through 9 municipalities in Okinawan island!

■Hillside Course/100km (New!)
-About 40% of the course is hilly-
This course has set northern part of Main Island in Okinawa and most height part is about 200m.
About 40% of the course is hilly. So, this course is for advanced cyclist who feels unsatisfactory.
In this course, you can run through “the Yae-dake Hill”,” the Kouri Bridge” and “the Haneji Dam”
and maybe enjoy great landscapes. But as we already write, it has many hill-climb parts,
so we would like to recommend this course to person who has a challenging passion and advanced cyclist.

■Seaside Course/100km
-For your first long ride challenge-
This is an intermediate course that runs along the sea, and through ‘Warumi Bridge’ and ‘Kouri Bridge’. This course is recommended to a wide range of cyclists, from advanced athletes who like to slowly enjoy the scenery to first-time beginners!
Appeal (1) 80% of this course comprises of flat course along the sea

■Welcome Course /50km
-Enjoy Okinawa with fun and casual cycling-
A 50km course centered around Okinawan tourist resort site ‘Onna Village’ and most populated village in Japan, ‘Yomitan Village’. In the various aid stations placed throughout the course, you can enjoy various elements of Okinawa, from its history, culture, landscape and sweets!
Appeal (1) Fun and flat course suitable for beginners
Appeal (2) Version-up to allow you to enjoy Okinawa with easier running!

Event secretariat information

Event secretariat Head office of Chura Shima OKINAWA Century Run
Application address Head office of Chura Shima OKINAWA Century Run
Postal address 4-19-30 Omoro-machi, Naha-shi, Okinawa,Japan
Phone number 098-867-2659
E-mail info@cocr.jp
Business hours 10:00 ~ 17:00(weekdays only)

Contact details

Head office of Chura Shima OKINAWA Century Run(JTB Okinawa Corp.)

Address: 4-19-30 Omoro-machi, Naha-shi, Okinawa,Japan post code 900-0006

URL: http://www.cocr.jp/cocr_course_index_eng.php
E-Mail: info@cocr.jp

Event agreement

Event Terms and Conditions
【Event Regulations】
1. While cycling through the cycling course, observe the Highway Code at all times unless instructed otherwise by police officers. For example, stop at red lights and stop signs, keep to the left, cycling side by side is prohibited (please cycle in one line), turn the lights on early in the morning and when going through tunnels, and any dangerous maneuvers that could cause traffic accidents are prohibited.
2. During the event, follow instructions given by police officers and tournament officials.
3. Participate in the cycling using bicycles that can run on public roads; this includes small-wheeled and recumbent bicycles. Use a helmet at all times. Fit your bicycle with headlights, rear lights and reflectors, and always turn the lights on early in the morning and when going through tunnels.
4. Participants running in lead positions must not overtake the pacesetter. Also, it is prohibited for others to accompany participants by driving a vehicle.
5. If you need to retire from the event for any reason, you must notify to one of the event officials staff and follow their instructions.
6. Minors are required to obtain prior consent from a parent or guardian before entering the event.
7. If a traffic accident were to occur between participants or involving general vehicles, you must notify to event officials staff and organizers, and follow their instructions.
*If you were to act against the rules stipulated above, showing disregard for the warnings issued by the event officials, we may be forced to cancel your participate to this event.

【Personal Declaration】
I agree to participate in the Churashima Okinawa Century Run 2018 in full agreement with all the following clauses:
Compliance with Regulations
1. I accept that this is a cycling event held on public roads, and agree to take personal responsibility for my own participation in the event. I agree to observe all general traffic regulations, as well as all rules and regulations stipulated by the organizers, making sure not to cause inconvenience to other road users, and giving my full cooperation so the event can be operated smoothly. Furthermore, I agree to read and understand the important points and other notes outlined on the event application information, taking full responsibility for exercising great care in terms of my own health and safety. If I get any issues with my physical health, I agree to stop my participation in the event straight away.
Cycling Conditions and Safety
2. I have experience in cycling, and I am fully aware that the physical condition of a participant can take a sudden turn during event held in natural environments, where conditions can change at any moment. In addition, the cycling course itself is set across a wide area; therefore, I am fully aware that there is a high probability that receiving aid and support in cases of emergency may be at times difficult.
Personal Health Statement
3. I am currently in good health, and do not expect any problems to arise following my participation in this event. Also, I agree to notify the organizers beforehand of any information that I feel they should possess before providing me with any medical attention, including physical conditions or pre-existing disorders such as allergies or intolerances, or any other information that should be disclosed due to religious or other reasons.
Personal Responsibility and Consent to First Aid
4. I agree to exercise responsibility and awareness towards the event participants, ensuring to take great care during the event in terms of health and safety. If I were to become victim or the initiator of an accident during the event, I agree to take personal responsibility to deal with the situation regardless of the cause of the accident, without placing blame on the organizers or any other responsible party. In addition, I agree to accept recommendations from the organizers to stop my participation in the event,if I am deemed to be continually encountering considerable difficulties. I accept that if I were to become injured, be involved in an accident, or suffer from an illness during the event, I will be treated using appropriate measures as necessary, and I agree to raise no objection with regard to the measures taken or any outcomes resulting from them.
Scope of Compensation for Injuries or Fatal Accidents
5. If I were to become injured during the main cycling event or any other related secondary events, suffer after-effects in relation to said events, or even in the event of death, I agree to exempt all event officials and any other personnel related to the event of all responsibility, regardless of the cause. In addition, I accept that any compensation that I am able to receive shall be within the scope of the accidental insurance policy covering the event. Therefore, there shall be no lawsuits or claims for compensation originating from myself, my executors, trustees, inheritors, or close relatives with regard to any injury or loss sustained by me, or the compensation of any legal fees and the like, in relation to said lawsuits or claims.
6. If the event were to be canceled or changed due to bad weather conditions, unsuitable cycling conditions, or any other reasons that are not attributable to the organizers; or furthermore, if loss or damage to equipment were to cause hindrance to my participation in the event, I agree not to make the organizers liable for said events, and I agree not to seek any form of compensation for any fees incurred in relation to my participation in the event (including entry fees).
Portrait Rights and Handling of Personal Information
7. I accept that my picture, name, address, age, racing history, profile, and other personal information may be used on the event organizers' web site, event information leaflets, future event information, as well as notifications, PR materials, news, and the information medias about the event. Furthermore, I also accept that this information may be used by the organizers for business purposes for creating printed materials, DVDs, and other forms of information medias.
Clauses Not Specified in this Personal Declaration
8. I accept that any doubt that arises with regard to the interpretation of this declaration shall be resolved in line with regulations relevant to the event. I agree that any disputes that arise with regard to the event shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Naha District Court of first instance under Japanese Law.