The 38th Japan Open Masters Athletics Championships– International Event

Summary of the event

Period of the event
27 Oct 2017〜29 Oct 2017
Event venue
Wakayama Kimiidera Park Athletic Field / Sub Field [Event venue information]
Event type
  • Running Running
  • Others Others
The number of capacity
Open Event

*If or are displayed, it might be a case of not able to participate to apply your family and friends.

Event information

Application Period
10:00 a.m. of Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 to 10:00 a.m. of Thursday, August 10th, 2017

For the schedule of the competition, please refer to the following URL.

Hotel Accommodation

We accept reservation for accommodation at this event on Japanese website, for details please see following URL.

If this is the first time you are using JTB sports station,you need to complete the process of new membership registration in advance.

The event information

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Purpose, Hosts, Sponsors, Supervision, Special Support, Co-Sponsors, Supporters
1. Purpose:
The purpose of this event is to promote the maintenance and the better-ment of physical and mental health of the middle-aged and the elderly through athletics and to contribute to the promotion of life-long sport. 

2. Hosts:
Japan Masters Athletics Federations / The Asahi Shimbun Company.

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare / Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Japan Sports Agency / Japan Tourism Agency / Japan Association of Athletics Federations / Wakayama Prefecture / Wakayama Prefectural Board of Education / Wakayama Amateur Sports Association / Wakayama City

Wakayama Association of Athletics Federations / NPO Wakayama Masters Athletics Federations

5.Special Support:
The Fuji Fire and Marine Insurance.

Asics Corporation / Shima Seiki Mfg., Ltd., etc.

Okuwa Co., Ltd. / AKO Kasei Co., Ltd. / JTB Corp. West Japan Wakayama Branch Kinki Masters Athletics Federations, etc.
Date, Schedule, Venue
Friday, 27th – Sunday, 29th October 2017 (3 days)

Thursday, 26th October 17:00 Opening Ceremony
17:40 Opening Party
Friday, 27th October (Day1) 8:30 Starting Ceremony
9:00 Competition starts
Saturday, 28th October(Day2) 8:30  Competition starts
Sunday, 29th October (Day3)  8:30  Competition starts
              18:00  Closing Ceremony (estimate)
Kimiidera Park Athletic Field / Sub Field
200 Kemi Wakayama-shi, Wakayama 641-0014 Japan
TEL (+81) 73-444-7565
Age Group
(1) Age Group is based on the age on the first day of the event (27th October).

Men Women Age Men Women Age
M24- W24- 18~24 M65 W65 65~69
M25 W25 25~29 M70 W70 70~74
M30 W30 30~34 M75 W75 75~79
M35 W35 35~39 M80 W80 80~84
M40 W40 40~44 M85 W85 85~89
M45 W45 45~49 M90 W90 90~94
M50 W50 50~54 M95 W95 95~99
M55 W55 55~59 M100 W100+ 100~104
M60 W60 60~64 M105+ 105+
Participants, Conditions, Fee    

Male and female 18 years or older on the first day of the event who fulfil either ofbelow 2 conditions.
(1) Japanese resident(including foreigners):who registered to Japan Masters Association in 2017.
(2) Non-Japanese resident(including Japanese):who registered to the Masters Association of the residing country in 2017.
(3) The records of those aged 18 to 34 will be reference records.


(1) One athlete can participate in maximum of 3 events except relays.
(2) For relay program, we do not accept applications in advance. If you apply for relay program, please apply from the representative on the spot by 12:00 27th October 2017.


(1) One event 6,500 JPY, 2 events 7,500 JPY, 3 events 8,500 JPY per person.
(2) Relay 10,000 JPY per event.
(3) If the event is canceled by the reason not responsible for the event holder, such as earthquake, the fee will not be refunded.
How to apply
(1)Please apply from the following URL of entry website.

(2)If you wish to attend below functions, please fill in the application and submit together with the above.
① Welcome Party(26th of October):4,000 JPY per person.
② Record Certificate : 500 JPY per event x number of events.
③ Record Photo Book:3,000 JPY.

(3)After we receive the application, no change will be made.
Competition Rules, Entry Confirmation, Registration
17.Competition Rules:

IAAF Rules of 2017, JAAF Rules, WMA Rules, Japan Masters Athletics Rules, Competition Rules and Rules for the 38th JMAC

18.Entry Confirmation:

We will send the numbered Entry Confirmation to the applicants by the end of September 2017. You should bring it to the Registration of the event.

For Registration, you should come to the registration area during below time with the Entry Confirmation and receive the program, number card and the welcome gift.

