Summary of the event

Period of the event
26 Feb 2017〜26 Feb 2017
Event venue
Event type
  • Running Running
The number of capacity

Event information

-Read Before Apply-

【Entry period】
the 26th July 10:00 am~ the 31st August 5:00 pm (GMT+9)

The applications will not be completed until the payment is settled.
To ensure your right to run at the event, please do not forget to settle
the payment and complete the applications before the deadline.


JTB Sports Station is an entry website of World Heritage Himeji Castle
Marathon 2017,
and is only open for (1) Runners living overseas and
(2) non-Japanese living in Japan who do not understand Japanese.

JTB Sports Station opens entry website in English and Traditional
If you would like to apply through the Japanese website, please go to
the home page of World Heritage Himeji Castle Marathon 2017
from the link below.

*Entry fee on Japanese website and JTB Sports Station is different.
*Japanese applicants living in Japan will be disqualified from the
selection process.

※ Runner Check-In ※
10:00 am - 8:00 pm (GMT+9)
Saturday 25 February 2017

@ Egret Himeji (68-290 Honmachi, Himeji city)

We contact overseas runners by "e-mail" only.
No documents will be sent to runners by postal service.
Please check your email box frequently to make sure you are updated
by us.

※ FLOW ※

26th July 10:00 am Application period opens
31st August 5:00 pm Application period ends (GMT+9)
Lottery results
By late September (Runners will be contacted by e-mails, and the selection results will be announced on JTB Sports Station.)
Late Janaury Final information sent to runners
25th Feb 10:00 am-8:00 pm Runners check-ins
26th Feb 9:00 am Marathon starts (GMT+9)

★Payment due date★

3rd October, 2016 (GMT+9)

The event information

Click(tap) and look at item information

Date & Times
Sunday 26 February 2017

starts at 9:00 am
ends at 3:00 pm (GMT+9)
Himeji City & Hyogo Athletics Association
Event Type
Full Marathon

*non-registered runners only
*JTB Sports Station does not accept registered athlete division application.
* Participant capacity includes volunteer runners
* 150 out of 7000 is for foreign runners
* Although the capacity of the event is 7000, only 150 is open for foreigners. When the number of application is over 150, a lottery selection will be held.
Entry Fee
Entry fee 13,500 JPY
(Internet handling fee included )
Eligibility Requirements
Runners who were born before 1 April 1998

Runners residing overseas, or persons with foreign nationality residing in Japan

* Runners, including those athletes from Japan and overseas nominated by this event, capable of completing the course within 5 hours 50 minutes.
* Runners with disabilities (persons with documentation certifying their disability) who would have difficulty running alone may run with one escort.
(A change of escort halfway through the event will not be permitted. Moreover, participants may not run with guide dogs).
* As the course includes narrow passage and places with changes in level, participation in a wheelchair is not possible.
Time limit
5 hours 50 minutes
* The time limit will be based on the gun
The course starts at Otemae Street and finishes at Himeji Castle Sannomaru Square (course recognized by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations)
Competition Rules
The race will be conducted in accordance with the 2016 rules and regulations of the JAAF and of this competition.
How to Apply
Online entry is available from Tuesday 26 July to Wednesday 31 August (Online entry only)

If applicant number exceeds participant capacity, there will be a lottery selection.

Results of lottery selection: You can check the results of the lottery selection at the end of September on your JTB Sports Station member page(My Page).

If you receive the winning notification, please pay the participation fees by the designated date. If payment is not received, the right to participate will be forfeited.

* To enter WORLD HERITAGE HIMEJI CASTLE MARATHON 2017, please apply through website, JTB Sports Station run by JTB west Japan.
*Runners will need to register to be a member of JTB Sports Station to apply for events.
(JTB Sports Station:
*Please read the terms and conditions thoroughly before you apply.
Runner Check-In
10:00 am - 8:00 pm (GMT+9)
Saturday 25 February 2017

@ Egret Himeji (68-290 Honmachi, Himeji city)

* Participant information and the coupon in exchange for the number card will be uploaded to the applicants' MY PAGE about a month before the event.

* Runners must do check-ins during the designated time listed above. It is not possible to run without check-ins
Please note that it is not possible to register on the day of the event (Sunday, 26 February) or outside the times listed above.

* When check-in, the participant’s identity has to be confirmed by ID documents (e.g. passport. Only originals are acceptable. Check -ins cannot be carried out by proxy).

* Escort runners do not need to accompany participants at the time of registration.
Starting lineup
Blocks in the starting lineup will be assigned based on the time reported when applying, irrespective of status of registration with the Japan Association of Athletics Federations (where no time has been reported, participants will be assigned to the last block).

*Please be standing by after the lineup starts.
Cutoff Times at Each Checkpoint (CP)
For reasons of traffic control, security, and event operations, cutoff times will be enforced at each checkpoint. Regardless of the time limit at checkpoints, during the race, if a contestant's progress is extremely delayed, race officials may disqualify him/her from the race.

* For smooth circulation of general traffic and event management purposes, containment barriers will be set up partway through the course (as laid out below), and closing times will be determined. Participants cannot continue the race after the barriers have been closed. Furthermore, the race will be terminated if participants have fallen a long way behind, even if they are not at a containment barrier.

