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11 Feb 2018〜11 Feb 2018
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<日本国内に居住の日本国籍の方>は、 世界遺産姫路城マラソン日本語エントリー(RUNNET)よりエントリー頂きますよう、お願い申し上げます。

Entries by foreign nationals or Japanese nationals NOT residing in Japan must be through JTB Sports Station in English and Chinese. Any entries by Japanese nationals residing in Japan through JTB Sports Station are NOT valid and entree fees are NONREFUNDABLE on this occasion. Entries by Japanese nationals residing in Japan must be through WORLD HERITAGE HIMEJI CASTLE MARATHON Japanese-language entry site (RUNNET).

【NOTE】Application though JTB Station

Please read and confirm the following terms and conditions before entry.

【Application period】
Monday, July 3 2017 10:00 a.m. ~ Monday, July 31 2017 5:00 p.m.(JST)

It is not until the payment is made before deadline that the application is completed.

For Japanese nationals residing in Japan.

For foreign nationals or Japanese nationals NOT residing in Japan.
*Please click following URL for Entry and Application Procedures.

The event information

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Date & Times
Sunday, February 11, 2018
The event starts at 9:00 a.m.
3:00 p.m. Marathon ends (JST)
City of Himeji, Hyogo Athletic Association
Full Marathon (42.195km)

* For smooth circulation of general traffic and event management purposes, containment barriers will be set up partway through the course (as laid out below), and closing times will be determined. Participants maynot continue in the race after a barrier has been closed. Furthermore, if fallen a long way behind, even if they are not at a barrier.
* Participants may be asked to terminate the race.
Entry Fee
Entry fee 13,000 JPY
Transaction charge 500 JPY

Total 13,500 JPY / per person
Eligibility Requirements
Persons born before 1 April 1999

Foreign nationals or Japanese not residing in Japan.

* Persons,capable of completing the course within 5 hours and 50 minutes.
* Persons with disabilities (documentation configuration required) who would have difficulty running alone may run with one escort.
(A change of escort partway through the event will not be permitted. Moreover, participants may not run with guide dogs, hearing dogs, service dogs and so on).
* As the course includes narrow passage and places with changes in level, participation in a wheelchair is not allowed.
Time limit
6 hours
* The time limit will be based on the starter gun
The course starts at Otemae Street and finishes in Himeji Castle Sannomaru Square (course recognized by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations)
Competition Rules
The race will be conducted in accordance with the 2017 rules and regulations of the JAAF and of this competition.
How to Apply
Application is available online only from July 3 at 10:00am to July 31 at 5:00pm.

If the number of applicants exceed participant capacity, there will be a lottery selection.

Results of lottery selection: You can check the results of the lottery selection in the early September (planned) on your JTB Sport Station member page(My Page).

After receiving the notification of a result, please pay participation fee by the designated date. If payment is not made, the right to participate will be forfeited.
Runner Check-In
10:00 - 20:00 (JST)
Saturday, February 10, 2018

@ Egret Himeji (68-290 Honmachi, Himeji city)

* At the time of check-in, government-issued picture ID (e.g. passport or driver's license) is required, and no proxy is permitted.

* Runners must check-in ONLY on 2/10 from 10am to 8pm. Note that check-in is NOT available on the day of the event.

* Escorts do not need to accompany participants at the time of check-in.
Starting lineup
Blocks in the starting lineup will be assigned based on the time reported when applying, irrespective of status of registration (where no time has been reported, participants will be assigned to the last block).

*Please be standing by after the lineup starts.
Cutoff Times at Each Checkpoint (CP)
For reasons of traffic control, security, and event operations, cutoff time will be enforced at each checkpoint. Regardless of the time limit at checkpoint, during the race, if a contestant's progress is extremely delayed, race officials may disqualify him/her from the race.

Check Point / Distance / Cut-off Time
1. Yasumuro primary school / 5.2km / 9:55
2. Shimizu bridge west / 10.7km / 10:40
3. Kochi primary school / 15.8km / 11:23
4. Hitsukura shrine / 21.0km / 12:06
5. Yokozeki park / 26.8km / 12:54
6. Kawanishi-dai daiichi park / 29.8km / 13:19
7. Yumesakidai dainana park / 35.6km / 14:07
8. Yasumuro primary school / 38.2km / 14:29
9. Tsujii intersection / 39.6km / 14:40
Finish Himeji castle (Himeji castle sannomaru square) / 42.195km / 15:00 (JST)
1) Overall: 1st – 8th places for men and women
2) Age groups: 1st – 3rd places for men and women
(29 and under, 30 – 39, 40 – 49, 50 – 59, 60 – 69, 70 and over)