(1)Day before Event Thursday, 26 October     12:00~16:00
(2)Day 1&2   Friday, 27 Oct – Saturday, 28 October  8:00~16:00
(3)Last Day    Sunday, 29 October       8:00~12:00
Awards, Important Notice

(1)Medal and Certificate for 1st-3rd place of each class, Certificate for 4th-6th place of each class will be given. If not collected during the event, we regard they are not needed and will not give after the event finished.

21.Important Notice:

(1)It is recommended for participants to have a doctor’s check up beforehand, prepared for the heat and dehydration and look out for your own health.
(2)We will provide first-aid for the accident, injury or sickness etc. during the competition, but will not be responsible beyond that. We regard that you participate knowing this and with the consent of your family, relatives and all concerned and everything is one’s own responsibility.
(3)Participants are recommended to bring the health insurance card.
Event Details
(1)Some events have time limitations for each class and you cannot go into the next lap after that time. If more than 1 class are running together, the longer limitation will be applied.
3000m   M60~M90 : 18 minutes  W50~W80 : 18 minutes
5000m  M45 and Under : 20 minutes  W45 and Under: 21 minutes
2000mSC  M60~M80 : 11minutes  W75 and Under: 11 minutes
3000mSC  M55 : 13 minutes 
3000mW   M60~M90 : 25 minutes  W80 and Under: 25 minutes
5000mW   M55 and Under : 35 minutes

(2)There may be more than regulated number of runners in mid-distance races.
Some events may be performed by male and female together depending on the number of participants.
(3)In track events, if there are more than one heat of the same class, the final will be the time race.
(4)In field events, one can try 3 times until the top 8 are determined. Among the top 8, one will try 1-3 times depending on the numbers of participants.
(5)If there are same records, the place will be determined as below:
①Track events
If there are same records, the earlier born wins.
②Field events
If there are same records, the place will be determined by their second-best records. If they are still same, the third-best, fourth-best and so on. If they are all same, the earlier born wins.
(6)Spikes must be 11 pieces or less and 9mm long or less. For High Jump and Javelin, 12 mm or less.
(7)You cannot bring in your own gear, except the pole for pole vault. The address and dates to send the pole are below:

【Address and dates to send the pole for pole vault】(Pay your own)
①Address  Kimiidera Park Athletic Field
      200 Kemi Wakayama-shi, Wakayama 641-0014 Japan
   TEL (+81) 73-444-7565
②Dates Must arrive on either 25th or 26th of October

(8)Regulations for hurdles, steeplechase, gears for throws, high jumps and pole vaults will be on table 2-6.
(9)Relay member change to the ones other than registered must be 2 members or less. The athletes of older class can run in the relay of younger class.

The protest must be made to the chief umpire. If you do not agree with him and protest further, you have to fill in the form and deposit 10,000 JPY. If your protest is not accepted, the deposit will not be refunded.
Record Certificate, Record Photo Book, Welcome Party, Contacts for Accommodation and Transportation
24.Record Certificate:

If you wish to have record certificates, fill in the application form and pay 500 JPY per event when you apply for the event.

25.Record Photo Book:

3,000 JPY(Planned) Fill in the application form.

26.Welcome Party:

Date/Time  Thursday, 26th October 18:20~
Fee  4,000 JPY
25.Contacts for Accommodation and Transportation

JTB Corp
The 38th Japan Masters Athletics Championships Desk
Mr. Maeda
3-1-8 Minami-Kyuhojicho Honmachi MPR Bldg 9F
Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka 541-0058 Japan
TEL (+81) 6-6252-2711  FAX (+81) 6-6252-2792
Business Hour: Mon-Fri 9:30~17:30
Privacy Policy and Copyrights
(1) The personal information written on the application form will only be used for the necessity of office procedure, event record, communication, operation or query etc. by LOC or Japan Masters Athletics. If the personal information will be used for other reasons, we will notify the reasons.

(2) Copyrights of the contents of the event (writings, data, event records, videos, sounds, photos etc.) will all belong to LOC or Japan Masters Athletics. Whether it is for profit or not, it is prohibited to copy, reuse, sell or otherwise, without our permission.

(3) To create specific information that cannot specify individuals and to offer better service, we may send information of Masters event before or after the event through mail magazine or post.

Event secretariat information

Event secretariat Japan Masters Athletics Championships Desk
Application address JTB Sports Station
Postal address
Phone number 06-6252-4009
Business hours 9:30~17:30 (Closed: Every Weekends, National Holidays and Dec. 29th to Jan. 3rd)

Contact details

Japan Masters Athletics
6-58-15 Kameido Fujikasai Joto Bldg 7F
Koto-ku, Tokyo 136-0071 Japan
TEL (+81) 3-5858-1126 FAX (+81) 3-5858-1127

Event agreement

For details of the event please check the official website.

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