Check Point / Distance / Cut-off Time (GMT +9)
1. Yasumuro elementary school / 5.2km / 9:55 am
2. Seven-Eleven Himeji yumesaki-cho / 10.2km / 10:36 am
3. Kochi elementary school / 15.5km / 11:20 am
4. Miyaokibashi East gate / 21.8km / 12:12 (noon)
5. Yokozeki park / 26.8km / 12:54 (noon)
6. Kawanishi-dai daiichi park / 29.8km / 1:19 pm
7. Yumesakidai dainana park / 35.6km / 2:08 pm
8. Yasumuro elementary school / 38.2km / 2:28 pm
9. Tsujii crossroad / 39.6km / 2:40 pm
Finish point: Himeji castle sannomaru square/ 42.195km / 3:00 pm
1) Overall: 1st – 8th places for men and women
2) Age groups: 1st – 3rd places for men and women
(29 years and under, 30 – 39 years, 40 – 49 years, 50 – 59 years, 60 – 69 years, 70 years and over)

* Prizes will be awarded on the basis of gross time.
* Recipients of 1) overall prizes will be excluded from 2) prizes for each age group.
* There will be no prize giving ceremony held for recipients of 2) prizes for each age group. Certificates will be sent at a later date.
Commemorative Gifts (T-shirt)
S (height 165cm chest 88cm 85-91)
M (height 170cm chest 92cm 89-95)
L (height 175cm chest 96cm 93-99)
O (height 180cm chest 100cm 97-103)
XO (height 185cm chest 104cm 101-107)

Changing size is not accepted

*If we do not know what size you prefer,
we will give size S to women, and size M to men.
Marathon Completion Gifts
※Only given to runners who have finished the maratahon※
Finisher's towels and medals
About stopping runners
In case of an emergency such as accident or fire occurring during the event, emergency vehicles may travel along the course. In such an instance, runners will be required to stop running following directions by staff.
Privacy policy
The organizers recognize the importance of personal data, and strictly follow the relevant laws and regulations, as well as their own policy on personal data protection, when handling personal data. The data will be used in order to provide a better service to participants: to communicate selection lottery results, participant information, number cards, recordings, and related information; to offer services from sponsors, supporters, and organizations involved with the event; to respond to emergencies during the event; and to announce records (such as rankings).
The organizers or their contractors may get in contact to confirm information necessary for the running of the event.
1) Please make every effort to ensure your physical condition before participating, e.g. by carrying out thorough training and undergoing a medical check.
2) The organizers shall not be responsible for late arrival on the day of the event due to public transport or road conditions.
3) The area around Himeji Castle, Otemae Street, and the area around Himeji Station North Square are zones in which smoking is forbidden on the street, and in which beautification activities have been intensified. Smoking on the street within this area (except in places where ashtrays have been provided) will incur a penalty of ¥1,000. Furthermore, throwing away empty cans or other garbage on the street may incur a fine of up to ¥20,000.
4) Sakuramonbashi and Otemon form part of the course, so no one except runners and event personnel can pass through this route.
5) This event strictly obeys all relevant national laws, and is carried out in accordance not only with the terms of the application agreement, but also with the terms of the event.
6) Please follow the organizers’ instructions regarding any other matters related to the event.

Event agreement

Application agreement

1) Minors (people under 20) must obtain their guardian’s permission before applying
to participate.

2)Runners who apply through the Japanese entry website and JTB Sports Station
at the same time, apply for more than one event on the Japanese entry website, or declare false statements will be disqualified from the selection process.

3) Inquiries about the application status or selection results cannot be accepted by phone, email,
or other means.

4) The organizers shall not be responsible for late applications due to problems with Internet
devices or connections.

5) Application may not be possible via certain devices, operating systems, or browser software.

6) After application, changes due to individual circumstances to the event category or
registration content, corrections, or cancellations, will not be accepted. The participation fee will
not be refunded even in the case of non-participation.

7) Remittance of an amount greater than the fee, or multiple remittances of the same fee, will
not be refunded.

8) The organizers will not be able to confirm for delivery failure of the mails containing the
selection results and other information due to problems with the mail address supplied at the
time of registration. Moreover, mails may be rejected or diverted to the spam folder
according to mailbox settings or security software settings, but the organizers shall not be
responsible for any losses which may be incurred in such cases.

9)Only the person filling out the application may participate. A proxy will not be allowed.

10) The participation fee and processing fee will not be refunded in case of cancellation due to
weather conditions, and natural disasters.

11) Clothes which could endanger or cause a nuisance or discomfort to others are prohibited.

12) Designs signifying company or product names, trademarks, or other advertising material
may not be worn or displayed for the purposes of advertising within the event premises
(including on the course).

13) The organizers shall bear no responsibility other than the provision
of first aid in the event of illness, loss, or other accidents during the event.

14) Participants’ personal data, including name, age, gender, place of residence
(name of country or of prefecture, city, ward, town, or village), recordings, and images, may be broadcast, published, or used on medias such as television, in newspapers or magazines, on the Internet, in pamphlets, etc. The publication and usage rights belong to the organizers.

15) Photographs may be sold on commission where authorized by the organizers.