* Prize will be awarded on the basis of gross time.
* Recipients of 1) overall prizes will be excluded from 2) prizes for each age group.
* There will be no prize giving ceremony held for recipients of 2) prizes for each age group. Certificates will be sent at a later date.
About stopping runners
In case of an emergency such as accident or fire occurring during the event, emergency vehicles may travel along the course and runners will be required to stop running following directions by staff.
Commemorative Gifts (T-shirt)
S (height 165cm chest 88cm)
M (height 170cm chest 92cm)
L (height 175cm chest 96cm)
O (height 180cm chest 100cm)
XO (height 185cm chest 104cm)

Changing size is not accepted.
Commemorative Gifts
Towels and medals are given to all participants who completed the race.
Privacy policy
The organizers recognize the importance of personal data, and strictly follow the relevant laws and regulations, as well as their own policy on personal data protection, when handling personal data. The data will be used in order to provide a better service to participants: to communicate selection lottery results, participant information, number cards, recordings, and related information; to offer services from sponsors, supporters, and organizations involved with the event; to respond to emergencies during the event; and to announce records (such as rankings).
The organizers or their contractors may get in contact to confirm information necessary for the running of the event.
1) Please make every effort to ensure your physical condition before participating, e.g. by carrying out thorough training and undergoing a medical check.
2) The area around Himeji Castle, Otemae Street, and the area around Himeji Station North Square are zones in which smoking is forbidden on the street, and in which beautification activities have been intensified. Smoking on the street within this area (except in places where ashtrays have been provided) will incur a penalty of ¥1,000. Furthermore, throwing away empty cans or other garbage on the street may incur a fine of up to ¥20,000.
3) Sakuramonbashi and Otemon form part of the course, so no-one except runners and event personnel can pass through this route.
4) This event strictly obeys all relevant national laws, and is carried out in accordance not only with the terms of the application agreement, but also with the terms of the event.

Event secretariat information

Event secretariat World Heritage Himeji Castle Marathon
Application address JTB Sports Station
Postal address 7F, MPR Hommachi Bldg,3-1-8 Minami-Kyuhoji-cho,Chuo-ku, Osaka,Japan 
Phone number 06-6252-4009
Business hours 9:30 - 17:30 (Office Closed: Weekends and National Holidays)

Contact details

World Heritage Himeji Castle Marathon Executive Committee Secretariat

JTB Sports Station
9F, MPR Hommachi Bldg,3-1-8 Minami-Kyuhoji-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka,541-0058,Japan 
TEL: +81-6-6252-4009
FAX: +81-6-6252-4015
Office Hours: 9:30 - 17:30
Office Closed: Weekends and National Holidays

Event agreement

Application agreement

1) Minors (under 20) must obtain guardian's permission to apply.
to participate.

2) Runners who apply through the Japanese entry website and JTB Sports Station
at the same time, apply for more than one event on the Japanese entry website, or declare false statements will be disqualified at the selection process.

3) Any inquiry concerning the application cannot be accepted.

4) The organizer shall not be responsible for late applications due to problems with Internet devices or connections.

5) Application may not be possible via certain devices, operating systems, or browser software.

6) Once application accepted, any changes cannot be accepted, and participation fee is non-refundable.

7) Even in case of excessive or multiple remittance, the organizer will not refund it.

8) The organizers will not be able to confirm for delivery failure of the mails containing the selection results and other information due to problems with the mail address supplied at the time of registration. Moreover, mails may be rejected or diverted to the spam folder according to applicant's mailbox settings or security software settings, but the organizers shall not be responsible for any
losses which may be incurred in such cases.

9) Only the person whose name on the application can participate in the race. No proxy is allowed.

10) Participation fee is non-refundable except for the responsibility resting with the organizer.

11) Clothes which could endanger or discomfort to others are prohibited.

12) Clothes with designs or trademarks which reminds people of the specific company or products for the purpose of advertising cannot be worn at this event.

13) In case of illness or accident, the organizer will apply nothing but a first aid on the runner, and will not take any responsibility for it.

14) Participant's personal data such as name, age, gender, place of residence (not more than the name of country, prefecture, state, ward, city, town), record, and image may be broadcasted or publishded, and all rights for aforesaid are reserved by the organizer.

15) Photos taken during the race will be sold by the authority of the organizer.